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  1. Thanks :) It's Galeforce / growth rates based. Pretty much a must have on Lunatic haha.
  2. Yeah I know about the defaulted pairs, sorry about that. They were my pairs for my Lunatic playthrough. I initially used a jpg format chart from god knows where but it was very low resolution so I started swapping out a huge amount of elements. In the process however I only stored it as pre-paired because I wasn't much of a community person for Fire Emblem back then :p
  3. Well I cleaned up the awakening version a while back for myself because all the ones I found were really smudgy and dirty due to detail or whatnot. Anyway I've added Yen'Fay to it just now, but it isn't as well sorted as the psd and I hope you can understand when I say I really cba to move all to loveless etc etc. If you have Photoshop yourself I therefore highly recommend you work with the psd and not with the jpg.. MEGA
  4. Updated to v2.0 v2.0 - YAY for American Release of the game! Finalized the names of the characters as well as added Fuga to Hoshido. Also removed the [WIP] tag as this project is pretty much done now!
  5. You're referring to these google sheets right? If so then yeah I found them before. This adds on to that :) using the sheet one can easily choose who to match with who looking at compatibility then process those choices on my chart for easy reference.
  6. I think I'm going to keep the 8-8-6, but I have improved on showing clear sections between the 3 camps as well as made it a lot thinner in terms of height. Could you give feedback before I update OP? Much appreciated edit: derp. would help to attach.
  7. Hm, what I've done so far is work from left to right on Nohr->Hoshido->Both for both children and parents, but I suppose an advancement could indeed be a fatter line between each of those for the children (since for the parents it's already pretty clearly indicated by the labels). Ironically I haven't looked at the box art too much haha! I pre-ordered by birthright online and was looking more at the name than the boxart.
  8. Fire Emblem Fates Marriage Chart SPOILER WARNING!! SPOILERS ARE IN SPOILER TAGS! (I seriously hope this was not made yet... I searched without results.. rip my time spending to create this if it was) Greatly inspired by the marriage chart that was floating around the internet back in the Awakening days I decided to build on that and create my own Fates version of it. Today I'd like to present version 1.1 to the Serenesforest forum ! It is still very much a Work-In-Progress, mainly so because whilst I tried to use the English character names by checking the fireemblem wikia list of characters, there are undoubtedly going to be changes when the game FINALLY comes to the west. How to use the chart If you're familiar with the FE:Awakening chart then this should all be pretty straightforward, but lets not make assumptions. Attached below is both a pre-filled chart for those who just quickly want that as well as a zipped package that has a photoshop (.psd) file in which you can easily drag, drop, rename, and everything else for photoshop on the chart. Lastly the zip also includes all the separate icons I used for the characters. Suggestions and all that Like I said before, this is still a work in progress and is therefore subject to change every so often. However, I cannot make those changes unless either I spot them myself or you guys point me towards any. That said, please do not hesitate to correct me when required. Update log v1.0 - Initial post v1.1 - No idea why I didn't just match child with father from the getgo. Updated the attachment and the image below for that. Unmatched is also still included (not as psd due to file size limits) v2.0 - YAY for American Release of the game! Finalized the names of the characters as well as added Fuga to Hoshido. Also removed the [WIP] tag as this project is pretty much done now! The filled chart as it is right now (in spoiler tags due to potential spoilers) Fire Emblem Fates Marriage Chart.zip
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