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  1. The poor old bird. I chose to believe he's merely overlooked instead of disliked. Nealuchi is quite the kindly old grandfather after all.
  2. I have a feeling that magic will be everything this year. I could see Dimitri and Memehardt being the top two result with Claude narrowly missing out.
  3. Personally I don't vote for the lords a lot. I suspect that IS decides who gets into Heroes at least partially though CYL so voting for the lords is a wasted effort on that front since they are in the game already. I did end up pity voting for Alm a few times because at the time he was uniquely snubbed among the lords. Seliph and Sigurd not having many alts is unfortunate but also understandable but at the time it seemed like Alm was destined to get nothing despite being a well liked lord from a recent game. As someone who liked Alm I felt he deserved better. The unique Alm case aside I consider a vote for a lord a vote that characters like Niime, Azelle, Tormod, Muarim or others aren't getting and its they who need those votes.
  4. There can only be one grand communist leader!
  5. One is a cinnamon roll, the other is a petite scaredy cat that gets beaten up by ''mister bunny'' and the last one is a nerd. They're all the ''smoll'' ones of their respective houses. I'd say that's an excuse to hit like a wet noodle. Their strength stat probably reflects their personality. To add to that I think Michy being a somewhat weak unit reflects her canon power too. Michy needing to be babied a lot is annoying but in the opening she needs Sothe to save her from random grunts and she collapses several times. I do like the idea of her learning dark magic. It would make sense for her to do so. Apparently dark magic is frowned upon because its connected to Yune which is Michy's spirit animal. Being able to use light and dark magic is a combination that can already be found in her ancestor Lehran too. Addressing that awful speed stat should probably fix a lot of Michy's woes.
  6. Well there's Ashe. He's a good boy who doesn't deserve to die. He also works pretty well narrative no matter the route. Being forced to fight for evil and defecting to the good guys fits him. Joining Edelgard because the church destroyed his family also fits him. I tend to recruit Caspar and Ferdinant von Aegir when playing the other routes. They just seem very logical characters to defect from Edelgard's side. You also kinda have to take Caspar if you want Mercedes paralogue and Ferdinant von Aegir if you want that of Lysithea.
  7. Oh. That means she's also Faye's and Laphicet's voice actress then.
  8. Because Edelgard draws fan art of Byleth Sempai if he chooses her side.
  9. True but strength and skill still count for a lot. Makalov could technically start swinging Ragnel too and wouldn't get the same out of it as Ike. Or a more reasonable example is how Blume gives up his holy weapon because Ishtar is just better with it.
  10. The weapon is more powerful than what they wielded but Roy himself is likely a poor fighter. He's the youngest lord, pretty skinny from the looks of it and his stats might be intentionally bad to reflect that he's more of a thinker than a fighter.
  11. The dragons of the two Elibe games are different beasts. The Fire Dragon is an actual dragon but Idunns war dragons are more like baby dragons.
  12. The current banner has been pretty generous. I got Larcei quickly and then got a Flora and a Brigid. Its just that none of those three are Shannan.
  13. Byleth would probably rank pretty highly. He has a divine weapon that's both powerful and versatile, and he can rewind time. Byleth is also one of the few lords who doesn't start out as a complete rookie. According to Hanneman Byleth was a pretty famed mercenary long before coming to the monastery. Are we sure about that? Maybe its because Medeus never says or does anything but he never struck me as particularly powerful in the grand scheme of things. Unlike other lords like Alm or Ike we never really see Marth depicted as a great warrior either.
  14. To an extend but it quickly starts to become less funny when Trump starts blackmailing other countries, treating his allies like dirt or nearly starting a war to distract from his impeachment. But its also a case of glass houses. Populism isn't really unique to America. If anything Trump was influenced by the populist politicians plaguing Europe for decades. Though it definitely is unique how fast Americans allowed themselves to be conned after their very first exposure to populism. But many other countries are facing the same struggles as the US. Britain has been stuck in populist hell since 2015 and many countries like Hungary and Poland have already fallen while populism is a significant force in countries like France or the Netherlands. Many Western nations have their own rogue demagogue and many of those have a realistic chance of getting to power.
  15. Alternatively they could have just robbed their graves. Or maybe they're more like clones than zombies. Them all being revived at the same time doesn't mean they died at the same time. I think that if the Elites all died then the history books would have mentioned that but as lies saying they died as martyrs for Seiros.
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