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  1. I already have revelations but I haven't beaten Birthright yet and haven't even begun conquest yet either lol, these games are hard!! I find it much harder than Awakening!
  2. At chapter 15 Birthright, so fun!! I really like most of the characters the only one I don't care for is Azama. Things are getting serious! :D
  3. At chapter 11 Birthright, so much fun!! I like pretty much all characters, it's hard to decide who you want to invest in! As for Azura, there are numerous stages where you can just wait before you kill the boss and have her sing for as many turns as you like! Atleast in Birthright!
  4. Store opens in 9 hours, time to watch LOTR trilogy or something!!! AAAAAHHHH Hope everyone has a great time tomorrow!
  5. Goddammit!!! :D Tomorrow my boys!!!!!!!
  6. I'm also adding all of you if it's alright! My FC: 2122-8143-5602 Name: Adam Can't wait!!
  7. The hyyype!!!!!! I'm also adding you guys if that's ok!! My FC: 2122-8143-5602 Name: Adam 3 days! Finally!
  8. Gamereactor has always been bad in my opinion I really don't like them
  9. 12 days my boys! Got the special edition
  10. Just a little over 2 weeks! Almost here guys! The hype!!
  11. 39 days left my boys!!! It's comin!! :D
  12. Cool! I like it! Good luck man! Alright! Hopefully you can reward yourself with Fates when it comes out after all the studying!
  13. 2 Months left my friends! What are you going to play in the meantime?
  14. Maybe it's a preliminary thing, but you can call them yourself if you want
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