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  1. You mean like Vaida? (That's always been a fancasting of mine admittedly, haha)
  2. That's a pretty big exaggeration there, not gonna lie. You do know how long she's been in the business, and how much range she has right? A few bad lines in a game that didn't exactly have stellar ADR direction to begin with HARDLY invalidates her entire career. (Apologies for this reply, yeah. Wasn't too great I'll admit.)
  3. I have mixed feelings about that game's artwork to be honest. Some characters like Camus, Michalis, and Minerva look AWESOME in their portraits IMO. Then you have examples of like Draug and Marth who really... don't look great IMO (At least Marth looked kinda better in New Mystery)
  4. I do still think Takumi was being a bit of twat regardless, including unnecessarily being a jerk to Azura who HAD been there for a while (which he himself acknowledges later on) but I do understand your perspective as well. Even if I don't entirely agree with it. On a side note, I've seen the whole "the Story and Support versions are totally different characters!" opinion for Xander once or twice before. But never with Corrin until now, haha.
  5. I meant more the Valla royal bloodline was close to "you know who" Anyway... I'll respect your opinion but honestly I just don't think the "worship" is as big a thing as some people actually make it out to be, that's all. The only two characters I can honestly think of who do sorta act that are Kana and Rhajat (You could "maybe" argue Caeldori too, but that was due to Subaki himself overhyping Corrin because he was too nervous about teaching her himself) and even then it makes sense considering their reasons. Aside from them the rest of the Fates second gen (who IMO, Corrin has better supports with compared to the first gen overall) just treat him/her like any other friend in most cases. And Hell, Shiro even challenged M!Corrin's ideals in their supports IIRC. Hopefully you get where I'm coming from here!
  6. It's probably just dialogue to hint at the similar background they both share, it's hardly "worship" and I think that particular complaint is a bit of an exaggeration in general. Also, Azura having a Dragonstone makes sense when you consider who her father was (King of Valla after all)
  7. To be honest, I've seen people whose favourite Lords are both Micaiah AND Corrin for the same/similar reasons (Having to do bad things against their will, "they're more human/relateable than the other FE Lords" sentiment, etc.) and IDK. It's just kinda amusing to me when you get fan overlap for certain characters like that, haha.
  8. Or you know... Perhaps some people genuinely find Cindy Robinson's Amy Rose voice to be an even bigger mismatch than her EG Daily imitation?
  9. Yep. I recall Leo mentioning something like that in his conversation with Corrin in CQ chapter 14.
  10. The thing is, they DID know he wasn't exactly the nicest guy in the world. They didn't know he was an ACTUAL monster being manipulated by an evil God, however.
  11. Gray - I like him. He's not one of my favourite characters in the game overall, but he has some fun interactions with Tobin however. Sonya - Didn't recruit her on my playthrough, but she's alright as well really. Though if I'm being honest the best thing about her is Tara Jayne's voice. I just absolutely love listening to the Tharja/Camilla/Sonya type of voice in general honestly, haha. Duma - I like his memory prism, and his voice for his human form is good too... But aside from that however, I feel Anankos was a better and more sympathetic take on the whole "Dragon Degeneration" thing personally. I actually liked him a bit more in the original Gaiden though. Because he didn't come off as "dumb crazed monstrosity" during the final map if that makes sense? (Though to be honest, I liked Act 5 in the original Gaiden more in general ?) But yeah, overall I think SOV is a good-enough game. It's honestly not one that I really want to play ALL the time like say, Sacred Stones or Fates. But it was still a fun remake with a nice cast overall... despite the map-design, haha. And on a side note: Alm's character in this game actually made me appreciate Ephraim more. Anyway! God Bless.
  12. So freaking torn between CYL Lyn and Lucina here... They both look so great! Also, this next Gauntlet is going to cause so much freaking salt. I can already see it all now XD
  13. Okay FE Fan, you can calm down now ? But yes, other characters! Silque: She looks beautiful, sounds beautiful, and has some interesting base conversations as well IMO. I just wish she could support with Tatiana as well tbh. Deen: He's awesome! He looks like a badass thug, has a very hot voice. And I rather like his base conversations too. I do wish his supports with Jesse went further than they did though. Their A support honestly feels more like a B support to me. But at the end of the day he's the Critical King with his Brave Sword, so I'll always love him as a unit for that. Mila: I don't agree with the game's sentiment that she's "just as bad as Duma" because she really isn't??? That aside, she's okay and I felt bad for her towards the end because of everything. But eh, I still liked Naga as a character more personally ?
  14. That's wonderful! Why waste your time replying to me then, when you could be putting your quick mind to better use? Like say, perhaps realising in another three seconds that two other unoriginal goofballs already used the same sort of anti-Fates villains diss?
  15. I can hear Lauren Landa as Yuzu underneath her accent. And I think Emma is Cherami Leigh as well. Not sure about Shade but I'm fairly certain that Randal is Deen's VA.
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