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  1. I'd say Warriors is exactly anime. Its more based on history than its Basara counterpart and its get certain events and even random trivia correct as far as history goes, but everything is still incredibly anime. Even with all historical deeds and gimmicks incorporated into the characters they're almost all based on standard anime stereotypes. And when the writing team has to make a choice between history and anime they typically pick anime. This is best shown with Nobunaga who in the latest game had all the traits that made him Nobunaga removed and replaced with the typical shonen anime desire for a rival who could ''surpass'' him. But aside from characters like Nobunaga and Naotora being sacrificed on the anime altar I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Its incredibly anime and if you sprinkle that with a little bit of history then the result is actually quite charming.
  2. May It wasn't terrible but there was also very little for me personally. Also I felt it was a bit cheap for them to announce a Remake port with bonus content instead of just announcing remake 2.
  3. With Felicia you can really see how the writers were trying to shove every moe trait they could think of into one singular character. It seemed to have worked out fine since even with that shakey origins Felica turned out to be rather likable and not all that grating. She could just have easily turned out like Naotora Ii.....brrr.
  4. You left out the Dutch who's 80 year's war with Spain overlapped with the 30 year war. They were definitely a group in play. Though I guess the low countries theater being mostly sieges makes it somewhat less dramatic than its German counterpart. Thanks 😄 You also have a 700 page book on the 30 years war by Swedish historian Dick Harrison
  5. With the infamous team B being on record as fighting for things such as skinship its unthinkable that a sizable part of the dev team isn't comprised of Otaku. Fates especially seemed like Otaku Emblem even if aspects of it were bound to bring the project into problems when it got localized. The that was a problem that more or less solved itself. Echoes and Three Houses significantly dialed all those things back. Three Houses even went out of its way to reject fanservice in a move all about fanservice. Its rather noteworthy that the sauna option was as tame as it ended up being. Would you have the title of that book for me? 😀
  6. I wonder if Norzelia and Octopath's Orsterra exist within the same world. It would be a fun little easter egg to include. Or one day scholar Cyrus barges into the castle gushing about getting to examine the famous scales of conviction.
  7. So far so good. I'm impressed. The only thing I don't like is how mages work. They seem really hard to use. They seem to get turns less often then the melee units and the range of their spells isn't long so in my two stages the mages where desperately trying to catch up to the melee units so they could do something.
  8. After playing the demo Octopath Emblem seems to take some cue's from Disgaea as well as Fire Emblem. The height elevations, the way specials can knock units around and the ''democracy system'' resembles Disgaea's dark assembly a little bit. But storywise the game really wears it Fire Emblem inspirations on its sleeve. The Duchy is essentially your conquering nation ala Bern or Daein. The game even starts with the Duke entering the heroes conquered throne room and going ''Haha! You thought I was just a normal conqueror but I have grander plans! Muhahaha!''. The three nations also seem to shape up as the good guy nation, the bad guy nation and the neutral nation that will suffer a coup or betray the heroes later on sort of system that Fire Emblem often uses.
  9. I'd say this one is mostly making up for a previous mistake. Given its success Xenoblade 2 deserved to be in the main game and Sakura seemed to sheepishly agree when he told us the development of Smash just started too soon to incorporate.
  10. I want Mythra's stage taunts to be ''Dun't forget me!'' ''Think you can take me!?'' ''Yer done!''
  11. I wasn't really expecting a Fire Emblem game either so I'm not at all disappointed by its absence. Three Houses is still relatively recent. At this point the only thing a FE trailer would bring to the table is the vague announcement that it exists and maybe a logo.
  12. One argument I would be more receptive to is if daddy Sakurai argued that as a main character in both the original game and Torna the Aegis best represents Xenoblade 2 as a whole. That's an argument I can actually respect a lot. You could argue the story in Alrest is the story of the Aegis rather than its wielder. As a fan of Torna I'd also be happy to hear it would be considered as a factor. But if its some gibberish about Rex already ''being in the game'' as a Mii costume or because they where more popular than him I'd be a little more annoyed.
  13. Now hold on a moment! Did they just recast Gramps? Looking the trailer again he doesn't sound at all like the Gramps I know. Also Pyra seems to have been covered up somewhat which is nice. Running around half naked never suited her personality.
  14. My expectation was that it would be a decent but not a mind blow Direct. The Direct went on to entirely meet those expectations. It started strong with Smash. Unlike some choices like Crash or Monster Hunter this pick is way more up my alley. While I am kinda grumpy that the most important part was left out Pyra and Mythra are a strong edition who I'll likely end up getting and enjoy playing as. So as Smash DLC goes its good if a little flawed. Samurai Warriors 5 was a neat little surprise but it only lasted a second or so which was a little disappointing. Its not a direction for the series that I wanted, but what you know you want and what you actually want aren't always the same. I'm more or less open to a game set in Nobunaga's early career. Maybe it will fix the plotpoints that never really worked out such as Mitsuhide's betrayal. Octopath Emblem was a really surprising addition. First I thought it was about Bravely Default 2, then I realized it was Octopath Travelers 2 but it was actually Octopath Emblem instead. Taking Octopath and turning it into a Fire Emblem game is certainly a bold choice. The choice heavy aspect could be interested, or it could be fairly mundane. Either way its the title I most have my eye on. The Zelda stuff was....underwhelming. I was ready for a BOTW Warriors DLC announcement but they didn't tell us anything. We got to hear there would be DLC but not a second was spend telling us what that DLC actually was. A remake of the weakest 3d Zelda didn't really hype me. Its fine but I doubt I'll pick it up. The message of ''lol you're dying for info about BOTW 2 but we have nothing'' was kinda amusing but on another level it also wasn't funny at all. Its been years. C'mon guys. Just show a five second trailer or a logo. Splatoon 3 is one of the more big scale announcement. I've never been a big Splatoon guy but its nice to see its now a big fancy franchise. Maybe I'll join the fun once its there.
  15. Actually Jin and Akos are the worst parts of Xenoblade 2 But yes. That being a kinda common sentiment is exactly why I wanted Rex in Smash. He's a good kid who deserves a second chance.
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