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  1. The dialogue quotes have been leaked and I'm rather disappointing that the two Morgans have almost the exact same dialogue. The whole thing about Morgan is that unlike most characters with two genders their versions are different people. The boy's a dork, the girl's a brat. Giving them the same dialogue kinda goes in the face of that.
  2. While I'd say Edelgard might have too many alts I don't think this banner would be to blame. Hegemon Edelgard was always the most logical fallen hero alt. Everyone expected this outcome, and an ambitious well intended emperor transforming into a monster is definitely a clear sign of a fallen hero. Aside from the amount of alts Hegemon Edelgard was always less controversial than Hobo Dimitri for a fallen unit since Dimitri fell due to being corrupted by his own psyche rather than being brought low by dark magic, which people argued didn't fit the theme of Fallen Heroes banners. They all said I was crazy about fallen Dimitri but who's crazy now!? Muahahaha!
  3. Last time Fallen Julia was acting in a stage play and even Ashnard was just chilling around.
  4. One could say both Morgans on one banner is a bit too much but I also felt it was perfect sense. Primarily since I know that if they only pick one Morgan that it will be my Morgan that ends up being skipped over.
  5. Hehe it being Morgan and Morgan already means the opportunity has been seized to the maximum extend 😄
  6. I always knew crazy hobo Dimitri would have been a fallen Hero because that's exactly what he's always been. Oh hey! Both Morgans have an alt now. That's nice though I think something playful would have suited them better.
  7. I think that's an argument against the public having guns. If everyone the police can potentially interact with can carry a gun which they can kill the police with, and if the police are shown to be so spooked by this that they freak out and kill people at the slightest suspicion then the whole situation has gone terribly wrong.
  8. Personally I'd be rooting for a Persian setting against a Roman setting. China and Rome might be peak antiquity, but its Rome and Persia that spend most of antiquity beating each other up.
  9. Yes I'd love some other themes for Fire Emblem. I've been wanting an Arabian nights themed Fire Emblem for some time now. I'm still rooting for an Almyran based Fire Emblem to get that Arabian nights FE on track. Fates actually came kinda close to deviating from medieval Europe. In the first trailer the Hoshidans were Japanese and the Nohrians were Roman. And then they proceeded to ditch the Roman gimmick of Nohr and just make them medieval Europe with some mild Roman touches such as their generals having centurion headpieces.
  10. I've worked with customers for some years. It can be rewarding. It can also leads you to interact with assholes or that one person who's just legitimately mentally ill. It helps to keep in mind that its often nothing personal. Customers sometimes just need to vent which leads to you just hearing them out, nodding and sending them on their way. I've very rarely felt personally bothered by angry customers. Gamers have a reputation of being entitled. On the other hand they are also in an industry where they're constantly being swindled. Low key swindled, but swindled all the same. If the gaming industry had a more healthy attitude towards its customers then perhaps those customers would have a more healthy attitude towards the industry. Its hard to go see things from the industry's perspective when that industry often seems to maliciously go out of their way to make the experience worse for the customers. Things like Assassins Creed Unity or more recently Cyberpunk releasing in a broken state wouldn't lead to such bitterness if the publishers were upfront about such things. But instead they seem to almost conspire to ensure no one gets to know its broken until the sale has already taken place. I'm sure things like troubled development, the higher up putting their foot down and forcing the devs to release it before its done or the hype just not being able to be met would be met with more sympathy if they didn't seem to dupe customers.
  11. It certainly has some high points. And some low points.
  12. For Copyright reasons they can't use the name Sherlock Homes. So now he's named Herlock Sholmes! I find that just adorable.
  13. Siegbert looks terrible with most hairs that aren't his default blond color. In fact all the second gens do. Whenever I see them with a hairstyle other then their default ones I always pause to note how terrible it looks. The Awakening kids seemed designed to look at least decent with every hairstyle, but I don't think any of the Fates kids were designed to look good in anything other than their default colors.
  14. I'm kinda curious what they are going to do regarding the localisation. In the original version the big deal was that this main character is actually the ancestor of Phoenix Wright. Given how the trailer say it ''runs in the family'' that's going to be the case here too. This make sense in the Japanese versions because there the story had always taken place in Japan. But in the Western versions Ace Attorney takes place in America. The American state of Japanifornia to be exact. And Phoenix really isn't implied to be descended from Japanese immigrants like certain other characters considering he tends to react confused about the more Japanese aspects of Japanifornia. The western version of Phoenix is American with nothing suggesting he had an Asian great grandfather hidden away somewhere. Then again there was absolutely nothing implying Apollo had an Asian friendly neighborhood revolutionary as a dad either.
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