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  1. I don't know, sounds not right. And a male only sword master class is just mean haha. I would take it with a grain of salt. Plus didn't they say a long time ago that the DLC story wouldn't be connected to the main story? So just adding new students doesn't make sense.
  2. The extra battles give you some serious cash. I just got two stat items and 12,000 gold, so I find that part of the DLC helpful. But I also bought it out of fear of the pass going away and I'll have to spend a ton of money to buy it separate haha. I say if you have the money, get it. Or at least get it before Wave 3. It's good to show them support and that we want DLC, maybe they'll give us more then just 4 waves!
  3. Well was thinking Judith doe GD, Rhea for BL (and maybe Church, kinda like how Catherine joins up, or none could would be most likely, and Jeritza would just be another Hubert and leaves after you pick Rhea) and then Jeritza for BE (Or maybe Jeritza will be have a chance to return in all routes if you have him max with his sis/Byleth, and you spare him, like how it is with other characters). I know it seems unlikely, but that's just my dream haha. Someone pointed out we are still missing the Free Update for Wave 4, that could be Rhea, Judith and/or Sothis. Wishful thinking, since i think the 4th DLC won't have any real connections to the main game. But only time will tell. I'm excited no matter what!
  4. Oh! Where we found the thing for the Anna shop. Cool! I was wondering what that spot was for. I hope it won't cost an activity point if it's just for fun. Like I hope it does something, like increase bond and motivation.
  5. Thoughts: What's missing: Rhea and Judith, I really wanted Judith to join in GD and Rhea in Church. Since they added Jeritza, to BE most likely, they should add others to the other routes. What's in it: New online features (hopefully online battles, I haven't use online once, so it would be cool to have that). Anna (duh, but I love Anna, so I'm cool with this). New monastery facilities (Sauna and what else I wonder? I never used the Sauna in fates, but maybe I will in this game. Wonder where it's going to be?) New quests (as long as it doesn't make me grow more stuff I can't get haha) Playing with dogs and cats (Yessss! Those animals were just asking for pets! I was hoping the horses too lol). New costumes: Maid, Butler and more (Hoping the costumes will also be for Catherine and the other staff members, cause they need love too). Side story: Abyss Mode (interested in see what the spin off is about) New playable characters: Juris, Balthazar, Constanze and Javi [tentative translations] (4 new characters, hope they are cool!) New classes (4) (Hoping: Trueblade - Sword and Brawling expert, Female Dark Mage or Fist fighting class, Male magic expert class, and A lance focused class). New hero relics (Hopefully for those who didn't get some, I believe some characters didnt have them). New paralogues (I'm guessing to get the heroes relics haha). The rest of the stuff not mentioned sounds good, and all in all this seems well worth the 25 bucks or whatever. I'm down and excited! My main wants are more costumes and stuff for church characters, Catherine needs love too. And the Trueblade or some kinds non magic sword master class.
  6. I hope they don't do this 4* thing too much with new characters. It will make them harder to get, I feel like. Like I don't want them to start doing this with Catherine or Shamir. Hope it's just smaller characters. Anyways, I'm saving my orbs, so I'll just do a free pull. Don't know who yet....but I may get lucky haha.
  7. I just did a playthrough where I picked Felix as my dancer. He doesn't seem that into it, but goes with it and I thought that was a little silly and enjoyable ha ha. He had 11 charm when I used him, boosted it up to 16, and he won every vote against Hubert and Dimitri, which was pretty funny.
  8. Ashe makes since in the church run, in my opinion. He seems very focused on becoming a knight, and the best place to do that is with the Knights of Seiros. Plus, he has good connections with Catherine and he seems to follow the Church. Plus his background is very much tied to the church.
  9. I know I'm in the minority here, but I like the Church route the best. To me it has more emotion, and makes the most sense. I know it's very close to GD, but what's different I just like a tiny bit more. It give an all around more ending feel, and that final map pulled at my heart strings big time. Sure, it was missing a few things, but over all it felt refreshing to play with no "lord" if you will. It felt different. Plus I feel like we learn a lot more in it.
  10. That brings up a good question. When/if we get Cyril, will he be in his timeskip version first, or not? Cause he is pretty boring in design, in till his timeskip...hmmm.
  11. This is my dream banner for sure! I would spend all my orbs on Catherine and then try to get more orbs for the rest lol.
  12. I think it will be a prequel, or is it isn't it won't take place in the school. That's the only way it wont effect the main story, like they said. I hope Rhea will be playable, and we get some cool new characters. But I do hope we see more of the Knights too. The facility and knights seem to get not a lot of attention.
  13. Sweet! I'll buy the Expansion Pass tomorrow!!! Thanks for posting an update! I would have missed this haha.
  14. Do you think they will fix it soon haha? I was hoping to buy it this month, but I'm afraid to and I want to get it before October, at least.
  15. Oh man. Yeah, sounds like you missed the ring. I'm sorry, thats unfortunate. I completely understand, this is a long game and even longer if you work. If you do a new game plus, it will be easier, for example, you'll be able to use renown to make him an A rank in support faster. So you don't have to worry. A lot of cool stuff in new game plus to make it go by faster.
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