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  1. Jerald definitely doesn't know about Rhea's plans to resurrect Sothis. He fled based on suspicions she was plotting something with his child. Years later he end up wondering if there really was a good reason to leave, indicating he stopped thinking Rhea would harm Byleth. But Jerald's turned out to be wrong. Rhea very much as it out for Byleth. Rhea's plan to resurrect Sothis effectively means the death of Byleth. One could argue that Byleth would still be in the resurrected goddess somewhere but I feel Jerald would strongly disagree with the notion that the ritual didn't end in Byleth's death.
  2. There was a decently topic in the past speculating what sort of issues the Three Houses cast was struggling with. I didn't agree with all of them but Fodlan is certainly the continent where its cast gets mentally battered the most. Three Houses doesn't entirely handle the concept with grace though. ''Ha ha lets all laugh at cute traumatized Bernie'' isn't exactly handing the subject of a traumatized shut in with care.
  3. Takumi: On the top of the list is Takumi. I tend not to like tsunderes but Takumi is a more tolerable version of the trope. The most noticeable improvement is that once Takumi is won over he typically doesn't regress and demand his friends jump through hoops to prove themselves. Aside from that he's also pretty nuanced and strikes a fine line between being hostile and endearing. Takumi also walks a fine line between being both powerful and vulnerable which is somewhat rare to see. Takumi is important, endearing, interesting and a good unit to boot. Its hard to go wrong with him. Arthur: He's proof that gimmick characters can work. He's very one note but also consistently amusing. He's the character that always makes me happy to see him show up. Same goes for Percy. Forrest: He's a very nice subversion of expectations. His personally isn't at all the gimmick you'd originally suspect and its handled surprisingly tastefully. Its also nice to see someone openly feminine not be delicate but instead able of being quite aggressive and sassy. Siegbert: A nice conventional lord type of character. Not overly interesting but just a very competent depiction of the Marth archetype. Saizo: He's a good workhorse that fits in wherever you put him. He can be serious and edgy in the story, the serious straight man in support or surprisingly quirky once you get to know him. I guess I have a soft spot for Hinata too. He's just a big lovable puppy all the time.
  4. If Kid Edelgard and Dimitri become a duo hero then I think Dimitri should probably be the leading character. At the time Edelgard is just a little girl while kid Dimitri was already strong enough to snap swords in half. Plus its his dagger they'd presumably be using as a weapon. Edelgard also seemed a bit bossy in the flashback so her ordering little Dimitri around would fit nicely.
  5. Personally I'm expecting kid Minerva. She's young enough to have been a child at the same time as Marth and Caeda, albeit a little older and IS does seem to like her a lot.
  6. Wooo! Best boy Forrest is finally here! Our lord and savior pantsless Marth is also here though a bit younger then expected. With Lilith its also the first time a gameplay mechanic got into the game instead of an actual character. The guaranteed freebie of your choice if you pull enough is a very welcome change. I can imagine a lot less people will be getting snubbed now.
  7. Hey, blame the poor boy's dad for that one. Eliwood is the one forcing Merlines on poor Roy.
  8. One thing that a FE Warriors should take over from the Orochi series is giving more minor characters their due. Within reason of course. Warriors Orochi is typically very good at sidelining the usual main characters and giving the spotlight to people who otherwise don't get it. WO3 is a very good example. Hanbei was popular when he was introduced but thanks to his historical role he also couldn't really do anything in the Samurai Warriors series. To adress that he's the main Samurai Warrior in WO3 and the other one is Kai who's an officer in a pretty minor clan. In an earlier Orochi game the starring role went to Sun Ce who in Dynasty Warriors usually dies immediately in the storyline. WO4 sadly seems to have been an exception since they just shoved the usual main characters into the starring roles again. But a FE Warriors can try to replicate that. Lyn obviously gets the short end of the stick in Blazing Sword so making her one of the main characters could work. Or giving Elincia a heavy dose of preference over Ike.
  9. It's funny because Heroes has a better crossover setup. And would make for a great setting for a Warriors game, minus the scummy microtransactions Yes. Askr and Embla aren't particularly developed. We for instance don't know their locations, but we at least know what they are about and why they are fighting.
  10. I especially don't want things to get constrained by the continuity of FEW1. The lemon twins get a bad rap but I think they are fine. Seeing them all grown up again in a FE2 could even end up being very fine. But they are the only thing in Aytolis that have any merit to them. Both Aytolis and Grimstone are non entities that you really can't craft a proper story out of. We don't even know what Grimstone is and what their deal is aside from them being an evil kingdom. Ditching Aytolis and Grimstone in favor of an Orochi style plot where some evil badguy fuses the realm works much better. It can even bring the lemon twins back again without Aytolis dragging them down.
  11. Not entirely restrictive. The other Persona games seem to take place in the same continuity as Persona 5, just in different locations across Japan. The premise of the Phantom Thieves having a roadtrip across Japan seems ideal for them to go meet the characters from other Persona games. They could have done it but apparently just didn't want to. I'll raise it even further. A Smash style Warriors Orochi with all Nintendo casts being playable.
  12. Bramimond has the bad fortune of being in a pretty underwhelming Legendary lineup. I wouldn't mind spending some orbs on him but the odds of getting the underwhelming Legendary Grima or Bramilla who I already own are too high for me the justify spending too much orbs on him. Replacing Grima with Duma would have been a better scenario.
  13. Because Bramimond doesn't have an identity of his own anymore. He gave that up for power and as such mimics the person he's speaking to. In Heroes he mimicks the voices of the three lords plus Roy.
  14. Both are still emotionless but Fembeth has a certain cuteness to her that makes her more expressive. Male Byleth is just a boring guy but Fembeth has some charm. Her being very tiny gets you the cute result of her being bigger then her students at first but them growing past her after the timeskip. Her face also seems a bit more expressive in general but that could just be me.
  15. On a more subjective note I'd also say that a sequel for Hyrule Warriors takes less precedence because Hyrule Warriors gloriously succeeded in everything it tried to do. Zelda and the Warriors series were not a natural fit but thanks to some very solid choices of the development team it was a great success. Fire Emblem Warriors on the other hand was a flawed work at best despite the combination of Fire Emblem and the Warriors series being a much more natural fit. Hyrule Warriors completed every ambition its crossover could want while Fire Emblem Warriors never even had the base ambition to attempt it. We got everything we could want out of Hyrule Warriors and several things we didn't even know we wanted but Fire Emblem Warriors is still missing the barest of essentials. As such Hyrule Warriors 2 is a luxury while Fire Emblem Warriors 2 is a more essential project. That's possible but I think such a decision can be easily justified. A Three Houses Warriors should logically be very easy to make. Three Houses already used the Warriors engine and all models and stages should already be accountable for. A Three Houses Warriors can be a very easy port job. If they are clear on it from the beginning and justify it as small project to make use of all their leftover assets then I see no problem with that.
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