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  1. The Slitherer plotline gets settled in the Hapi support. Without it Dimitri has to settle for accidentally killing Thales and never finding out about it, which I always considered the better and more fitting end to the Blue Lions since Dimitri really isn't in any state to go snoop up centuries old conspiracies.
  2. There's a Wolfguard banner.....without Hardin. You had one job, IS! One job.
  3. Such a big price increase for decade old games you can get through various other means for not cheaper is not a good deal. Now if they had included gamecube games which are much harder to get your hands on, have higher production values and aged more gracefully than maybe it would be a deal worth considering. But as its stands its just too little for too much money. And they really should have included Gamecube games already.
  4. I chalk it up to the kinda troubled production of Boruto. As far as the scedule is concerned it seems to be a big mess. The reason it started at the academy was because with a monthly release scedule the anime would catch up almost instantly if they started at the same point. So making the ''filler'' canon was sensible, and also gave the manga room for future plot points. It kinda didn't work out though since the manga insisted on spending time it didn't have by adaption the movie. And in general the manga seems to move at the phase of a snail. I often have the impression the Boruto anime is just about always on the verge of overtaking the manga. If I recall correctly that certain big event from the manga happened, and I recall hearing about that event quite some time ago, but now that the anime got there I looked it up and it seems the manga is still only a single arc away from that event. So in that case its best for the creators to decide to say the content to prevent the anime from overtaking the manga is canon, because there's going to be a lot of it. Which I don't entirely mind. Less space people that way.
  5. Well I don't think you'll stop hearing it soon. Even people who had the space people grow on them don't seem to regard her very well. I don't really think she adheres to the series themes well because she's so extremely isolated from the plot, from the world and from other characters. Madara, Obito, Danzo and others were all representation of long standing themes in the series. The ninja world corrupting those within it, the more benevolent(ish) Will of Fire vs a darker path, the supposedly destined struggle between Senju and Uchiha, the curse of hatred, vengeance. Tobi followed up on Pain as to how trauma created by the ninja world could bring someone to villainy, Danzo and to some extend the cloud and rock reflect the dark sides of the ninja status quo which in turn strengthens the like of Madara and Tobi who seek to rebel against this status quo. Its not always graceful or well executed but with the Naruto rogue gallery you can clearly see various different philosophies, systems and events clash to create many different sort of villains. Danzo's in many ways a reaction to Madara, Pain and Sasuke then become reactions to Danzo, the Raikage becomes a reaction to Sasuke. Or the way of the Tsuchikage in some parts being a reaction to Madara, Tobi's fall being partially caused by them and who then goes on to partially cause the falls of Pain and Sasuke. But Kaguya can't be any of that. Because she's not a real part of the Naruto world or it story. Unlike Danzo or Madara she doesn't really convey anything. She's not made the way she is by the ninja world, doesn't desire to change it, has no ties to anyone but Zetsu, does not represent the great evil of the Naruto world like Madara and is deeply impersonal for anyone involved. The idea that ninjas are tools was already very strongly represented so thematically that there was no need for an alien to randomly walk into the climax of the plot and say ''Heya. You all don't know me and I don't know any of you. But despite the story reaching its end I just want to say I've been secretly behind every single event in the series and oh yeah chakra comes from me too. Now let me take out the final boss you've been building up to for decades and replace him for the lulz'' Clumsy is what it is. Really, really clumsy and there's something inherently artificial about her inclusion that makes me suspect she's corporate mandated, be it as a set up for Boruto or executives being desperate to delay the end of the Naruto gravy train for a few more weeks.
  6. Boruto has a bit of a reputation as a brat but I think that's mostly undeserved. Sure he's excitable, lazy and a little rude but in his dealings with others he's usually pretty good natured and helpful. The first we see of the kid is him going out of his way to save a boy from bullies and chat with him about his problems. Even with the occasional mouthy attitude he seems to get on good enough with just about everyone whether its his teachers or his peers. Except Naruto and I think that's where his bad reputation stems from. Boruto acts unpleasant only to Naruto who we're already conditioned to like so people are quicker to take the dad's side. In fact when comparing the two Boruto seems significantly softer and less bratty than his father was at that age. As for being passive. I somewhat blame the aliens for that too. They're supposed to be stronger than Madara who was stronger than essentially the entire world combined so there's not much room for kid genin in most cases. And unlike with Naruto who the villains were very interested in the aliens don't think much of Boruto. Or not until that horn started growing out of his skull at least.
  7. Yes. Cheremei is great with range like that. Standard Shonen girl like Lucy? She can do that? Gutsy overly energetic girl like Mae. She can do that. Good girl class president like Makoto. She can do that. Cursing like a sailor with A2. She can do that. Motherly and serene like Rhea. She can do that. Completely insane like Rhea. she can do that. That's nice to see in an industry where voice actors are usually given the same sorts of roles a lot. Like Jamesion Price always being the older, bulky gruff yet honorable villain, or Yuri Lowenthal generally being some variant of a dorky teenager. I think the first time I noticed her was 2017 where she played the very different Mae, Makoto and A2 while being very good in all of them.
