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  1. It seems like everyone's frustrations with certain characters revolve around IS's incompetence with writing quality. Hayato's support with Corrin is even nearly a direct copy and paste from Ricken/Robin in Awakening and while that was really disappointing I did not allow it to make me dislike Hayato just for that reason. Hayato is okay to me since he's really just a cinammon roll with a chip on his shoulder. To alleviate this issue I've taken it upon myself to create my own headcanons for characters whenever the need to flesh out arises to save myself the trouble of resenting fictional characters. With that said, even with headcannons I cannot be made to appreciate Charlotte in full. I started Conquest thinking she'd be the one to marry Corrin even while knowing what she's into but upon meeting her and getting some support ranks it surprised me how turned off I was by her need to get comfy with anyone with station considered upper class. I'm not at all bothered by the repetitiveness of the affectionate lines spoken in the treehouse. I have an imaginitive mind and Corrin's always doing something more fulfilling with his/her spouses than being told how much he/she tickles their fancy.
  2. Ryoma is an amazing team carrier but trying to let him do too much never ends well for me. So I went ahead and knighted Ryoma, Silas, and Hinata as Corrin's three musketeers. Corrin = D'Artagnan, the young, foolhardy, and brave main character. Ryoma = Athos, who never fully recovered from the deaths of his father and late mother Mikoto. The father figure of the royal siblings. Silas = Aramis, a handsome young man struggling between loyalty to his country, Norh, and his fondness for Corrin. (Wasn't much of a struggle, really.) Hinata = Porthos, a fashionable man, fond of fashionable hairstyles. Not very bright but more than makes up for it in strength of body and character.
  3. I am very pleased that Silas is #1 bae for female Corrin. He really should be #1 bae for male Corrin too but oh well.
  4. Switch in Swordfaire fo Veteran's Intuition. It seems either Hinata's Avoid stat is already capped and can no longer be increased passed 98. With this said, his current speed is 34. Oh, definitely. My Revelations Hinata is married to Azura so she is able to support him as his second with Warding Blow, Darting Blow, Air Superiority, and Axebreaker. I'm not sure if Foreign Princess is working because the -2/+2 is hard for me to notice.
  5. I am rather fond of Setsuna's Yumi...equipped on Setsuna o'course. The strange mix of anxiety from it's naturally low accuracy and satisfaction from the debuff when it hits is quite entertaining.
  6. My swordmaster Hinata has been performing amazingly at the arena with Astra, Aether, Duelist Blow, Death Blow, and Veteran's Intuition equipped. Dodges even at the third battle.
  7. I felt an interesting mix of happiness and guilt for not trusting mother dearest on her last point of guidance.
  8. I imagine Azama in a fedora would look something like this defense lawyer from the Miles Edgeworth Investigation series of games—but with his eyes closed or with star irises.
  9. Personal Skills: Pacifist: Luck 0.5% chance at the start of battle. This unit refuses to attack and when damage is received the enemy unit who dealt it cannot attack on their next turn. Defeatist: At full HP this unit enjoys +5 damage boost with any weapon equipped. Once HP drops below half this unit deals -5 damage with any weapon equipped.
  10. I see Jakob as broken. I see his unfriendliness and then I remember what happened to him and I just get this real strong need to care for him. It's really hard for me to hate him like how the others can so easily.
  11. Opinion Upgrades: Flora - I did not give her much thought before touching the game but after going through Conquest and Birthright and reading her support with Felicia I decided she was my Corrin's One True Love in Revelations. Felicia - Her, "We've got Trouble" line initially put me off but increasing her support ranks with the other characters garnered much of my admiration. Silas - He plays the bestfriend and honorable knight role very nicely. I just wasn't expecting him to fail pretty badly at the nice guy role. Suddenly seeing him initially being jerky to numerous characters made me like him a lot more than I did strangely. Perhaps he was purposely created to be character that disappointed people upon closer inspection but he did not disappoint me. Xander - For a while I've been on the hate train for Xander considering how he's behaved much of the time but very recently I thought about his personality and his relationship with Garon. Xander always struck me as the kind of person that clung to things that touch his heart and being born a Scorpio it makes sense—just as how Silas, who is also a Scorpio, clung to the friendship he forged with Corrin even when he/she was made to forget him to stop the pain. If I remember correctly Xander was the only one out of the siblings to remember a much more benevolent King Garon and it was that image of a benevolent king that he clung to so dearly it ended up costing him more than he bargained for. What I wanted to see that didn't happen in Revelations was a proper goodbye for the Nohrian royals with Garon—I wanted the siblings to finally see their real father and for Xander to see the Garon he remembered one last time to say goodbye. I didn't like that Garon was written to be long gone and was actually a Slime demon masquerading in his place. But at least with this desire in my head I can put my dislike for him to rest. He exists more on the same level with Takumi to me—on the, "I understand but still don't particularly like all that much" plane. Arthur - I thought he was just going to be the poster boy for justice but he's really also a very good man. I'm disappointed he can't naturally reclass into Butler. Would love for him to serve revenge, ahem, I mean Justice with Felicia's plate. Hinata - I was excited to use this jock upon discovering that his growth's were rather unique considering his class. I kept expecting him to under perform as many others have but he didn't. Found a Sunrise Katana, stuck it on him and just kept making me smile with the dodges. He rocks with Vantage, Life and Death, Astra/Aether, Swordfaire/Duelist's Blow, and Wary Fighter. It certainly helps that he's a generally cheerful and nice guy to the others. Opinion Downgrades: The Awakening Trio - It's not such a down grade that would completely sour my feelings for them—Owain was my son and I'll always love him but after playing their DLC story I gotta say,
  12. I like to assume Corrin was a very curious and nosy child. In my head he was excited to meet the other royal children and tried to sneak along but was quickly found by the previous Saizo. Sumeragi, being the benevolent king and father he was, allowed for him to follow closely behind. It was supposed to a peaceful negotiation after all...
  13. I don't hate Takumi. I understand him but he's not a favorite. Excellent follow up ally. #PraiseTakumi
  14. I actually liked Hinata x Azura a lot. The frequent appearance of bamboo shoots remind me a lot of my favorite pairing in Nichijou (Manabu Takasaki sensei x Izumi Sakurai sensei) Also, a sky blue haired Hisame vaguely reminds me of Kadaj from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Other Favorite Pairings: Arthur x Kagero - Here, Arthur's proclivity for misfortune results in fortune, Percy included. Silas x Oboro - This is one of the supports where my bro Silas isn't being a judgmental butt. Here, vengeful hatred turns into tolerance and then grows into love. This is always a wonderful thing to me.
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