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  1. So that's our Ashe. I uh...never heard of him before. What other characters does he voice?
  2. She's also Ishtar if her twitter is anything to go by. Yeah this Jugdral invasions seems highly intentional at this point. Maybe Fodlan should invest in a giant wall at this point to keep them out.
  3. Its either the Golden Deer or Black Eagles. It certainly won't be the Blue Lions. I kinda dismissed them at first due to Dimitri seemingly being the most boring lord. My brother being a hipster already chose them before their strong cast and Dimitri's edgy new looks were revealed so I allow him to call dibs on the lions, leaving me with the remaining two. And its kind of a hard choice. Claude immediately won me over but there are some weak links in the Golden Deer. Edelgard doesn't appeal to me as much as Claude but her housemates have less weak links in them and I like pretty much everyone in it.
  4. Could be that they really enjoy being part of this. I really hope that's the case since that's always nice to see.
  5. I could see this support reflecting really poorly on Dorethea. It would be fine if Ferdinant was a snooty noble but we've already seen him have a conversation with Bernadetta where he was quite the sweetheart so he's likely not that snooty. This might play out like the support with Hana and Corrin where one character is unreasonably and perhaps even irredeemably hostile to another character over something that has never been their fault to begin with
  6. I guess I have moth ears then since I immediately outed Sothis as Morgana.
  7. So according to this map the Hrym rebellion took place in the imperial territory that borders Lysithia's territory. So there's plenty of reasons as to how she could get swept up in those events. Really quite interesting.
  8. I loved him as Julius. He was really expressive despite voicing a SNES villain. Interesting to see how the VA will approach a colder character like Cyril. But that's yet another Yugdral VA getting a role in Fodland. I'm rooting for Ishtar's voice actress getting a part.
  9. Cyril strikes me more as what POR Sothe was, serious and a little bit cold. He seems to glare a bit in his portrait and tells Byleth to get lost.
  10. Interesting. Apparently the imperial intervention wasn't very pleasant as Lysithea ''suffered'' for it. I wonder if that's going to come up in some supports with Black Eagle characters.
  11. Going from her statements in this video Lysithea is definitely a Ricken. Doesn't like to be called a kid but is inherently childish. She does complain about having to eat her veggies after all.
  12. Tormod and Sanaki. Actually I wish they had supports to begin with. There's also Rolf and Mist. Rolf's big bro taking off with his girlfriend is....awkward.
  13. Buying an expensive system for one game would just be silly. What if you end up not liking the game? Then you would have spend a lot of money for nothing. But fortunately you don't have to buy a Switch or any system for just one game. There's always at least something on it to catch your fancy.
  14. Lethe is best furry girl Lethe is a cat girl Lethe is not a wolf girl Therefore cat girls are better then wolf girls I win.
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