  8. I haven't picked up the game yet. Its on my to do list. But the setting should be a blast. In the main series you play in Japanafornia where you've got snow storms, Japanese temples and eastern culture in sunny, all American California. So logically speaking the prequel should take place in uh...GermanoBritania where you've got English court wigs, tea and a big clock tower in Imperial Germany.
  9. I heard Boruto fillers might be introducing a new chunin exam so that could be pretty decent. Boruto's a curious case in that I enjoy the cast of characters but I'm very tepid about the story. The fact that Boruto insisted on continuing with the stupid alien subplot is a really sore point for me since ending the Naruto stories by aliens randomly wandering into the story and pretending they were behind everything was the biggest mistake of that entire anime. You don't fix a mistake by investing heavily in it. You fix the situation by pretending it never happened. So the Boruto villains leaning heavily on the stupid aliens instantly delegitimizes most Boruto villains. Maybe that's why I'm more tolerant of filler in Boruto than I was with Naruto because at least the aliens usually aren't in it.
  10. I don't really think Silver Snow being developed first is very significant since all stories got released in the base game at the same time. Despite being written first the game low key incentives you to play SS last which makes it doubly painful that its a blander version of VW. It does reflect poorly on the writers or those managing the production schedule that they had to resort to copy pasting, but Silver Snow being the template just means its the bare bones template while Verdant Wind is the better version due to it having bells and whistles. I actually like that they're ignoring Dimitri. At that point in the story he's a completely irrational hobo who's lost all grasp on his sanity. At that point Bilbert and Byleth are pretty much required to do the actual work because they sure can't trust Dimitri with anything but fighting. The rush at Enbarr does kinda fail since even if you win on Grondor its like ''Oh no! We gotta get out before Imperial reinforcement get here!'' and then they all leave. I suspect Dimitri being the king and everyone having to sigh and relent to his wishes because chivalry demands it is what got them at Grondor in Verdant Wind. That's somewhat the case in Azure Moon except they have Byleth and Rodrigue to hold hobo Dimitri by the hand.
  11. I think Saizo would have been the funnier fairy unit. And given her two alts I don't really think Kagero needed the extra attention.
  12. Yes exactly. I always felt this reflected more poorly on Silver Snow than of Verdant Wind. The two being so alike just means Silver Snow is Verdant Wind but without a lord and with the Alliance politics being taken out. Which in turn means there's essentially no reason to bother with Silver Snow. To an extend I also think such a comparison usually doesn't take into account that Azure Moon isn't particularly different from Silver Snow either. All three routes offer mostly the same stages in the exact same order. The only difference with Azure Moon is that it adds two stage between Grondor and the invasion of the Empire, while the other two routes add two stages after the empire gets taken down. Though in Azure's favor Dimitri's story has a very different ''feel'' to it than the other two.
  13. I picked up Tales of Vesperia again. Due to having played the 360 version originally I can tell when the two versions starts diverging which can occasionally be a little awkward. Whenever Patty shows up its clear the game pauses whatever the story is currently doing to introduce the new Playstation character. On the other hand the new version could also make some other events less awkward. I recall the old game occasionally wriggling itself into corners to ensure that Flynn was around but conveniently not able to directly help in Yuri's endeavors. Highlight was that important boss fight where Flyn was around, and even directly spoke to the villain but got taken out by a random laser as an excuse as to why he couldn't take part in the boss fight. I very strongly recall the impression that Vesperia was an intensely character driven game. The story isn't really very cohesive and the world of Terca Lumireis isn't very interesting but the character interaction is probably the best in the series. The story is all about a gang of wacky goofballs traveling the world and encountering adventure along the way rather than setting out on one big mission to save the world. It has the downside that this means the story isn't very cohesive, but it has a lot of charm too. The Vesperia crew is an enjoyable gang to have on screen and a bunch of mini adventures seems very in character for them. Even the villain has this character driven approach to him. As a Tales villain he's probably among the worst in regards of how he's implemented into the plot. The character had been such a non entity that when the grand reveal of his villainy came I had no idea we had already met this character before. His motivations and backstory being locked to easily missable sidequests doesn't help either. But despite his writing being so clumsy I've always liked the Vesperia villain because he had so much character. The voice actor is clearly having a great time and the villain makes a good showing of evil gloating, kicking down the party and getting drunk with power.
  14. Yeah I recall Hapi and Balthus paralogue being really rough. The way your units are forcefully split up ensures at least one of your squishy units ends up in mortal peril no matter what you do. And the amount of enemy troops is an eensy teensy unreasonable.
  15. I can think of at least two reasons 😃 Though on the whole I don't think every character needs to be interesting. Characters like Ashe or Annette for instance aren't very interesting but acquired a solid fanbase for being cute. Arthur's not interesting but he gets by on being hilarious and so on. As for Dorothea. I'd say she's decently interesting but I like her more due to being so nice...um unless you're Ferdie.
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