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  1. That would be somewhat of a problem. I'd like to recruit Casper and he's usually associated with the new fist weapons that I don't really like. I'd have no problem with an axe requirement if he wants one but the firsts are just....eh.
  2. To me the Democrats and Republicans aren't very similar because the Republican party is very...unique while the Democrats are just a regular party. Even if we ignore Trump then the Republicans are still ''unique'' and had already been so during the Obama era if not before that. Being pro business, fiscally conservative or being cautious about social progress has its place in the political system even if it aren't particularly sympathetic positions to take. A welfare state is expensive as are any forms of social security or healthcare so in some ways its even good for the system that there are parties that argue the cost for these things shouldn't be too expensive for the state. Deciding whether you want to give more money to the poor or build a new aircraft carrier is at least a somewhat valid discussion because money is finite. With social progress one could argue that conservative parties prevent a country from changing so quickly that it causes disruption. But republicans aren't like that. They don't seem to be against healthcare for any monetarily or constructive reasons but they are against it because its existence ideologically offends them. And that's downright weird if you consider that almost the entire civilized world has some sort of healthcare program for the sick or welfare for the poor. The republicans are ensuring America has to fight a battle that the rest of the world already won decades ago. And in many social developments is the same. Rights long considered normal or at the very least not overly controversial are deeply offensive to Republicans. And in this I've always found them to be an incredibly alien party. The Tories are often accused of despising the poor but at least I can understand the motives behind a lot of the things they say and do. But Republicans spending the entire Obama administration hyperventilating about the incredibly tame Obamacare was just bizarre.
  3. To be fair such a review can be pretty valuable for the average consumer. A long time fan might think certain aspect are so self evident that they don't think they are worth mentioning while a new player might have some fresh perspectives more useful to someone who never played a Fire Emblem game before. A healthy set of reviews should have reviewers who are longtime fans who know the series very intimately and relative outsiders to the series.
  4. Aside from Lorentz Diskin is also voicing Casper. You can hear him in a level up quote of Casper and its unmistakably Hayato. You can also here some other voices like Flyn, Dorethea, Haneman and Petra. The question Haneman has to Byleth kinda amused me.
  5. I wouldn't say Linhard is overly feminine. He definitely has some very soft features but he's not exactly like Lucius or Forrest. He's just your typical prettyboy.
  6. Actually I wouldn't even count the Sui dynasty as part of China's recovery. The Sui are a lot like the Jin in that the took out their rivals but collapsed completely before the century was even over. I'd say its the Tang dynasty that began China's recovery. It does make the Three Kingdoms a bit weird as far as achievements go because....they kinda achieved nothing at all. China was broken when they started and when they ended China was still broken and would remain so for centuries. And fun fact: The quite nice trailer music is actually based on a poem from Cao Cao's son. Fittingly its about a fight between brothers.
  7. To the surprise of pretty much everyone the new DLC will focus on the war of the eight princes, a century after the start of the game. In this war we can play out how the Sima clan exterminated itself barely a decade after winning the three kingdom periods. https://www.totalwar.com/blog/total-war-three-kingdoms-eight-princes-faq/
  8. You might want to change the title. The mods are a bit allergic to ''am I the only one who...'' type of topics. I don't think I've ever held off on doing side missions. Is there any reason you do it?
  9. Its no big deal Yeah its like Fates but hotsprings weren't exactly the problem in that game. It was the hotspring on top of the skinship, on top of being able to marry your siblings, on top of children being able to have babies, on top of soleil on top of.....a lot of things. There's not much wrong with a game having one little bit of ''vice'' in it. There's nothing wrong for there to be a place were students get put their hair down for some time. Overall Three Houses looks like it very tastefully overall so I can overlook one little bit of fanservice.
  10. Claude certainly had the strongest end message. ''You? Me? Golden Deer? Could be great together'' There does seem to be a certain distance in how Claude describes the other students. He's not adressing them as his buddies like Dimitri does nor is he praising them as much as Edelgard.
  11. I'm guessing Hilda, Rapheal and Lorentz. They seem to make up the core team, at least in marketing.
  12. I suspect he actually doesn't have a wife. He mentions her but probably its the sort of wife no one has actually seen and who's conveniantly on another continent when someone asks about her.
  13. I think this picture pretty accurately sums up the same sex options.
  14. So I noticed something interesting in the footage that's shown in the background. Derick refuses to use him and has him stand way back in the starting area but we see that Sylvain is part of his Black Eagle team. We also know that Derick hasn't recruited any characters from other houses yet. He said he didn't manage to do it and the one he's targeting was Leonie from the Golden Deer, not Sylvain. So would this mean that characters from other houses occasionally get into your party as guest characters?
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