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  1. There could be some interesting ideas. Sonya and Saber: Witch time. Sonya heard that the Duma cult are creating witches in a nearby village and goes there to stop it from happening. The village happens to be Saber's hometown so he tags along to see if his sister is alright. Saber and Sonya are the most rough and adult members of team Celica so they would likely get along. Celica and Genny: Bad Boyfriend. While in Rigel Celica hears Alm is nearby. As it turns out Alm either took up a bandit career or he's an impostor claiming to be Alm so he can loot Rigelian villages. Celica isn't very happy about it and vows to defeat the impostor. Genny doesn't get as much interaction with Celica as the bickering mages so it would give them some screentime together. Clive: Homecoming. According to the audio book Clive isn't around because he was send home to defeat some Zophian nobles rebelling against Alm. So pretty much a mission about that. Mae and Boey: Water and Oil. The bickering mages have an argument about how to best deal with a nearby bandit clan. Boey wants to be careful while Mae wants to quickly defeat them. Mae gets a bit reckless and Boey then needs to rescue her. Clair, Mathilda and Fernand: Vengeance Clair finds out that one of the rebels behind the murder of Ferdinands family is still alive and is now a bandit. She really wants to kill him and Mathilda tags along because she both wants to protect Clair and also really wants to kill that bandit too. Somewhere in the chapter Fernand comes to also kill that bandit and maybe help his old friends out.
  2. The poor guy must have gotten senile in his older years. I think it would all have worked much better if Julius was the one who wanted Julia alive to brainwash her. Despite being the antichrist Julius comes off as an unstable brat. It would be in character for him to force Julia and Seliph to fight because he finds it hilarious.
  3. When it comes to magic I always assumed that as the continents started interacted more that Valentia took over Archenean magic because they considered it a better form of magic. It allows them to cast magic without sacrificing life force so that's a bit of a bonus. Valentian dark magic seems tied to Duma so with him being dead the magic could have died with him.
  4. You could argue those traits actually makes it worse for Camilla and Tharja. Unlike Faye Camilla has quite the interesting backstory and she has shown to be interesting when she's allowed to talk about anything other than her Corrin fetish. But that's the problem. We know Camilla had potential but the writers decided that Camilla's Corrin fetish was the most important and interesting aspect of her. Despite there being a lot more interesting things Camilla could be doing the writers ensured that her Corrin fetish took up the vast majority of her screentime. In the end Camilla isn't defined by her traumatic childhood but by really wanting to get into her little brother's pants. The interesting traits can be seen as a redeeming quality of Camilla but they can also be seen as incredibly frustrating. They are a constant reminder that Camilla could have been a very compelling character if the writers had their priorities straight. Faye doesn't really have that problem since the ambition behind her conception was already so lacking. She never had a chance to be all that interesting. Faye's Alm fetish is also a little different from Camilla's Corrin fetish. Alm is supposed to represent Alm but Corrin represents the player directly. Faye being so obsessed with Alm is just her being weird, but Camilla being so obsessed with Corrin has the off putting intention of her essentially always being obsessed with the player too. I think that's what is so off putting about Fates to a lot of people. Every game has flaws and makes mistakes but with Fates its likely that a lot of these flaws don't come from mistakes but from the devs knowingly prioritizing the wrong things because fanservice sells. I don't think Berkut works out very well but I believe he was created with the best of intentions. With the things holding Camilla, Corrin and Garon back I really doubt that.
  5. Xander would probably be more of an apt comparison than Camilla when it comes to Laegjarn. Her design philosophy leans more towards the attractive Camus than the slutty fanservice. Though actually I'm of the opposite opinion. I always found Laegjarn to have quite a lot of fans for a fairly bare bones Camus who I think gets a pass on a lot of things Xander was crucified for. In that sense I find Xander an even more apt comparison. Her looks also never really appealed to be since brown skin and greenish hair are just a very weird combination. The character I'm must surprised by in regards to his fanbase is Gaius. He's just such an extreme nobody. He's got a very good Maribelle support but aside from that I struggle to find anything noteworthy about him. But that subjective opinion aside I also never hear anyone discuss or praise him all that often as a character or a unit. Tharja and Cordelia were breakout characters, Frederick has his memes and Owain is Owain, but no one ever talks about Gaius. With this in mind it struck me as incredibly weird that he had enough fans to get a beach outfit and a Fates clone despite there being very little to suggest this would be the case.
  6. Definitely not the Merlinus route. I'm sure there are many ways to make Roy very smart but pairing him up with someone who's always wrong probably wasn't the best way. What's the most interesting position to take is if the lord and strategist compliment and contrast each other. A goody two shoes lord and a ruthless strategist. A more reckless lord with a cautious strategist, a lord who's extremely blunt with a strategist toils desperately to give him some good pr for once.
  7. I think they might put the original battle of the Tailtean plains as a DLC chapter with Seiros, cichole, Cethlean, the other sounds and some others as playable units.
  8. Oh it wasn't a long time ago. I think it was just last year if I recall correctly. But there doesn't seem to be much of an aftermatch. Trump shrugged it off and even the Dutch queen found it okay to still have a chat with the guy. Any illusion about him not being your average middle eastern dictator is dispelled but aside from a PR problem Salman hasn't really lost much over it.
  9. One critical journalist entered a Saudi embassy and never left. A fake actor pretending to be said journalist left while the real man was drugged and apparently sawed into pieces. It was a big dent in Salman's reputation and rightfully so.
  10. Well um....even extremely rich people needs to pass the time someway. But yes, someone plotting a murder in an embassy being into anime sounds really weird.
  11. Yes that does sound like something he could do. However the text says her father "Challenged" her to be silent which indicates she could have made a sound if she wanted. So in that example of abuse Bernie likely wasn't gagged.
  12. That's possible but its actually not uncommon for the western version to expand on the Japanese text for better or worse. Hisame's pickle obsession was an addition by the localisation team for example. I heard the glorious wacky persona of Hades in Kid Icarus is also unique to the dubbed version.
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