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  1. The battle for Hateno fortress is quite the horrible little mission. The design of that stage is just really lacking. It all goes wrong at one point in the stage. Eventually the game demands you to fight at least three guardians, several moblins and possibly even a Lynel within the fortress. Not only is the game not designed for you to handle so many top tier enemies at once, but you're also on a timer. If the fortress falls its game over. You can't try to stack up on health items and staff gems because then they easily take the fortress. However you also can't engage them in a weakened state because with three guardians at least one will hit you at which point you'll die. And while you're battling several high tier enemies at once the fortress can still fall because the one high tier enemy you aren't engaged in takes down the plot important officer. All in all it takes multiple tries to get past that point. And the cherry on top? There's no autosave if you clear the fortress so if Wind Blight Ganon defeats you then you got to do it all over again, which then includes failing another couple of times because so much can go wrong. If you're too reckless the many top tier enemies kill you at the slightest mistake, if you play it defensively the top tier enemies eventually break your guard and kill you, if you're too slow the fortress falls and if you're try to search for health the fortress also falls. I thought it was just me, that I did something wrong but my brother seems to have run into the exact same issue, just without the extra Lynel.
  2. As young woman with giant breasts and little clothing. If Thor and Loki are anything to go by at least.
  3. Maybe. Xane seems to think Medeus had noble motives, but neither Medeus nor anyone associated with him ever says or does anything to suggest Xane is correct on that front.
  4. They certainly don't do free usually, however I believe that in the original Hyrule Warriors team Cia and their story stages were a free update. So with Zelda there's at least some precedent.
  5. Nice to see Lif and Tracir return. Weird to see Lif be somewhat hostile about the Fonse. I had the impression they parted on decent terms. I know Lewd fairy's voice from somewhere. Bernie?
  6. From what I've heard most people would agree that neither Father nor Dante steal the show when compared to other villains. I can only really speak for Father but he's definitely among the least interesting members of Brotherhood's villain brigade. There are some stuff about him that I like. Him and Hohenheim really do have some sort of bond between each other and its an interesting touch that despite all his planning Father isn't actually entirely sure what he even wants. Its also interesting that his attempt to remove his emotion is something that's explicitly failed since he still has all the sins he supposedly got rid of. But as far as personality goes he's just the boring ''must become perfect'' sort of villain. When he's first introduced Father shows more personality with him considering himself so much above everyone else that barely cares about anything, and he comes off as kinda silly. Ruffling Ed's hair, chatting about their dad and casually looking at his throne room getting wrecked with only mild annoyance. But this more comedic detachment is immediately dropped and never returns again. On the villain front its Bradly and to a lesser extend Envy and Pride that carried Brotherhood.
  7. I dunno. I kinda liked how Ed looked in Brotherhood. It was really neat to see him grow from tiny sprout to normal sized person, and it happened so gradually many people might not have even noticed.
  8. Whenever I see Garon I actually start to suspect that's exactly what the writers were thinking. But to some extend yes. I think trying to split the story in three parts doubtlessly created a pressure that was bound to be detrimental. I'd argue the team chasing bad priorities is the bigger issue but where there's a team B there's also a team A. There likely were plenty of people who had good ideas and did their best but with three games, a set deadline and team B likely overrulling them on many things there's only so much they can do. However the presence of those bad priorities is why I'm far harsher on Fates then I am on Three Houses where its also clear the devs just weren't able to properly implement many of the ideas they had. For Example the Death Knight is a character that initially failed, but Garon is a character with which the team never even tried to begin with. There are things in Fates which may not work due to a lack of time or resources, but its very easy to point at things where the writers seem to have deliberately pulled strings to make them not work because that made things easier for them.
  9. Don't you mean the Western Church? Its the western one that's involved in their schemes while the eastern one never really did anything of note. Its even made somewhat of a plot point that its such a weak branch that its not even possible for them to do anything of note.
  10. The story of Stones is very fine. It rarely screws up and its got quite the neat little collection of villains. Lyon especially seems widely appreciated as a villain. But personally I never really connected much to the story of Stones. I feel there's a lack of ''weight'' behind everything that happens. The Gemstone generals and Lyon are all great but I think the demons and their king are far too boring to be the threat the story needs them to be, and Grado is also rather pitiful as an enemy nation. The world building in general seems pretty terrible which makes it far harder to care about anything that happens. The story is very cohesive and competently told but its also very conventional and many important factors such as villains and nations are kinda absent.
  11. Poor Thunderblight Ganon. From the one of the strongest bosses in Zelda history in BOTW to a total wimp here. That's he's not the easiest blight says more about the other blights than about him. Windblight Ganon actually had a really solid showing. The moves that show his weakness gauge also insentivises you to keep your distance which costs you a few precious seconds of beating on his gauge. Fire and Waterblight are just...pathetic. Merely having the staff of the opposite element with you completely breaks them.
  12. I don't think the War of Heroes would be a very good idea. Its not a marketable setting. Warrior games thrive on character and with the Elites that becomes a problem since they ended up being a bunch of nobodies not even important enough for their own portrait. And from what we've seen of Nemesis he absolutely wasn't an interesting character. Rhea, Flayn and Seteth might be able to introduce interesting things but I don't think it will be enough. From a marketing standpoint it makes more sense to focus on a FE cast that was very well received rather than a bunch of nobodies, a glorified prologue bandits and a bunch of excellent characters that need to carry the aforementioned nobodies. Its very possible to make the Elites interesting but if given the choice between the Elites or the main cast I think most people would gladly chose the main cast.
