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  1. oh thats so fast.. ! with the NA restoration patch being almost done.. but i have a question! by done, you guys mean everything O_O including the support dialogue chats..?? *A*
  2. i have played the localized version yesterday and put your translated version next to it, i prefer your translation over Ninty's.. keep up the good work guys, much love <3 ( i rather want Marx over Xander and Foleo over Forrest etc. XD , so now will be waiting for the updates on this ORIGINAL translation especially 'support chats' ) thankfully saves can be taken over, i will play the localized version very slow.. i kind of want to waait for new update from you guys.. i think i will.. just play your Version and wait for a new update :3 .
  3. guys does anyone know what exactly Nintendo has cut off (censored) in the localized version !? is it only the pat mini game changes or is there also alot of dialogue changing ? (and sorry if it has been asked million times xD)
  4. curious question guys, will there be a 'uncensored' patch by the time the game releases in NA.!? (just the censoring parts, e.g pat game and the few dialogues maybe?) .
  5. guys i just read this on GBATEMP "Planned uncensoring patch for official censored US version." <<<< is this for real !? so like will you guys put the pat mini game in the localized FE:if version *-* ?
  6. XD hahaha, i think i will pick Fan Translation (dissapointed with the US release for removing the pat minigame and i am afraid they might change the dialogue of "soleil" < who appears to be into women" so i rather play like the real original which is the jap literally 'fan translated' more original than the US release :) please keep this up guys ! i currently have the v3.0 installed will see whats new! i hope that you guys will also translate all the 'support' chats , cause i love those ! XD
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