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  1. No but I've forgotten my age before, the 20s start to get confusing
  2. Well, something called context still exists. I'm not a big fan of censoring certain terms just because I don't like them.
  3. A game scheduled for release in 2018 but we’re already half way through year and there’s still nothing to show for it? Definitely gonna get delayed, I think.
  4. I only play on classic mode but just because I prefer classic doesn’t mean casual should be taken out of the upcoming games entirely. How people choose to play their game is none of my business. I just want everyone to be able to play and enjoy the game how they want to.
  5. When I do that, I'm only given the options to either resume chapter or start a new game. It must be the emulator I'm using. Oh well, I guess I'll go on without Geitz.
  6. I'm on the chapter where you recruit Geitz, but I forgot I need Dart to recruit him. I didn't choose him when I chose my units and I can't find any option in game to restart the chapter. I would have just went back to a save state before the battle but, unfortunately I saved when the battle already started, so if I went back to that state I still wouldn't be able to add Dart to my army. There probably is an option to restart but I'm just too dumb to find it.
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