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  1. i read somewhere that not all students you recruit stay with you, is this true and if so is there a way to prevent them from leaving post timeskip??? i plan to use a lot of characters recruited from other houses and itd feel like a huge blow to lose all of them
  2. so sorry ifsomeones already brought them up but i think on top of kozaki/hidari returning another good choice would be rika suzuki their work on the sacred stones novel looks gorgeous and elegant as hell
  3. hmmmmm not actually sure when he stopped doing artwork for smt, p sure his last game as character designer was devil summoner 2???? which was ps2 era iirc. I know his creepy dollface style isn't the best for cute characters but i heard a rumor that fe switch was going to be gothic horror/vampire themed and i feel his creepy but cute artstyle could lend itself really well to that atmosphere, definitely dont see it actually happening but i just think itd be cool to see yknow?
  4. i absolutely love both hidari and kozaki. Hope to see continued work from them in the rest of the fe series. I've heard rumors floating around that fe switch was gonna be gothic/vampire themed and if so i think hidari can pull off the sort of rustic old fashioned look better but ofc wouldn't be opposed to kozaki doing work for fe switch. If i had to pick an older artist to return it'd definitely be wada sachiko bc their artwork look so beautiful and water color-y. If i had to pick someone completely new id love to see someone like kazuma kaneko if the rumor proved to be true, although even if they wanted to go for more demonic designs it'd still be a HUGE swerve design wise.
  5. once again, make the avatar less plot relevant and we're cool. Frankly i think it'd be cool to see the avatar as someones second hand like kris/marth or chrom/robin (reiterating the fact i want them to hold less plot relevance so moreso like the former than the latter). P sure it wont happen but dialogue options/some sort of personality customization would also be great. Love the s-support mechanic bc im a filthy shipper but definitely dont wanna see kids anymore.
  6. i really want to see varied/interesting maps! but nothing as absurdly long as fe4 maps, and less wide open space maps like echoes/gaiden. while i'm admittedly a fan of some of the more divisive features (avatar, s -supports) i really dont want to see children as a returning mechanic. bothered me like hell in fates. also would prefer the studio that localized echoes/awakening as opposed to treehouse.
  7. Glad you like dancing inigo! I always doodle banner units in hopes it'll give me good luck of pulling them lol I looooove the idea of grima having a whole mess of eyes, especially since the symbol of the grimleal is three eyes linked together (you can see it on robins coat and henrys collar) so thats where i got the idea from! Besides the fact that 'too many eyes" is a favorite goretober prompt of mine! I struggled to think of a way to make flowers disturbing but i figured it would hurt a lot to have plants burst out from your eyes huh???? Super glad you liked it though :D!!!
  8. a quick sketch of the renais twins for the goretober prompt "plant growth from body" idk why but ive always associated the renais twins with roses
  9. "what's wrong Chrom? Will you not look at the smile of your best friend?" HHHHHH A goretober prompt that got kinda out of hand..........
  10. Hey does anyone know what can be done to get a +hp -atk Soren (lame IV's i know....) prepped for the arena, I was thinking a TA/Gronnraven build but I only have one Cecilia, my only other focus unit for this season is Titania and seeing as I don't have the characters necessary for horse emblem should I bother fixing him or just settle for not ranking this week??
  11. thanks so much, I tried to put more expression and feeling into it to match the lucina you see in awakening also this drawing's a bit old but I feel I can post it anyways (looking back at it there's a lot of things wrong with it but oh well.....)
  12. Your kind words really mean a lot to me! Thanks so much for the review and criticism c:!!
  13. Thanks!!! I work hard to make quality lucina content, no need to worry about the advice I'm happy to receive any feedback!! c:
  14. I cant help but imagine normal lucina and spring festival lucina as like.....2 different people
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