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  1. Anri's probably the most obvious one. I'd love Soan but him being male that's probably a pipe dream. Fully completing the Velthomer family by introducing Fala could be nice.
  2. Well that's random. If they wanted a female Crusader than thematically Fala would have been the better option.
  3. I really hope they put some effort in this one. Last year they decided to take the most boring route possible and just gave the lords their promoted outfits. I'm hoping for more creativity on Marth and Eirika. I suspect we'll be seeing a glimpse of Gatekeeper's face in his damaged portrait. Actually I think Blysithea was the only thing redeemable on that banner. She had a unique outfit based on the Gremoire class rather than just have her default post timeskip outfit.
  4. You can roleplay them as being obsessed with ghosts. So that's at least something.
  5. If you only play two routes then SS would probably be the worst route to pick if you want a good impression of TH's story. At least the Verdant Wind versions gives the route some flavor through Claude.
  6. When she first appeared I thought Fjorm might have been a good pairing for Alfonse, but these days IS seems to (very)low key ship him with Veronica which I find a little uncomfortable.
  7. Arslan is made(or at least adapted) by the FMA lady if I recall so its definitely somewhere on my to do list. It seems to have a Persian-Greek inspired setting which should be straight up my alley.
  8. There's always been a bloat in the amount of Heroes OC's which comes with several problems. Most importantly is that there are far too many oc's than the game knows what to do with. We could already see this as far back in book 2 where Hrid really didn't have any reason to be present, and where everyone completely disappeared when book 2 had ended. Even main characters like Sharena are drowned out by all the other OC's that need to be present. But it also renders the Fire Emblem cast as non entities in their own crossover. The story is completely oc centric with Xander and Lucina being the only Fire Emblem characters who have a role to play. None of the lords or villains play a role in any of the books. Everyone who shows up at best gets a random like like ''Hello I'm Lugh and I'm a good boy'' regardless of the context. Lugh says this despite being enslaved by an army of the death. Annette similarly says something about her family situation while enslaved by the nightmare army, and no villain ever complaints about playing second fiddle to the OC villains. Their one token line each chapter is often more distracting than appealing since it just shows how poorly integrated they are in the story. The various Fire Emblem characters might as well not be there since their presence is poorly explained, never addressed by team Askr and certainly never addressed by the characters themselves. The story would have been far better if the playable Heroes had a role to play in the story, and if the Fire Emblem villains were the enemies of team Askr. So far the Fire Emblem aspect of this crossover feels really half baked. Forging Bonds is the only mode where characters from various games can really interact with each other and even this is usually very tame.
  9. I think what's worst is that most Camus characters are knowingly steering a course that will lead to the destruction of their country which is at odds with the loyalty they claim to have towards it. Camus knows his actions will cause Grust to become subjugated by an evil dragon, Eldigan knows he's fighting for a king that plunges his country into civil wars for the sheer fun of it and Bryce is aware Ashnard is bringing Daein to ruin. They all come across as hypocrites who are more in love with the idea of them loving their country instead of actually loving their country. In that sense I've always found it easier to sympathize with the Ishtar versions of the archetype. They seem a lot more self aware about it all. They don't delude themselves into thinking they are on the right path but they just don't have the emotional strength to leave their loved ones. Ishtar for example loves Julius and is loved back by him which makes it tragic that her affection so obviously isn't good for her or the continent. Being unwilling to turn against a loved one is a lot more nuanced than a patriot stubbornly driving his country to its destruction because he likes the idea of himself as a patriot.
  10. I dunno. Rufolf's plan worked out. He and Garon are probably titans of intellect when compared to ol' Michalis.
  11. Oh yes Michalis was just the worst. Not only did he murder his father and emotionally torture his sisters to join an evil dragon out to subjugate the world. But his entire rationale in doing so was that it would allow him to try out the worst evil plan in all of Fire Emblem. ''Lol I'm gonna help Medeus destroy everyone that could possible stop him and then I'm going to die when I turn against Medeus and fight him all on my own!''
  12. I liked the chibi videos. They were adorable. Fjorm's crush on the summoner itself however always struck me as desperate. Really, really desperate. Oh player sempai! Please poke my portrait and spend money on our gacha orbs.
  13. Build an army Trust nobody Fire Emblem Three Houses Only on Nintendo Switch
  14. Sure but the things that are financially safe are also very rarely rewarding in an artistic sense. Its very easy to see that female characters both outnumber and outperform male unit by a large degree in most banners because the marketing department demands this rather than because its the best direction to take for the roster itself.
  15. The Slithers are probably a real danger with their technology, their monsters and their nukes but they're also just a single city so I think any of the Three Nations could easily just march on Mole town and put it to the torch when they know where to find it. So while they might be invaluable I also think their strength ranks far below any of the factions.
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