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  1. I don't really care too much about it (even if I should since I need feathers), but so far only Soren and Sanaki have max HM for me.
  2. I tend to have like no feathers because I'm currently on a quest to create a +10 Soren and a +10 Titania and most I pull of them are 4*. Plus I occasionally 5* other units to give those two skills I want them to have. So yeah, by the time I have 20k feathers again I usually have another 4* Titania/Soren I need to upgrade.
  3. I just got a Soren that has an IV of +atk -res, the one I am currently using is +res -def. Would the 3 extra attack be worth the loss of 7 res? He'll be +8 once I merge this one and the build is player phase oriented already.
  4. ...I ended up throwing away all my free characters in the beginning since I didn't know what to do with a two star and hell if I was spending even just a few feathers on them when they were super rare back in the beginning. It came back to bite me later but by this point I've pulled all the free characters at least once so it's all good now again.
  5. I had to leave to finish my studies and have dinner, but holy shit that Roy bashing on the amino is gross. It's not like I've thought about getting it anyway, but with that I will definitely not. That's just outright character hate, like at least stick to something like Roy being the worst lord gameplay wise or something (speaking of which, can we get Leif in heroes so we can have a battle between him and Roy and decide who is actually in that last spot?). But Roy is adorable and a good kid. And attacking the fans instead of the character is just unforgivable. Ugh, I really wish the Ike fanbase wouldn't be as bad as it is, and I say this as an Ike fangirl.
  6. That's why you save the light's blessing for this. Most other battles were they would be useful, they aren't allowed anyway.
  7. Oh yeah, absolutely agree about Team Chrom, but this gauntlet and the first one they were super chill and nice.
  8. Has there been a lot of salt from Team Hector for losing? I haven't seen any. I just figured that even if a lot of elitists would probably join Hector they would also realise it's a giant accomplishment of him just getting to the finals, while the Ike side probably would only accept losing to Lyn and act like victory was granted.
  9. I'm starting to wish that Hector had won last round. Ike losing to Hector would have been chill, but it will be humiliating if Ike loses to Camilla. Sure, Hector loosing to Camilla would suck too, but at least Hector fans in general are really chill people while Ike's side is full of whiners and smash fanboys.
  10. I'm assuming it's just acting up because there isn't enough to go on yet. Plus any prediction done this early would be pretty meaningless anyway. Well... considering the new random ally unit you get is likely to be a red Ike it's not like you have to worry about that...
  11. Sent you a request since I really need some green friends to help along. I got Philips Brave Lyn and my friend list is mostly blue atm. Plus I love Julia. My main is Soren, but I can switch it to Ephraim if you'd rather have a blue unit. (and I'm assuming no one on Team Ike ever wants more red...)
  12. I... I hope he isn't -def at least like mine, because you're not getting far with 11 def. Also sob noooo Lyn you were supposed to win this! I was supposed to have oppurtunity to spend my flags on multipliers in the finals and get a good rank. Now only trashing Camilla matters. I thought that it would be more in favour for Ike, but the gap is closer than it was with Ike/Hector and Lyn/Camilla, which considering the multiplier will probably actually work out better.
  13. Well, I'll need to go to sleep. It's going to be very, very interesting to see what I'll wake up to. Please Lyn's Legion, I don't know how you'd do it, but pull this off somehow.
  14. You know, I can get behind this. If both Hector and Camilla win by multiplier, Team Hector can be sure to have my tome.
  15. ...I am an idiot that forgot to refresh, or I think I did it on the dot and it hadn't updated the last hour yet. Ignore everything I said.
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