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  1. This... But for me it would have to be Mobius Desert from DW3, i mean seriously who had that idea?
  2. Because it's not sleeping(I'll let myself out) WHAT IS LOVE?
  3. I honestly found Jhin quite annoying to face, but Graves and Mundo are the worst thing right now imo.
  4. I only played up to Gen 4 (I know shame on me) but here we go: Gen 1: Good: The one that started it all, and probably the best set of pokémons for me. Bad: Well really hard to hate something on Gen1 for me, but i have to go with the graphics, because honestly they didn't age well(Unless you count FR/LG) Gen 2: Good: It was a great game on itself, but backtracking to Kanto and facing your old character was definitely the best part, literally a manual on how to make a sequel. Bad: My favorite Gen so hard to hate here too, but if you count crystal i don't like how nearly impossible it is to get all three legendary doges. Gen 3: Good: Beautiful design and GBA graphics, at the time i was just astonished by how amazing it looked. Also really well polished game. Bad: Too much surfing. Gen 4: Good: All the amazing new evolutions. Bad: Sloooooow
  5. I'm not really familiar with persona but loved the animation.
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