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  1. They aren't though. Fates (All 3 routes) are Fire Emblem 14. But onto Roy. The main thing is that the Roy Amiibo hasn't been released in Japan yet.
  2. (Fimbulvetr, Ragnarok, and Ginnungagap are all from Norse Mythology. Just so you know) I have always been annoyed that the Brave Bow was changed to Crescent Bow in Fates. Like really? Why? What was wrong with Brave Bow?
  3. Don't blame Takumi, blame Garon!
  4. Felicia, Flora, Jakob, and Gunter are all Corrin's retainers (Proven in Felicia and Hana's A support). Kaze becomes a retainer in his A support, and Silas is basically as close to a retainer as he could possibly be.
  5. It does exactly what it says. Adds half the enemies strength or mag, depending on the weapon you are using. It wont add any damage if the enemy you are attacking doesn't have any of the offensive stat that would be used for your weapon. Its mainly considered amazing due to its high hit rate. And the damage not working on mages doesn't really matter since mages don't need much to be taken out.
  6. You can't do DLC before the split, and nothing after the split is carried over. So you just re-do the DLC. Its like the path rewards.
  7. Immediately. Villager has absolutely nothing worth picking up. Dread Fighter will immediately give her the stats of a promoted unit, while still having the EXP gains of an unpromoted. There's absolutely nothing to loose.
  8. I mean, Before Awakening is meant to be played way before beating the game for the free seals.
  9. In terms of something you probably don't care about... Crit Animations! Nohr Noble has a better Sword Crit animation, but the animation for using Tomes is the most awful and lazy animation in the game. Hoshido Noble has an okay Crit animation, and the general sword animations are pretty cool too.
  10. The chapter is ridiculous when you are about to go into the last chapter. The boss's Falcon posse are strong enough to survive multiple Killing Edge crits, and the boss herself is even stronger.
  11. Only staves have uses. I believe OP is referring to staves hacked to have 35 charges, which none have.
  12. All of the Awakening trio has reactions to all of Robin and Lucina's accessories. They all dislike the Fell Dragon Feather, and I think the Bear Hat.
  13. I own all 4 amiibo, so I'll try and answer the other questions. Every time you scan an amiibo after you recruit them, you can talk to them and they will be randomly sent to either the Weapon or ACCESSORY shop. In the Weapon shop, they sell their weapon replicas (which can't be forged apparently). In the accessory shop, they sell copies of their accessories. They can't show up in the Rod/Staff shop and the only way to get their seals are through DLC.
  14. The 7 S-Rank things are only available in certain routes Birthright: S rank Shuriken, Katana, Naginata, and Yumi. (The Naginata and Yumi are in chests) Conquest: S rank Axe, Tome, and Stave (Stave is in a chest)
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