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  1. Recently beat Revelations Lunatic. I have to say that it was disappointingly easy. Especially the end game which took little effort to win and, I have to say that Birthright's Lunatic mode gave me more trouble overall. Really the best part of this for me was the mighty Swordmaster Silas and his bottle.
  2. Been going through Vanilla Lunatic again, this time I used Panne as a Wyvern Lord and she's been really good for me. Got her to level 15 and, I've been trying to decide what to do with here class wise. Would it be good you think to re class here back into Taguel or just keep her as a Wyvern Lord and reclass her back to lv. 1 once she reaches lv. 20?
  3. If your going for good pairings stat wise as opposed to story I would recommend pairing Benny with Rinkah since he's one of the few children that can benefit from having here as a mother making him a even better tank.
  4. Gameplay wise I have to go with Wolfskin hands down. While having decent speed avoid and great res is great for tanking against mages, since beast stones are one range he won't be able to attack back unless the mage has to attack close rage. Additionally, the anti-mage position could be better filled by a Master Ninja like Kaze who is good in those same stats but can actually retaliate with long range weapons. On the other side while a Wolfskin is slower, it has great strength and defense making it a good offensive tank, and while there are long range physical attackers there are more close range attackers letting Keaton counterattack more often. It also helps that Keaton comes with both a Beast stone and a Beast Rune giving him more versatility. Design I like them both though I do like the hoods on Velouria and generic Wolfskins more than the Kitsunes.
  5. In Awakening all the offensive skills had a order to see which skill will check for activation first and if that one doesn't, it'll check the next skill you have of less priority (Lethality > Aether > Astra > Sol > Luna > Ignis > Vengeance). I believe Fates does the same thing so does anyone know what the priority is in this one? I get the feeling that Rend Heaven might be lower since it has a higher activation rate and Dragon Fang possibly one of the highiest.
  6. Just cleared Lunatic Birthright. It was okay I guess, though it kind of got boring to me as I played through. The only chapter that really gave me any trouble was the one with Camilla spamming Dragon Veins.
  7. Recently beat Hard mode on Conquest. Wondering if I should go fro Lunatic in Birthright right away or do a Hard mode playthrough first. Think I can manage a Lunatic run?
  8. After the previous chapter I did, both Kaze and, Laslow reached there level cap. Kaze is a Dread Fighter re classed from Master Ninja and Laslow is a Lodestar re classed from a Hero. I did give Kaze an Energy Drop and possibly a Goddess Icon and Laslow got a Dragon Shield. These are the stats they have: Kaze: Hp: 40 Str: 30 Mag: 4 Skill: 30 Spd: 35 Lck: 20 Def: 20 Res: 30 Equiped Skills: Poison Strike, Lethality, Shurikenfaire, Aggressor, Iron Will Has S rank with Elise Laslow: Hp: 53 Str: 30 Mag: 0 Skill: 39 Spd: 32(29 base plus 3 from Dancing Blade) Lck: 36 Def: 26(27 base minus 1 from Dancing Blade) Res: 14 Equiped Skills: Strong Riposte, Sol, Axebreaker, Dancing Blade, Speedtaker Also has a A+ with Xander How did the rng treat them? Is this how there stats normally are at the end or did the get blessed or screwed in certain stats?
  9. I got Xander to Lv.15, and he's married to Charlotte. Do think it would be benefit him more to Heart seal into a Great Knight for Luna, Partner Seal into a Hero for Sol, or keep him as a Paladin. I could also make him into a Lodestar but I was thinking of using that on my Corrin.
  10. Name: Dane Class: Hero Lv.15 reclassed from Nohr Noble Boon/Bane: Skill/Mag Path: Conquest S-Rank: Flora Base Stats: Hp: 40 Str: 28 Mag: 12 Skill: 39 Spd: 27 Lck: 28 Def: 28 Res: 12
  11. Looking at the map nearly all the enemies are promoted at level 10 and only 2 of my characters Corrin and Kaze are that high with the rest being around 8 and 7. Should grind supports for my unmarried male units and play those paralogue, or are my units leveled just fine for this chapter?
  12. Grima beaten. Had Severa activate a rally spectrum, then had Olivia perform dance on her, then Severa paired up to MU to o up to the Berserker in front of Grima. Severa killed him than Galeforce activated for MU to hit Grima with a forged Brave Axe. After that I sent up Cynthia paired up with Chrom in which she activated Luna on the first attack and, then Aether on the second. Following that sent up Sumia and, Lucina where Lucina activated Luna with Parallel Falchion to finish Grima off. Overall I was happy with this run, especially since I avoided DLC.
  13. For my Nohr characters: Name: Dane Secondary Class: Hero Spouse Undecided Name: George Secondary Class: Samurai Spouse: Niles Name: HEAVY-T FUNK Secondary Class: Dark Mage Spouse: Azura Will try think of some Hoshidan and female characters.
