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  1. Naughty Nintendo. Seems they didn't want to pay Julie Kliewer. Apparently Sharena cries out for Alfonse in the Japanese version but not the English one.
  2. Well its somewhat hard to criticize the plans of someone who never speaks. I didn't like the scenes with Mark but because unlike Corrin and Robin he's not an actual character and he never actually does something so I always found him incredibly easy to ignore. If something is worth doing then Mark's not the one doing it, if something's worth saying then Mark is not the one saying it. Mark seems to exist in the bizarre post cutscene world where once everyone said their piece the lord suddenly turns to the camera to praise Mark a tad. I generally just close my eyes and pretend those scenes don't exist.
  3. Oh. Sharena almost getting reaped again and Hell seeing her former minions in Alfonse and Veronica was new.
  4. My feelings on IS? I think their output is consistently good and that they should be seen as a valued part of Nintendo. I wouldn't say they are practically perfect. IS games have never fully broken through into the mainstream and them generally doing more niche genres isn't the only reason. Throughout their time in business IS generally doesn't release perfect games or even landmark titles. A lot of their output is really good but its often also very flawed. We can see it in their newest release, Three houses has a lot of quality and ambition but also a lot of flaws. If we add Radiant Dawn to that mix then I get the feeling that IS is consistently unable to fully realize their ambitions if they try to aim big. Their ambitious titles are generally accompanied with a lot of flaws. At times they also have the opposite problem where they don't seem to have any sort of ambition at all as in Sticker Star or Shadow Dragon. My feelings on Heroes? I consider myself a big casual. As long as they add characters I like with great acting and good voice acting then I'm already happy. This year was a very good one in terms of added units and the plot in both the main story and forging bonds saw significant improvements over what came before. So I'm rather easily pleased.
  5. That's a big thing when it comes to Trump and something that firmly sets him apart from other populist. I might never agree and think others foolish for thinking it but I can at least understand why someone would admire Putin, I can see why someone thinks Le Pen has what it takes to be a leader, I can see things that would make people respect Wilders and I can easily imagine why someone would fall for Farage's charm. But what's the excuse for supporting Trump? What has he ever said or done that could convince someone he wasn't an openly corrupt businessman and a complete dullard to boot? There are reason to fall for other populists but I cannot think of a single thing that could convince people that supporting Trump is a good idea.
  6. That's am almost fantastic amount of improvement. However I.....kind of miss the monstrosity. He was hilarious.
  7. True but for much of gaming's history the western market has been dominated by the States though there were always outliers like Rare. Ubisoft is the biggest European gaming company though and they're in the same boat as EA and Activision.
  8. That's really more a case of the Japanese fans being kinda ignorant. Pokemon being cut was already announced during E3, the largest gaming event out there. How much more public did the Japanese fans need that info to be?
  9. Axe users are often also depicted as less prominent characters in general. If they are villains then they're usually reserved for generic bandits or junior villains while playable axe users are usually sidekicks at best or just completely outside the lord's inner circle.
  10. If this generation marked the revival of the Japanese game industry then it also marks the decline of the western one. The key difference is that the Japanese decline was primarily an artistic one as they just failed to properly address the rise of the western market. The Japanese devs of the last gen really struck me as being at a complete loss and making bad decisions because of it. The decline of the west meanwhile is a deep moral decline where the companies not only know what goes wrong but are doing it purposely and arguably with a lot of malice to boot. And the state of gaming in 2019 is just a continuation of this western decline. Complaints about lootboxes has stopped being a fringe complaints but has went over to the mainstream gaming audience, and even the mainstream public in general is occasionally joining in on criticizing them. Despite this and despite even governments getting involved the western game industry stubbornly refuses to address this issue. EA especially is leading the charge by the whole ''surprise mechanics'' things or insisting on breaking Belgium laws. Lootboxes aren't the only moral failing with crunch and unreleased games being increasingly common or at least increasingly noticed. Even game companies that used to be the darlings of the public like Blizzard and Bioware are widely believed to have decayed considerably.
  11. So....no fanservice outfits for the sauna then?
  12. But of course. Any other type of Arthur than Azel! Arthur means Tailtiu ended up with someone other than Azel. And that's terrible!
  13. Storywise I'd be down for Sharena taking the spotlight. Book III was very much the book of Alfonse so the text tale should have a bigger focus on Sharena. Alfonse could definitely still be allowed but maybe with a little bit less importance. Plenty of ways to arrange that. Have his duties as king interfere with his Hero duties, have him be kidnapped for a while, have him fall ill with Sharena being the one to look for a cure or have him make the decision to examine how will Sharena would perform when in charge.
  14. I'd like a new outfit for Alfonse to reflect he's now a king or at the very least very close to that position. I don't think that will happen though.
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