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  1. Takumi reclassed briefly to swordmaster had 'Leo's pole' and Odin had 'Pointy demonspanker' I had a bow called NOIRE'S THUNDER When I reclassed Elise to Maid to obtain skills I forged her a dagger called 'Cute n' deadly' but with that str growth it wasn't deadly at all. Eventually it was passed down to Kaze, but there it doesn't live up to the 'cute' part of the name instead....ah.
  2. Nearing lategame Ryoma and Felicia's support about food was cute so i rolled with it, Shiro laughed lots at any sorcerer who came his way (not so much at some other units,but he was ok in the end)
  3. Benny's "You don't scare me!" because after doing the crit he tends to say "Whew, that was scary...." while taking a deep breath and the whole picture ends up being oddly adorable
  4. When Hinata landed a crit during my first run he would always say "Oh, that's it!" and the delivery was really nice, but I would have loved for him to say "Let's get wild!", so I'll go for that one
  5. Agreed on the fighters and berserkers. The first time Hans appeared and I was granted a look at his back I couldn't figure out that.....fashion. The face of generic priestesses also bugs me.
  6. I really like "You are right where I want you!" but I'm not completely sold on the delievery of the line so.... ....Begone, wretch!
  7. You can heal allied units/npc's in this DLC, if I remember correctly.
  8. I haven't used capture that much but... Design wise my favorite capturable unit is Candace/Adventurers (it's the hat) In terms of who I used most, Nichol.
  9. But then she would probably fall into the traps herself! As said above, if you don't want to grind a good amount and be stuck in E-Rank weapons for a while (or spend Arms Scrolls on her) I would probably give Mechanist a try, if only to obtain Replicate.
  10. I personally love Siegbert because of all the hilarious drawings people make about him on twitter since I find the way he tries so hard to be pretty endearing. Other favorites are Kiragi, Sophie, Mitama, Shiro, Forrest and Shigure. On the other hand I found the Awakening look-alikes to be pretty uninteresting (minus Rhajat, liked in most of her supports). Not that I don't care about them, since I'm pretty lax and like most characters with ease but they are kind of low in my list. I was specially curious about Caeldori before the game came out because Cordelia is one of my favorite units in Awakening and a character dear to me but her expy didn't spark my interest this time around.
  11. During the first turns chapter 10 of Conquest, I let Nyx chip the health of the Fighters that start advancing on the right side of the map until they are left with 1 HP, so I make Corrin visit the house and in range so she can finish them off. The first fighter is no problem. The second one destroys Corrin with a 2% crit chance that activated aaaand it sucked.
  12. I didn't mind him that much until he became too HP and Defense screwed that he died in two hits even after promotion. Like c'mon Silas, at least Azura dodges.
  13. The text you get when you create a bond unit really got a laugh out of me
  14. she tells you she's allergic when she gives you milk bottles if you have the dairy farm in My Castle As for bad supports, Saizo/Hinoka really took the cake for me.
  15. Ryoma/Shura was good! I liked pairing them up during the last chapters of Birthright so there's that. Overall all the supports in this DLC do not disappoint and make me wish so badly that they were actual support chains in the main game (other than Niles/Leon which continues to deliver the goods)
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