  14. Got past Ch.24 Validar went down real easy. Debating on whether or not I should try the additional paralogues after endgame. Owain ended up a really powerful Sage which surprised me. paired up with Nah plus Tomefaire his magic stat goes up to 49 plus with a 40 speed he can double a lot of enemies, and then he can still activate Luna. It would be even better If a I leveled up Lissa as a War Cleric and gave him Renewal. 1. Lv.13 Warrior Mu, 2. Lv.1 Great Knight Chrom 3. Lv. 12 Falcon Knight Sumia, 4. Lv.8 Falcon Knight Cordelia 5. Lv.4 Great Knight Lucina, 6. Lv.6 Grandmaster Morgan 7. Lv.20 Sage Owain, 8. Lv.11 Sorcerer Nah 9. Lv.5 Paladin Severa, 10. Lv.6 Paladin Cynthia
  15. Made it through Ch.20 and have a few units near or at Lv.15 1. Lv.10 Warrior Mu, 2. Lv.13 Paladin Chrom 3. Lv.8 Falcon Knight Sumia, 4. Lv.6 Falcon Knight Cordelia 5. Lv.14 Paladin Lucina, 6. Lv.15 Dark Flier Morgan 7. Lv.15 Sage Owain, 8. Lv.6 Sorcerer Nah 9. Lv.14 Grandmaster Severa, 10. Lv.13 Great Knight Cynthia For Morgan I think Grandmaster or Dark Knight might be good though that would require to level up a lot in sword rank. For Lucina maybe Great Knight and, Cynthia to Paladin. Severa and Owain I'm not entirely sure, if Owain re classes he'll lose his tomes but, he'll still have over 30 strength upon re classing and he's more of a support unit. Severa any class with swords would be fine I guess.
  16. Cleared the recruitment chapter for Severa, only child left to recruit is Cynthia before resuming the story missions, leaning on re classing Severa to Myrmidon for Vantage and later Astra from Swordmaster, not quite sure exactly what to do for Cynthia, the only good options for re classing are Cavalier or Knight. Also still need to think on S supporting Owain with one of the Daughters, even though it won't do that much the extra support will always help.
  17. Okay so MU is now a Lv.20 Hero, and I only have one second seal from Nah's chapter. I'm thinking of re classing into a Warrior, though that will leave me with a E rank in bows. I'm one story chapter away from buying second seals so I know Nah wont be hurt to bad by using her second seal on MU.
  18. Made it past Ch. 14 and also recruited Morgan, with Lucina at level 20 and Morgan making it to 18, not sure if I should go ahead for Cynthia, Severa, and Owain or wait till I got more abilities on their parents like Galeforce, I think I'm good for Owain passing down Miracle and Luna. Also conflicted with Lissa, I leveled her up to lv.10 troubadour, but her magic stat is only 12. Will promoting her to Valkyrie help with her magic growth? 1. Lv.13 Hero MU 2. Lv.6 Paladin Chrom 3. Lv.10 Troubadour Lissa 4. Lv.13 Great Knight Frederick 5. Lv.11 Dark Flier Sumia 6. Lv.4 Dark Flier Cordelia 7. Lv.20 Manakete Nowi 8. Lv.11 War Monk Libra 9. Lv.20 Lord Lucina 10. Lv.18 Pegasus Knight Morgan
  19. Got passed Ch.12, and got Mu's Axe rating to C and Chrom's spear to B. Sumia is only level 8 so Lucina won't come with Galeforce when I recruit her, but I don't think it's crucial. Have both a Second Seal and a Master Seal. I'm wondering if I should use that Second Seal on Lissa or save it for Lucina when I get her. 1. Lv.6 Hero MU 2. Lv.1 Paladin Crom 3. Lv.20 Lissa 4. Lv.11 Frederick 5. Lv.8 Dark Flier Sumia 6. Lv.2 Dark Flier Cordelia 7. Lv. 15 Nowi Also have Libra at 6 and Anna at four for second healers, I'm leaning towards Libra do to support, as well as a 15 Olivia though I don't know if I'll use her in the long run. Is my party at a decent size or should I bench certain ones because I still have some child units to recruit in the future chapters.
  20. I wasn't able to get the arms scroll unfortunately. Also just remembered that I had a second seal from the Ch.8 map so I can use that, probably on Chrom to Cavalier. Would it be best to go to Great Knight after that for Dual Guard, or will Chrom not gain that much experience from being a support unit?
  21. Okay so Paralogue 4 was the biggest pain I've had to do so far. I had to reset multiple times just because Anna got killed on the first turn. On the plus side I managed to cap Chrom, Sumia, and Lissa as well as get some levels in for Cordelia and Nowi. 1. Lv.12 Mercenary MU 2. Lv.20 Chrom 3. Lv.20 Sumia 4. Lv.20 Lissa 5. Lv.9 Frederick 6. Lv.15 Cordelia 7. Lv. 7 Nowi Trying to decide right now whether to promote Sumia to Dark Flier, or Falcon Knight. Dark Flier will get her Gale Force but Falcon Knight will benefit her better combat wise. Also I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with Frederick, is it safe to ditch at this point or should I just keep him as a defense support for Lissa? Also got to decide what I'm going to do with my stat increasing items. Thinking about giving a Sumia a Dracoshield to help her since shes going to be a main combat unit.
  22. Honestly I kind of like the name change from Benoit to Benny. I think it goes just fine for the whole gentle giant aspect of his character.
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