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  1. I'd be surprised if he wasn't in the next Three Houses Banner. Him and Felix are the most popular males left and I think that aside from Marienne they are also the only ones in the top 10 who haven't been added yet.
  2. I've always rather liked this one. It goes to show just how much bad blood there is between these two. In other battle conversation Shinon doesn't exactly care about fighting his old friends but he's usually not hostile towards them. Condescending, cold and rude sure but not this level of hateful. With Soren and shinon it seems like they really hate each other's guts. As Ike's biggest fan and biggest critic I guess that makes sense. The amount of bad blood is actually quite refreshing. It also implies Soren came quite a long way as far as fighting abilities go.
  3. Dorothea's here. That alone makes me plenty of happy. Rhea is an add I'd never expected but am rather glad with. I'm pretty sure Byleth had another voice though.
  4. Lu Bu is kinda popular and even iconic in his own little circles. Do not pursue Lu Bu and all that. I've never been impressed by him. Lu Bu is famous for being this unstoppable enemy who you can only flee from. Maybe its due to my late entry into the Warriors franchise but I don't understand this reputation at all. It could be that Lu Bu really was impressive in earlier games but whenever the story allows you to fight him for real he always ended up being extremely easy. In my first Warriors game it only took a single musou attack to defeat him. Ever since I've always viewed Lu Bu as kinda pathetic and unworthy of the type. Aside from that Lu Bu is also just kinda boring. Just an angry dude who wants to fight all the time and betrays everyone he works for. Lu Bu dying pretty much immediately into the Three Kingdoms story doesn't really help either. That also prevents me from liking him in other series. Everyone was hyped when Lu Bu got into Total War but I didn't see the hype in a character who died very early in the story and got defeated in all the wars he took part in.
  5. For the tempest trial unit I'm secretly hoping for summer Alois. Preferably in a speedo.
  6. So how big are the chances this will stack the deck against Biden? Because if this goes wrong then Biden will have to content not only with the electoral college and the voter suppression Trump will inevitably employ, but also his own votes getting split. I never had much hope for Trump to get defeated and if Kanye turns into a worst case scenarios that could end up being one of the reasons how Trump will do it.
  7. Given their support they'd make a decent summer duo hero. The support for them as a pairing would likely skyrocket if that's the case.
  8. Sylvain and Ingrid then. They normally don't make it so easy for us. As far as Beach Blions go I'd have preferred Ashe but this one is good enough I suppose.
  9. None. I don't hold game criticism in contempt like some people do but I've rarely been influenced about it. I watch reviews because I'm curious what people have to say, but I've always had a crystal clear view of what I wanted or what wasn't for me. Actually most reviewers I follow tend to be hard on games I like. I guess Superbunnyhop gushing so much about Snake Eater made me curious enough to try and get my hands on it, something circumstances seem very keen on preventing.
  10. He gets doubled by everything and can hardly double himself in most cases.
  11. I think Seliph is even older then that. But it doesn't really matter how old he is but how old he looks.
  12. Nice. I was never a fan of Seliph's original artwork so its nice to see him getting a much needed update. He doesn't look kiddy enough or has hair that's sufficiently weird like in his Geneology portrait but its a step in the right direction.
  13. However some of those countries really are biding their time. Not Iran or North Korea since they are third rate powers at best but Russia And China are legitimately dangerous. China is on its way of regaining its spot as a global power, if it hasn't done so already. Russia in contrast is more of a declining power but we can see that they are just itching to expand their influence. If American influences weakens in Europe Russia will seek to replace it with its own influence as it historically did many times.
  14. Like with so many things that don't work with Fates I think Garon is the one to blame here. He's so over the top that being devoted to him is inherently foolish. There is nothing that Garon ever said or did in the game that could make Xander believe there is any good in him. Any justification for his actions and any faith that there is still hope for Garon immediately go out of the window whenever Garon opens his mouth. Xander's misguided loyalty could have worked if Garon deliberately tried fostering this belief in Xander but he never does. Garon never tries convincing anyone that he's not 100% pure evil. All Garon talks about in Fates is about killing people who oppose or even mildly annoy him so its frustrating that Xander is just unable to see Garon for what he is. Even familial love needs to have some limit on it. All that was needed for Xander's character to work was a Garon that at least pretended not to be completely insane. But overall I find Xander a good pick. His daddy issues are frustrating but its still typical Camus stuff. Garon is very over the top about it but he's not inherently different from all the other unworthy lords that the various Camus' insist on serving. Garon is terrible but is Ludwik who tries to help an evil dragon overthrow humanity and who sells off his children just because he's scared really any better? Is Garon really any more blatantly evil than Chagaal who starts a civil war and tries to murder both his Camus and his Camus' sister purely because he finds it hilarious? The lords that employs the Camus are often so cartoonishly evil that the whole archetype is a little bit silly. Xander being in denial about Garon of all people is perhaps a more noticeable form of this flaw but its ultimately the same flaw that more popular members of his archetype get a lot less flack for.
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