  13. As for how the story is, as opposed to how it ''should'' be. Its fine. Hardly Koei's best work by any stretch but it does the job. I have my gripes with the story but it entertains me well enough, and even the gripes have some good bits attached to them. As per BOTW tradition Zelda is without a doubt the highlight. The same aspects people found interesting about her in BOTW are still present. She's still struggling under the weight of everyone's expectations and she's still horribly distressed about her powers not awakening. With Link being a mute as always she's more or less the main character and she performs the role really well. The big difference is her behavior around Link. She doesn't seem to dislike him so strongly anymore. Its a bit of a shame. Still if you were impressed with the princess in BOTW you'll likely be impressed with her here. I think my main annoyance is that the calamity comes a bit too soon and with the newcomers it introduces there's not really the sense that the Champions are one big happy team. They don't have enough moments where the four of them go adventuring in a pre calamity Hyrule. That's not to say they don't have a nice dynamic among them. Mipha and Daruk are implied to have a relation akin to niece and uncle, and while not to the same extend Urbosa seems paired more with Revali as someone who's respected by him, and who occasionally makes it clear she's not impressed by his attitude. Most champions have special conversations for when they fight alongside or against each other. There's enough comradery between the champions, but I just wished there was a bit more of it. However it should be noted that the newcomers who intrude on the champions time together also have their own neat little dynamic with the champions. The villains are fine enough. The best one of the bunch is easily master Kohga. Expanding on this wacky miniboss with his clumsy poses, banana fetish and limited intelligence gets you a very nice comedic villain. Perhaps a more imposing predecessor, preferably his ''father's mother's father'' would have been more interesting but whenever I see Kohga goof around I realize I wouldn't have traded him for anything. His right hand Sooga is a bit too bland for a Lu Bu like I feared, but his competence and normalcy contrast well with his boss being a goofball. Pairing up wacky Kohga with a straight man was a good decision. And despite not being mr personality Sooga has some bits of interest to him, like a respect for Ganon and a clear lack of respect for the cultist going around claiming to be Ganon's chosen one. As for Astor the mad Ganon cultist....he's fine enough. He's basically the typical Gharnef archetype but trapped in a Zelda game. He performs the role decently but also doesn't stand out beyond that. Not every stage is a winner from a story perspective. One or two stages seem very much like filler. When recruiting the champions Zora's Domain and Gerudo Canyon have a real story for why there's any fighting to be done while on Death Mountain its just that a bunch of monsters happen to be standing between you and the place you need to go. Still the filler stages are in the minority. Usually each stage serves at least some narrative role. Even a stage all about Link going to town on a bunch of monsters is there to show how Zelda fears she can't measure up to him.
  14. I don't really think the false advertisement argument holds water anymore. The demo already revealed time travel was in the cards. Now not everyone got the demo, like Vanguard but the information was still put out there in the open weeks in advance. I'm not entirely pleased with the outcome but I went in plenty of prepared. I can understand why they went this direction. A pure BOTW prequel had some limitation that Koei might wanted to adress.
  15. The war barely having progressed for five years is a bit of a hurdle but not an insurmountable one. The later chapters of the Three Kingdoms that Fodlan is based on has the three kingdoms relentlessly throw armies at each other for decades without the borders moving even an inch. The story doesn't suffer much for it, as the rivalry between the Sima and Zhuge clans is among the more iconic themes of the book. There are some scenarios that may happen during these five years. The civil war in the Kingdom could get a stage or two. The eastern Kingdom lords are said to be engaged in open warfare with Cornelia's dukedom. This could lead to a chapter of Sylvain, Felix and Ingrid facing off against Cornelia who might have Ashe or possibly Annette in her service. Caspar could also end up on the Kingdom side since his non CF bio says he became a traveling warrior fighting the Kingdom wherever he went. In the Empire you could have a rebellion against Edelgard led by house Varley, and in the Alliance you could have the pro and anti imperial factions have some fights against each other. A Crimson Flower route could also end up happening which could have Dimitri and Rhea join forces against Edelgard. But while a story that takes place in the five year war is possible I don't think it would be enough, and it wouldn't exactly serve a narrative point. I think it would be best to have it take place in three phases -The end of White Clouds -During the five years -The war phase. The game could start at Edelgard's attack on the monastery. From there it could explore what happened to everyone directly after the attack. I think this could help with the problem that many characters don't do much during the time skip. Hilda spends most of the war relaxing at home but after the attack on the monastery she might have to fight her way back home. Edelgard trying to let Hilda be her ''guest'' at the capitol and Hilda really not wanting that could be a source for conflict, with Hilda having to smash her way through Imperials or be taken hostage. You could also have Gilbert escort Annette and other Blue Lion members to safety or Dedue freeing Dimitri from the dungeons. The next phase would be the Three Kingdoms phase with the three nations having some fights that might be interesting on their own but ultimately don't amount to much. More interesting could be some paralogue options. Things like Leonie being hired to protect a merchant convey which happens to include Ignatz and Anna, which then leads to a stage with the three of them against bandits. And for the final phase they could just incorporate the story of the war phase. Azure Moon and Verdant Wind share the vast majority of chapters so you could probably program two routes for the price of won. Not every stage would be required to make it into the game either. Three phases sounds ambitious but its the only way to bypass the flaws that come with a Three Houses Warriors. And considering it has plenty of potential for reusing assets its not like its too hard to pull off.
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