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  1. For my voice requests, how about doing Sully's (from Fire Emblem Awakening) critical quotes in Scarlet's voice? Both Scarlet and Sully sound similar: -"I'll kill you twice!" -"So long, chump!" -"Where should I stab ya?!" -"To hell with you!" Also "Kept you waiting, huh?" (Solid Snake's catchphrase), "I challenge my fate!" (one of Lucina's critical quotes in Awakening) in female Corrin's voice. And a few questions before this all ends: -Since you're a big Harry Potter fan, have you heard of "Potter Puppet Pals?" ( is the most famous episode if you're interested in watching it)-Hoshido or Nohr? -Do you look at the glass half empty or half full?
  2. The sad part is that only male Corrin can marry Scarlet. There's a part in me that wishes Scarlet could support with the other Hoshido characters, especially Ryoma. It'd also be interesting to see Scarlet teasing Takumi. A few more questions: -What's your favorite Pokémon? -I also noticed you voiced Jin in Avatar: The Last Airbender. What tribe best fits you out of Water, Fire, Air, and Earth?
  3. Nice to see another Fates voice actor/actress here. Anyway, have you picked up FE Fates for yourself; if not, do you plan to?
  4. Lost King's Supper: Fits Garon nicely, especially if you somehow make the decision to battle him in Birthright chapter 12 (which isn't really recommended unless you grind the hell out of everyone). No Justice: No idea why some of the song titles keep kicking Arthur around, really. That being said, this is still a good map theme. Pale Star: Reminds me of one of the Awakening support themes (forgot the title). I find both meh.
  5. Oblivescence: Suits Revelations' generally ambient atmosphere nicely. Prelude to Disaster: One of the best non-battle Fates songs, IMO, especially at the part where you have to make the choice between the kingdoms. A Brother's Vow: No opinion, since I didn't play Conquest.
  6. Paradise (Dark) gets my vote over the Light version because the latter sounds way too serious for a paradise music. Past Light is also pretty good.
  7. Time to jump in after missing out on the last opinion thread. 1. Abundant Solace: It's rather calm and fits the general mood of My Castle. 2. Puppet's Feast: I like it; there's this sense of urgency that Valla is not to be trifled with. 3. Quiet Burn: Good for the sense of confidence of one of the Avatar's tutorial battles. It's eh, to me. 4. Justice RIP: One of my favorite Birthright themes. It also fits the first few chapters of Revelation well. 5. Petals in the Wind: Fits the support conversations it plays in well, as already mentioned 6. Spreading Shadow: Nice suspense theme. 7. The Water Maiden: A nice, calming song that fits Azura very well. Also has parts of Lost in Thoughts All Alone. 8. Glory/Ruin: No opinion, since I haven't gotten to that point of the game yet. 9, Past Light: Meh. 10. Vanity Judge: Does a good job of conveying a sense of dread.
  8. 20000 bucks is quite a lot in the Pokemon world, so chucking all those Pyukumuku back to the sea is well worth it. The side-effect of this video is that people will have a reference on where to find the Pyukumuku if they're too lazy to look for a black blob in the overworld.
  9. Peri's statue giving Resistance makes sense because she has a good Resistance growth (which still isn't as good as her Strength, admittedly). Hana's statue giving Luck doesn't make sense, IMO, since her Luck growth isn't that good compared to her Skill and Speed. Also seconding Azura and Magic; her Skill and Speed are way better, and her statue should've given either one. I personally would've kept Oboro's original statue, since her natural Strength and Defense growths are equally good. Spear Fighters have balanced stats, anyway.
  10. Going with what everyone else said: Hinoka. She's good as a unit, don't get me wrong; I kind of wish she had more plot involvement.
  11. Late to the party, but it's already confirmed that Stakeout allows the user to inflict double damage on a Pokemon that just switched into battle.
  12. As other people above me said, anything Arthur or Odin say. An unpopular opinion here, but I like some of Nyx's voiced lines; in particular, these ones stand out: "Ugh, for crying out loud!" and her shop quotes (especially "Leave if you're leaving!"). Niles' "Oh, yes!" and Saizo's "Goodbye" get an honorable mention.
  13. Imagine Frederick or any Cavalier-based character with a Mudsdale. Or Elise with Comfey and Sakura with Bounsweet. Bewear could fit well with Effie.
  14. Basaras are a promotion option for Diviners and Spear Fighters. They wield tomes and lances. People mainly have their units go through this class (if available) to have them pick up Rend Heaven.
  15. Correction: Since Anna can only marry the male Avatar, the resulting Kana would be the girl, not the boy.
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