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  1. This actually exists. The Worms series according to Wikipedia has 12 games in it, with the most recent one being Worms W.M.D.
  2. I think tutorials are a good way to introduce new players to the mechanics of a game. However, they shouldn't feel too intrusive or forced for players that know what they are doing. Three houses annoys me in that on every single playthrough on every difficulty it will pop up the tutorials in the prologue. Like this is my 4th time through the game on Hard I know what I'm doing.
  3. I think weapon rank is the best because there is no RNG. I think it can be balanced better than it has in the past including what rank you start with on promotion. Start with like C not E. It makes sense as well the more I use a bow the better I get at using a bow.
  4. Two of my favorite ones are avengers earth's mightiest heroes and phineas and ferb, which are both really good.
  5. I believe that if a unit falls that you've chosen for mission assistance you can no longer recruit that person.
  6. No one has mentioned Battle Before Dawn from FE7. You can literally lose Jaffar before you can do anything to prevent it. Not to mention its fog of war with a boss that has a siege tome, and the ally you have to protect is worthless in combat.
  7. This might not be QoL, but I would like Rest to be buffed to full motivation for all students. Once your professor level gets high enough its very easy to get all student's motivation up to max through explore that it would be nice to not feel I had to explore to get my motivation up. Rest should be the best way to get motivation up because that's pretty much all it does.
  8. If you press X while viewing the stat increases on the second page when using a seal, it will tell you what amount of the increase is permanent to base stat and which is because of the class that you only get while in that class. Also, On topic, I want to be able to see how many of an item I have in the convoy when purchasing items from the store. This is something that is in Path of Radiance.
  9. The red and blue floors only affect the enemies. You don't promote and unpromote.
  10. I think he was saying that there are no ice based weapons in Genealogy of the Holy War, not that there aren't ice weapons in fates.
  11. When Anna appears she can sell stat boosters. Also, you can get stat boosters from saving an Anna if there is an Anna and a risen on the same square.
  12. If you have DLC you can get Anna, but I don't think its possible to get any kids at this point.
  13. Yes, they get +1 move on promotion so I don't think you have to change anything other than knight's move.
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