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  1. In that case, why not edit their stats to be crap and make them sellable for a pittance? You could do the same for the Braces too. Unless they're hardcoded to be unsellable, of course. None of the Ancients on the last floor of the tower have any combat animations, by the way. And the one armed with Bomb Blast hangs the game when counterattacking, even with only map animations. The one armed with Longinus cannot use it at all, and is labeled "Enemy" with a generic General portrait. Myrrh's Sol skill also seems to be pretty bugged, much like HP increases from items used to be before you removed them. But that's probably an issue for Circles, not you.
  2. Siegmund and Sieglinde can be used by anyone, since they have no weapon rank requirements or character locks. Also, shouldn't Siegmund be an anima tome since Ephraim is a mage?
  3. A couple of bug reports: Ross can use Alondite in his Guard class line(at least as a Guard and Axe Lord, haven't promoted him to tier 3 yet) Valter's Fili Tome is Anima magic even though he can't use it.
  4. So since the current version contains tower floors 1-5 and you're holding a poll about the final floor in preparation for the next version, how many new chapters/tower floors is 3.0.7 going to contain?
  5. That seems to happen if a character levels up from using staves and learns a skill.
  6. L'arachel can still use staves as a Soldier and Halberdier. Natasha however cannot use them anymore. Tana's Berserker palette also gets messed up if she uses swords. Works fine when using axes, though.
  7. Ah, right. So I guess Saleh being a sage again is intended too? gonna miss that wind sword
  8. So I've been playing the new version with the Guard class line and reached chapter 12, and Saleh is a Sage again with his standard loadout(Elfire and Thunder) and the map has been changed back to what it was in FE8, rather than the custom map it had in previous versions. Are these changes on purpose? Oh, and a level 15 entombed with a messed up mini-portrait showed up at the end of my unit roster at the beginning of the chapter too.
  9. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mzt-vt24BCsSwMFCFxZXqjy1XQj8T-GE/view?usp=drivesdk Here's a save state from right before ch 14. By the way, Fenrir has limited uses. Fix that while you're at it.
  10. Is it an EU or US rom? I'm using the US rom, labeled "1997 - Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones (U)(TrashMan)" without a hitch.
  11. Chapter 14 froze when a fighter attacked Marisa, didn't even exit the combat animations. Weapons used were swordreaver and fire, shouldn't be caused by those. Might be linked to Rennac's dialogue he does on the first enemy turn, since I opened his room's door on turn 1.
  12. It's not an ips or ups file like most romhacks, you'll need Flips to patch it. https://www.smwcentral.net/?p=section&a=details&id=11474
  13. About the Cunning skill, what does it even do, actually? My Colm can steal things just fine without it, and his lockpick is white instead of greyed out in his inventory. Does it provide the increased sight range in FoW?
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