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  1. Its still weird that 50 year old laws can be overturned by judges selected purely because of their political opinions, nominated by a president the population explicitly did not vote for, confirmed by a senate that the population also did not vote for and that the law they overturned was one the population actually supports. The American system clearly is not a functioning one. And apparently one judge(who's married to a literal traitor) hinted that they might scheme to go after gay marriage next. So Americans might want to be like this
  2. Gray the dark, dual wielding cowboy just looks adorably edgy.
  3. Last arc made kind of a big deal of showing Denki's growth and him shedding his status as the weakest link. Then in this arc he's one shotted by a single mook as if he's still the non combatant he was in the first few episodes. After beating Samurai girl he should have been beyond the point where mooks could easily take him down. One could argue that its because he didn't have his armor but the arc's first episode made it a point that armorless Denki was far tougher then one would assume at first glance. Granted Iwabe had the same problem but that just makes things worse rather than better. Several good moments but also moments that were stretched out or clumsy. I typed it too fast at first. Kinda clumsy but also rather admirable. Its a long running problem with fillers that there aren't any stakes because the status quo most always be maintained. So Boruto making it clear that characters can die during fillers is pretty novel. But the deaths themselves also came sorta out of the blue and with Kagura's rival still on the prowl I don't think this was quite the time to have killed him off. Also the episode where he died was also....not very good.
  4. Because why not? My last few ''official topics'' have done fairly well, and Star Wars still is among one of the biggest franchises on the internet. So give us your spicy Jedi hot takes, your likes, your dislikes, your opinions on Jar Jar and more. -I'm the strange sort of creature who think that the Prequel movies are peak Star Wars. Especially Return of the Sith is the greatest Star Wars movie out there. I did start out with the prequels of course, so I had no innate nostalgia for the original movies, and I think the sequels are about as objectively bad as a trilogy can get. But the prequels had the right mix of story, action and sheer fun. Except Attack of the Clones which is just awful. As a prequel guy I rather like that they have gotten some degree of rehabilitation and that people now at least agree that even if they're not good they're at least dumb fun. To this day new prequel memes are still coming out. -Maybe its because it was my first Star Wars movie but I honestly never got the big backlash about the Phantom Menace. Granted, it doesn't hold up as well as I remember it but I still think its largely solid. I was actually surprised to learn the movie had a seething hatedom upon its release. I honestly thought the prequel hate started with Attack of the Clones. -I think Palpatine is the best Star Wars character because he embodies the aspects of the prequels I like so much. A mix of story, actions and fun. He's got such a long convoluted plan that his part in the story is certainly a spectacle, he's got a great fight with Yoda, and just about everything he says and does is so bombastic and fun. Ultimately Palpatine is just very, very camp just like Star Wars should be. -The Mandalorian is widely acclaimed as the best Star Wars series since Lucas left but I mostly think its just fine. I liked it. I enjoyed the episodes that I watched but I never got super invested and after putting it down somewhere mid season 2 I don't really feel compelled to get back. Meanwhile the seemingly controversial Obi Wan is something I can get more easily invested in. Despite some internet grumblings about it I rather like it. -I always had a soft spot for Darth Maul but hearing he was brought back was a huge turn off for me. Its clear that he was only brought back for the fanservice and I don't think the clone wars really needed a third faction in the war. Most importantly Maul takes away from Dooku who's arguably the more interesting Sith. And just Maul being around kinda breaks the setting. The entire time he could have foiled Palpatine's plot by just telling everyone he's a Sith. If Maul hated his master so much he should have shouted it from the rooftops. There are some bright spots for his character. Maul's final moments were actually pretty great, but overall its just not worth it. -I think Count Dooku is largely wasted. This is partially because of Darth Maul intruding in his war but he also has the bad fortune of being the main villain in one of the most boring Star Wars movies, before being quickly dispatched in the following movie. This is a shame because a Sith who's not a raving lunatic but who has political goals he wants to realize could be very interesting. -Its great that the Disney Canon brought back admiral Thrawn but they also put the character in an impossible position. Thrawn's whole thing is that he's the greatest strategist in the galaxy. He's the genius to end all geniuses. The problem with this is that if Thrawn returns in the post Endor era then he can only lose. Just by virtue of the sequels existing we know that any attempt by Thrawn to topple the galaxy will fail. But this creates a bizarre contradiction. The New Republic is depicted as so weak that the joke villains of the First Order can destroy it without any effort, so if the great genius Thrawn is easily outclassed by joke villains then he's not a genius or even a minor threat, and if Thrawn really is a big deal then it means a New Republic which defeated him cannot possible have been crushed by a gaggle of joke villains. Similarly Thrawn being stuck chasing down a random bunch of misfits in Rebels and ultimately being twarted by them also cast doubt on him supposedly being such a titanic figure. -In general any post endor villain like Moff Gideon or whoever else is created will fall into the above mentioned problem. Because of their place in the canon they're destined to lose in a scenario that vastly worse villains are destined to win with hilarious ease. -I never really connected to general Grievious as a character. He's just a weirdly written character. In the movies he's just a quirky miniboss that character talk rather dismissively about. But in every story outside of the movies he's supposedly this uber baddass who can beat up several jedi masters at once and who's greatly feared by everyone. So which is it? -I think Kylo Ren should have been the main villain of the sequel trilogy. I have a strong suspicion that Palps was brought back because studio and fans alike didn't think Kylo could convincingly carry a movie by himself, but I think he'd have been great. Kylo forming his own ideology of ''killing the past'' rather than being your run of the mill crazy Sith would have been interesting, and Kylo growing from a whiny, joke character that throws temper tantrums into an all powerful emperor would be good character development. Rise of Skywalker did its best to push Kylo as far away from the villain spot as it could, but the scenes where he was shown leading the First Order made him come off as sufficiently imposing, and it be great if we got more of that.
