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  1. I need to do another battle before Lucina appears, but send me your info and we'll give it a shot.
  2. It hasn't come out yet. It comes out in three weeks. The only people who get early access to it are those who got the special edition, since all three versions are on the cartridge. Edit: Ninja'd.
  3. If it costs the same as getting all three via download or one physical and two downloads, how can it be a waste of money compared to the complete non-special edition version? As for the artbook, while it's smaller than I would have liked and doesn't seem to actually have notes about how designs and aesthetics were determined, it's something I hold a lot of interest in. But really, the main thing I wanted was to get all the games on one cartridge. And no, buying one game and then downloading the other two doesn't give you all the games on the same cartridge. You don't need more than one cartridge to access them, but if you put your cartage in another 3DS (because you decided to lend the game to someone), you won't have all the other stuff you've already paid for. I'm irritated enough about having to put up with that with DLC. By the way, does anybody know if that new Nintendo Account thing will allow us to have all of our 3DSes and other systems tied to the same account, so that if you can download something you already bought to another system without having to do a system transfer?
  4. Got a call from Gamestop, and it turns out that my crusade against them has paid off! I will be getting my copy from them after all. I asked for confirmation a couple of times. I know where I'm going to be at 10AM tomorrow.
  5. I don't think it's a matter of owing people answers. It's a matter of good PR. If a month before the release of a game that's a big enough deal that it gets a special edition that sells out in minutes, a special 3DS, and its main character included in Super Smash Bros' final push of DLC, the general press about said game suddenly becomes about either people not being able to get the special edition because Nintendo failed to meet demand (again) in addition to Gamestop's screwup (not on Nintendo but still a point against the game) or about the game being censored and how we're not going to get the full experience and such and such, I think it's in the company's best interest to try and get control over the story. Sitting on your hands and hoping things will play out in your favor is an idiotic move when you can put out the fire with a two sentence explanation and a 30 second video. And if they didn't think that a games journalist would write articles about them cutting content out of their games after they told them that they were cutting content out of their games, their PR is even dumber than I think it is.
  6. I have a hard time feeling sympathetic for Nintendo because they brought it all on themselves. They could have gotten out in front of it pretty damn quickly, and given a proper explanation, but instead they stood mute and gave non-answers to folks, fueling speculation and distrust.
  7. For a fifth unit to sort of go with the theme, I would have Corrin/Kanna as a Dark Blood (unless Grandmaster can use Dragonstones) to act as a sort of Antichrist stand in. I think it fits considering the Four Horsemen are considered evil (despite being dispatched by Heaven), Hell is specifically mentioned to follow after the Pale Horse that Death rides, a dragon features prominently in the Book of Revelation and empowers another monster, the Beast that comes from the sea, fitting into Corrin's water theme. I know the units I suggested aren't mounted, but that's kind of the point, since it differentiates the leader as separate from the four underlings.
  8. So currently, there's no known way to get more than one of the upgrade items like the Exalt and Hero's Brands, right?
  9. Wasn't planning on using the Japanese audio, but seeing as I expect sequels to have all the features of their predecessors in addition to knew features (providing they all make narrative sense) and I wasn't going to be downloading the game, I'm bothered by its exclusion. Skinship is okay. It feels rushed and slightly awkward, but I hope that it gets lengthier the higher your support level is. The biggest problem I have is the lack of proper lip synching. It just doesn't seem like anybody tried.
  10. Is "We've got trouble!" going to be the "Hi! I'm Daisy!" of Fire Emblem Fates?
  11. "Shadow Realm, Shadow Realm, invisible guns!"
  12. I'm wondering how many people actually canceled their preorders of the special edition to take a stand against censorship, only to regret that decision upon seeing what skinship is like. Personally, I'd guess not many. Lots of people like to say things on the internet, but actually doing what they said is another matter entirely. And the ones who care enough about this that they actually would cancel their preorder probably wouldn't be placated by what we saw anyway.
  13. I'm pretty sure that's the case. I've been spoiled by games actually taking the effort to redo the animation for different languages. Edit: I'm going to echo the consensus here. I'm fine with this. Hope there's longer conversations as your support is stronger, but I'm glad the models are preserved and whatnot.
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