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  1. I wanna be crystal clear. Is all the DLC completely done and finished and its now just the main game being worked on?
  2. No, currently the highest build to the fan translation is v4.0, therefore I was hoping someone would post it to save trouble. Is the DLC going to be worked on too or is that complete as it is now?
  3. Would anyone be kind enough to upload the v4.0 of the game on THAT ISO site? Please and thank you. Had no idea there were people still working on this game, its still my most favorite 3DS game.
  4. Assuming its just DLC and support conversations left, is there an estimated time on when it will be finished?
  5. How is the translation coming along, is it still just support conversations and DLC that need to be worked on? Just doing my monthly check up to see how everyone is doing.
  6. Hey guys, I asked a week ago how the translation is coming along. I'm not trying to rush the project, I simply would like to know what is left to finish and where the project stands right now. Thank you for your support.
  7. How is the translation coming along? Just curious to know whats left and if there's an estimated time for it to finish, thank you for your efforts. I did read the main post but no news has been reported since the beginning of February and I'm curious to know where the project stands currently in terms of progress. I'm not asking out of impatience, I just would like some sort of update feedback if possible.
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