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  1. Have I ever told you the story of Darth Jotari the wise? Ironic. He could say Star Wars quotes were bad, yet used them himself.
  2. Not enough Mariokart references 0/10. Huh...the VA is a youtuber apparently. Does covers. Not too shabby.
  3. I find your lack of faith disturbing.
  4. I always assumed it was there to reflect his Isaanian upbringing. Shanan seems to have been his mentor and he was a swordmaster. Isaac in general also have a slight eastern vibe to it. And I guess the stats of a swordmaster does fit Seliph since he seems pretty petite and speedy as far as looks go.
  5. I've been in a good mood and decided to take pity on two good boys doing their best. Ignatz always needed the help more than the other students, and I don't like the idea of him losing all his pity votes now he's already in the game. So I thought I should boost him a bit. Also Boey. He and Mae are very lovable, have poor art and still don't have an alt. Unlike Mae Boey lacks two particular reasons to help give him votes and lets face it, he makes less of an impression than Mae.
  6. I suspect we'll be seeing Brave Felix soon. His fans aren't likely to let this final chance pass for him. The same goes for Soren fans but Felix fans likely outnumber him by quite a bit and the ''anti Three Houses vote'' would be split between Soren and Seliph.
  7. Huh. That's more of an interesting lineup than I thought. I never dreamed to see adult Tiki so high up, or to see Soren so close to the top.
  8. I had myself a vote for Tormod. He's one of the more likable Tellius characters and he's not yet in the game.
  9. I want to see Rowan get added just to see how poorly he'd end up doing
  10. Not per se the lords themselves but I hope future entrees won't be afraid to spice up the lord's supporting cast a bit. Usually the lord is supported by a very tried and tested collection of classes. You always start out with two cavalry, a Jagen, a mage and an archer as the core retainers of the lord. And these classes tend to always be represented by the same sort of characters. The two cavaliers are always rather bland and maybe contrast each other, the mage is always a young boy, the Jagen is mostly an elderly fellow or at least a decade senior compared to the lord. They should change this up. Rather than a boy the mage could instead be an old man who picked up magic very late in his life. Maybe he's the Jagen who picked up magic because his old age ensured he no longer has the strength to carry arms. Maybe the actual Jagen shouldn't be an old man who mentored the lord all his life but a young and cocky mercenary who doesn't know or like the lord.
  11. Nice! Alois deserves the best. I'll probably throw a vote to him myself.
  12. I know its in vain but I'm kinda hoping that the lords won't win this time around. The Brave selection always gets more boring due to it being made up almost exclusively of lords who are very rarely the most interesting characters of their respective games.
  13. My vote went to Lekain. May he have more then four votes this round!
  14. History of any kind. Roman, Dutch, Japanese, Mongolian, Spanish. Any of it.
  15. ''She only wants to go out with you because she thinks you're the chosen one'' ''Hehe....but I am the chosen one'' *gets wacked* ''Sorry''
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