  5. 7/10: Too much water. I think its an arc of high and lows. Several good moments but also moments that were dragged out or were really, really clumsy. Phasing is its big weakness. I think its akin to the Mitsuki retrieval arc where they used three episodes for plot points where one episode could have sufficed. It reflects well on the arc that they actually made Metal Lee a character. It reflects poorly on the arc that they kinda took a big dump on Denki's development though.
  6. It wouldn't be the first time creators decided for a water setting just to show off how well they can program water. Apparently Mario Sunshine and FF10 got a very watery world precisely because the then new generation could finally create some decent water.
  7. Those are....strangely flattering score for a Warriors game. That's a good sign.
  8. I'm afraid the Blions might have blown their loud a bit earlier. The whole Duscur saga seems pretty wrapped up. The guilty are exposed and punished, Duscur is liberated, the corrupt western lords are brought to heel and things are all hunky dory in Fearghus again. In short a lot of the awful traits that made the Kingdom interesting are no longer there. Also Rufus turned out to be a surprisingly well rounded character. He had fairly understandable motivations, regret about what he had done and accurate suspicions that Dimitri is a basket case. Its unfortunate that he only had one stage to show his mettle. Cornelia allowing him to start a civil war and get toppled is pretty weird though. In doing so Dimitri gets to become king and starts fixing all those problems that made the Kingdom so ridiculously easy to destroy in Three Houses.
  9. I think the twitter announcement of each character has their full portrait.
  10. Before the game came out there was this hilarious comic depicting the different romance options for male and female Byleth sitting with them in a bar. Fembeth had all the girls while male Byleth had a sleeping Linhardt. Alois saying ''its okay my wife won't mind'', and an angry Annette asking what her dad was doing there. After that I was kinda dissapointed Alois and Gilbert's Byleth pairing turned out platonic. Forrest claims to be straight and while he can't use the words transgender or cis, I think the implication is that he's just a straight guy who likes feminine things.
  11. I'd argue that Camilla might be part of the package too. She spends a lot, a lot of her dialogue drooling over other woman. Caspar may too depending on how we view him and Linhardt ''settling down'' in their paired ending. I guess there's Catherine too who makes it crystal clear she prefers worshipping Rhea's hips over the goddess. One somewhat damning observation is that until Three Houses most LGBTQ characters were either joke characters or freaks. It doesn't reflect well on the representation if the writers forgo more (relatively) normal options like Silas or Soleil and instead settle on people like Niles and not Rhajat. Heather is very clearly a one note joke character and while there some's substance behind Leon's crush he's presented as somewhat of a joke character. I think Three Houses should be praised for a more nuanced selection of LGBTQ people, and increasing their number by a fair margin too. That they decided to make a main character bisexual is even more praiseworthy. Its depicted pretty well too with Edelgard clearly having an interest in the same sex, but it just being one of her many traits. A non traditional love inclination even fits rather well with Edelgard's strive for reform. It may be kinda cynical that IS went in pretty hard on female x female pairings, or bisexual female characters but that they mostly ignored more male related pairings. Officially you just have the boring Avatar sexual pairings and maybe Caspar and Linhardt. There's Raven x Lucius, and Ike and Soren of course, but while I can definitely see them in a relation I also think the pairings are not quite so self evident as their proponents suggest. The rather giant disproportian between female LGBTQ representation and male LGBTQ representation cast at least some doubt on their motives. Are they really interested in representation? Or have they just found out large parts of the fanbase find it hot if two woman are into each other?
  12. I think its interesting that Leonie and Lysithea swap places in regards to Ignatz. In Three Houses Lysithea ruthlessly bullies poor Ignatz just for existing, but in their Hopes C support she's surprisingly complimentary to him. Their Houses supports always reflected really poorly on her so its nice that she gets some redemption. Leonie isn't overtly jerkish to Ignatz but she does at one point say about his nerves ''Okay this is getting pathetic, someone talk some sense into her''. I find it a bit unfortunate since Leonie being so unfailingly gentle with Ignatz was one of her better qualities in Three Houses. It implied that she deliberately kept her at times very obnoxious temper in check when it came to people who didn't deserve, or couldn't stand up to it, which reflected well on her.
  13. I still recall the times Michy was widely hated. I suspect Fates trying a lot of the same ideas as RD more poorly really made people look more kindly on the girl. I never bought in to the idea that Micaiah was a Marry Sue though. For me the biggest qualifiers for that trope are that the main characters all universally like the Marry Sue, and that the writers are pulling strings to make the Sue look good. Neither of that applies to Michy. She's widely criticized by many characters, and Ike openly refers to her as a nutjob. And the writers don't seem interested to try and convince us that she's on the right side. The narrator even states that its Ike who's fighting for justice and that Micaiah isn't. ''A hero sides with the Laguz and justice, the maiden fights for the Beorc and Daein''
  14. Well that's honestly kinda boring. I especially think Altina is a weak link. It should have been Sanaki. That way you got the three Fodlandian and the Three (Beorc) Tellius leaders all in one place rather than two Tellius leader and their great great great grandmother. I also don't really find her a good fit for Edelgard either.
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