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  1. According to this article, apparently Warner Brothers is working on bringing Harry Potter movies and playing them with a live orchestra. This makes my inner musician squee with joy. Anyone else seeing what I'm seeing? : D
  2. I'm curious if Clinton gets the Democratic nomination if Bernie Sanders will run as a candidate for the Socialist Party of America or if he will merely concede back to Vermont. Having a popular third party candidate wouldn't be unheard of in US history (such as when Teddy Roosevelt ran for election as a third party in the Bull Moose Party).
  3. I lol at Sakurai saying that, 'cause the only FE character without a counter is a tactician. I guess Robin didn't anticipate the enemy phase... xD
  4. Smash 64: Jigglypuff Melee: Jigglypuff and Marth Brawl: Jigglypuff and Zelda Smash 4: Jigglypuff, Palutena, and Lucina. ... yes, Jiggs is my bread and butter troll/serious main.
  5. I don't really remember his stats. I just remember that we were so glad when he left. I mean, yeah, Maddox wasn't great, but we didn't have him for long before Big Ben premiered. I mean, he went to the Ravens...
  6. Be glad. Be very glad you weren't around to witness the Kordell Stewart years. Gods... it's like how the Dallas Cowboys were this year.
  7. I was a huge fan of the Commander Keen series (although I only played 4 and 5), but it seems like no one else has barely heard of it. It'd be nice if they brought those games to Steam. : D Also, I have a guilty admission in that I actually like the new Star Trek reboot movies. Oh, and I also like D&D4e (and most other D&D fans will scoff at me for saying that).
  8. I honestly really don't mind that, even speaking as a Steelers fan. He was a disappointment to the team, and with a nice, high draft pick this year, the Browns could easily pick up Carson Wentz or Paxton Lynch, who can do the team nothing but good. Honestly, hoping at least one makes it to the 13th round so the Eagles can pick them (I'm still iff-y on Bradford), but c'est la vie. ... I also want to believe this will be a good superbowl, but after the last time the Broncos made it in, I dunno...
  9. How about Bomberman? That might be an interesting addition, a multi-purpose robot like Megaman, but with his own unique moves for his games? EDIT: OH! Preferably NOT the one from Bomberman Act Zero. Please...
  10. It makes me wonder if Corrin has a purple color edit. That salt could be a lot closer than we think. What about Sephiran for mage types? Or how about Ashnard? He could easily be a tank type like Ike, but with Shulk's range, Ganondorf's speed, and Bowser's bulk.
  11. Having played Shin Megami Tensei IV and Bravely Default, I can definitely see where you guys are coming from with those battle systems. However, one battle system that I really enjoyed and I'm slightly surprised that I didn't see anyone post about (or if you did, I missed it and I apologize for that) was the Skies of Arcadia battle system. The idea that the entire team shared the same Spirit Points meter instead of individual MP for attacks (I mean, everyone did have MP stats, but every magic spell cost 1MP) gave the feeling of having teamwork and support (one person could simply gather spirit points to help build the meter for someone else to cast a spell). Also, ship battles. Just, ship battles. They were very enjoyable (and some thing I always looked forward to, actually).
  12. I disagree to some extent, partially because what also makes a metagame boring is when a combo is too broken and overused. I can understand a lot of the nerfs being annoying, but I personally think that nerfing Diddy's "Hoo-Hah" that ZeRo was famous for and nerfing some of Luigi's d-throw combos were necessary. You can buff characters all you want, but if a combo is too OP as to be broken, it needs to be nerfed. With that being said, I hope Sakurai will consider nerfing ZSS's combo of d-throw-->full jump u-air--->up-special. Seriously, that combo can kill someone who's at 15%-20%. (Video of aforementioned combo... I lose all three of my lives to the very same combo) Seriously, every ZSS player out there tries to do it (with varying degrees of success) to the point it's trite, boring, and predictable... but extremely frustrating when you're caught in it. In fact, ZeRo's first tournament loss in 50+ tournaments came from a ZSS abusing that combo (I think Leffen was the one who did it to him). EDIT: Also, another buff that Jigglypuff could have is that all Rest KO's are star KO's. I can't tell you how many times they get KO'd upward, but because it wasn't a star KO, they come back and kill me before I wake up. It's frustrating. Rest is already risky enough without being able to finally pull it off, only to be revenge killed.
  13. So, as the title implies, post what your favorite battle system is. I always have had a soft side for good JRPG's and their battle systems, so I'm rather curious what kind of systems you all like and why. Doesn't necessarily have to be your favorite game, but if you really found the gameplay and mechanics and the like to be really fun, just give it a shout out!
  14. I'm half-decent at rhythm games, but I guess that plays into being a percussion instructor. My specialty is JRPG's. I love them. It's what I excel at. It's my favorite. It's what I am passionate about and probably the genre I'm best and most comfortable with.
  15. Biased toward my two mains, but I'd love to see some buffs on both Jigglypuff and Palutena. Jigglypuff: -I would love to see a kill-throw. Perhaps, is it too much to ask for, if up-throw can kill at ~135%? Maybe it's a low percentage, relatively speaking, but Jiggs doesn't do much ground game, so grabbing and throwing would be a risk-reward thing by going into a discomfort zone. -Throw combos. Adjust the knockback of d-throw so that at low percentages, d-throw--->short hop nair is a true combo. -Make the tornado effect of dair less erratic so that the dair--->rest combo can work a little better. -Rest would be nice to have a bit of a buff in terms of knockback. Palutena: -Widen the beam slightly for u-smash and give it a few more frames before it disappears. -Increase the damage of auto-reticle. -Increase walk and dash speed. She's a speedy glass cannon which requires precision and accuracy. Her movelag on a whiff is reminiscent of heavy characters, but she isn't heavy. There should be some more speed there to balance out that issue. -Increase KB on the counter. -Decrease KB slightly on d-throw. ------------------------ I'll think of more when I get a chance.
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