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  1. In general when judging historical events I think context is king. Take the Confederacy for instance. Their way to preserve slavery can not really be defended by an appeal to the times they lived in because in those very times slavery was already going out of fashion fast. Most of the civilized world already outlawed it when the confederacy started a war to keep it. And as a whole the US being the only country in the world that had to go wave a war over it reflects terribly on the place. With the Romans there are some context too. While they could be utterly ruthless they also offered so much perks to conquered territory that Roman citizenship was actually greatly desired by many of the people they were conquering.
  2. I'm not really sure its a Kaga thing. Binding Blade was done without Kaga and it has the same problem as Gaiden were most female characters you recruit have to be freed from a jail cell first. Doesn't matter if they're a sweet childhood friend, dragon loli, fierce warrior or a legendary witch that makes even Pent geek out. If you're a woman its down to the jailhouse with you. Kaga's Archenean and Jugdral series also divide the ''distress ball'' more evenly with the likes of Corpul, Midyale, Rickard or those bald general twins(they're twins right?) also having been kidnapped. And Gordin if you count the remake.
  3. Well yeah. The game taking such a gigantic shift in the last story was what made it so weird. And fun. It certainly made an impression when I played it as a kid.
  4. I'm calling it now. Maria will not get shot but just put in stasis. Or rescued by aliens or something.
  5. Ah yes. Its certainly a writing decision I don't have any respect for and it sours my opinion on Azure Gleam as a whole. Its still hard to figure out exactly why they decided to replace an antagonist everyone liked or at least respected with one that most people agreed was the obvious weak link in the writing. However ultimately I think its more a problem with Thales than Edelgard. If Edelgard was toppled and brainwashed by an actual threat I wouldn't like it but at least I wouldn't consider it such character assassination. Had it been Epimenadis or a Slitherer Patricia who was actually competent that did so then it wouldn't be nearly so problematic. It wouldn't be good either but it be something at least instead of the gibberish we ended up with. Dislike of Edelgard does seem to be among the more likely explanations for why this happened. One could argue the devs just wanted to give Thales his day in the sun but given the lack of effort that went into his character and the many comments and jokes at the Slitheres expense I find it hard to believe any dev had such affection for him. Then again how central Edelgard is to Three Houses would make it really strange for devs to have such negative feelings for her. If they did she wouldn't have been so much more important than the other two lords.
  6. Really curious how they're gonna handle the whole Gerald Robotnik thing. It was already a massive tonal shift in Adventures. I really loved the bizarre change of tone but I bet the executives probably won't.
  7. Normally I'd say a big shot western company would probably feel themselves too good for a niche wacky Japanese hack and slash but...well the company that allowed Kingdom Hearts will allow just about anything.
  8. Its been rather quiet on the Warriors front hasn't it? I don't recall there even having been one after Hopes. Well apart from Pirate Warriors bizarrely enough getting dlc four years after the game's been released. On that front I wouldn't be surprised if we see BOTW Warriors 2.
  9. That certainly explains why the monastery kept being the main hub even where it shouldn't. In Verdant Wind and Crimson Flower it would make much more sense and be so much more cooler if Derdriu and Enbarr were the main hubs. But if the monastery alone was already such a hassle then such a thing was never going to be in the cards. That said I'm not sure how much more difficult the Somniel would be in comparison. Its much smaller, its got no horde of npc's walking around and the game typically didn't give everyone different dialogue each chapter like Engage did.
  10. Adult Tiki....getting something? What sorcery is this?
  11. I think it alludes more to his stealth and infiltration trick.
  12. Sonic but only because I'd find it amusing rather than because I have an axe to grind. The reputation of the Sonic franchise isn't entirely deserved but a good source of comedy all the same.
  13. So right now all realms have been used up right? So only Asgard/Ragnarok remain
  14. Its purely in terms of design since in personality she remained the same but I think Hapi got a pretty good glow up. Her original timeskip design always sat poorly with me. With her formal robe and tiara Hapi looked kinda regal which is completely out of character for her. Hapi seems the kind of girl that doesn't give a hoot about looking pretty. Hapi's new outfit is much less formal and the shoulder paths even give her some sort of ''biker'' motif that reinforces her status as a delinquent.
  15. I think the Sonia(or Hilda) is already a somewhat acknowledged archetype. Though its less about boobs and more being evil and mistreating young girls.
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