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  1. Ah ah ah ah. I was pulling since I can't choose between Veronica, Ephraim or Hector for the free pull banner. Got Veronica +Atk -Res as free pull ! Yay !
  2. Yeah, I finally went +Spd. Thanks for the hints, tho.
  3. So, in 100 orbs, I got a Micaiah (+Spd -Atk) and two Nephenee (+Spd -Res and +Atk -Res). Now, which Nephenee should I use... that's the question. XD
  4. Damn, Lyon pulling out a Shanna ? GO LYOOOOOONNNNN !
  5. Okay, so, in an hundred orbs, I got the three Greens. L!Hector is neutral. And Myrrh (+Res -Def) was with the free pull. She'll be some fodder, probably. And I got again a neutral Brave Ike, but he'll be a fodder too, so I don't care. Overall... I'm good. Time to bring up again my Armor Team.
  6. Damn. Oh damn. That was... awesome ! I completely dig it, personnaly ! A little touch, but so much a GREAT thing ! I smiled when I heard Greg Chun voicing him. And Marth getting an english voice at last ! Yuri Lowenthal's at work ! Yaaaaaay !
  7. You know that Bold Fighter only can be used by Armored units ?
  8. Back to tier 20, but I had to battle for that, and only going for the 710+ opponents. With a final score of 3558, it was done without problem. And Bride Tharja can be monstruous. Team : And I encountered three interesting units/builds during these runs... One of them just made the battle really complicated.
  9. Damn, Tales of heroes. I'd be so down for that. Time for new OCs. An alternate timeline changed some heroes, and the 2nd generation :
  10. Here he is at last ! My first project is at last finished ! Last banner gave me two M!Robins to finish it. So.... Yay !
  11. Okay, great, B!Tharja already show she'll be a great focus for the next season, since I'm using my trio of arena plus her for the TT. On another note, I tried with another team for this week's arena. Around 694 points, and the first three matchs have Magic!Reinhardt in my opposent team (and two Horse Emblem). Win all match, but got some death. Well, I don't care, since there are no ranking rewards anymore outside of tier ranking, and I'm already sure I'll drop down to 19, since even my best team cannot score the points I need to stay. So.... meh.
  12. Ah. Well, that's still make it too easy...
  13. Okay, now, all units are getting the stat bonus ? TTs are going easier and easier...
  14. This season's focus units leave me no choice but change my team to adapt around the ones I have... And since it was a Earth-blessed week, I know I could do something. And with a score around 3514, I effectively succeed to do up to tier 20 again. I've been yoyoing now... So, the team... Around this score, I start to met many +10 characters... And one of them stood out :
  15. Damn, that make two in a row, in term of free pull. And this time, I got a full round of red. Makes the reward even better.
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