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  1. Fire the writers that did this game's story. Conquest is shit, Revelations is stupid and Birthright is boring.
  2. You had a lv 14 promoted MU sitting on the throne lol.
  3. Mate your castle is not an easy seize.
  4. Use units with replicate to shut down the bottom 2 forts. Then rush up with the rest of your units and take out the top ninja's before they get a turn to attack you.
  5. You're welcome :) Also corrected my list. It's Aptitude i have on Kagero, not replicate.
  6. Here are the skills i've gathered so far. Castle Address: 06798-15423-24534-93367 Name: Winterfell MU: Aptitude, Death Blow, Lethality, Astra Sakura: Aptitude, Replicate, Astra, Luna Oboro: Astra, Rend Heaven Ryoma: Death Blow, Lethality, Rend Heaven Takumi: Aptitude, Quixotic, Death Blow, Lethality, Astra Saizo: Astra, Rend Heaven Kagero: Aptitude, Rend Heaven Azura: Aptitude, Darting Blow, Quick Draw, Astra, Lethality Mozu: Quick Draw, Amaterasu Hana: Astra, Luna Feel free to visit if there's anything you like :) yes i like proc skills
  7. Already visited you when i saw you list it earlier. Thanks! :p
  8. If a unit has the skill profiteer but also has a full inventory, can you still get the gold bars, or does it strictly require you to have empty space in your inventory?
  9. I'm also looking for some good skills for Kagero, it seems to be rare to find her on people's teams.
  10. Can you get in trouble for having aptitude on characters that aren't Mozu? Your units aren't on hold btw.
  11. I don't really mind either, but it's silly to have the characters' panties be visible. I miss Titania.
  12. The first time i saw Effie's battle animation i was like ''surely those are just pink pants''. Then i saw Azura's dance. Then i saw Paladin. I don't think that's a good idea.
  13. I got both replicate and profiteer on Azura now, thanks! Hmm, does that mean different save files share the same castle code? Like, one person can't have multiple castles online?
  14. Thx! Apparently i've already visited you today so i'll have to wait a bit haha.
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