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  1. Do you guys think Catherine will be playable? Considering not a lot of church staff in the game. Also what about Yuri and the others from underground? I wonder if they will be featured in any way, as the story has taken a different turn. I'm excited!
  2. I went Vika first, so I think I'll go Vika, Volug and Muarim back and forth.I'm going Vika, Volug, Muarim, Vika, Volug, Muarim and then I'll pick one of those three for the last one. Will they win? Probably not, but I'd love to see a beast win.
  3. Dumb question, but are those with or without the added Atk from the weapon's might?
  4. I would have been fine if they did both Nailah and Volug, I mean it makes sense that they would be on it. Hell the a duo unit of them both would have been cool too. But honestly, I've been working on my blue Nailah, so if I end up only pulling two of the new one I'll be okay. Saves me a tiny bit of orbs, if it was Volug I would have had to try to +10 him haha.
  5. I down for more Queen, but I'm very low on orbs...I may need to buy more XD, I at least want 2. I wish Lennie was the main and not the backup, we need a new one. I would have rather had Volug, but the blue wolf Nailah is a bit weak, though her recent weapon update has helped her.
  6. Volug is from the desert...man, I'm low on orbs too. If it's another beast unit I'm going to have to figure out some orb money haha
  7. Thank you both, I appreciate it. I just got so many mixed answers haha. Thanks for the help, I've taken into account and I'm working on her.
  8. So I keep getting huge mix messages on reddit vs Facebook vs here. I'm told I should give her ark and Spd, then I'm told def and Spd, then Res and Spd. I'm so freaking confused. I want to build her as best as I can. Any help? Which looks better? Haha
  9. Thanks guys. I actually got some solid advice on reddit and I've completely changed Vika to give her a more Spd and Atk.
  10. Should I ascend her Spd +4 or ger Atk +3? It feels like a dumb question, cause one is +4, but 59 attack is good too? I feel like the answer is Spd, but just want to make sure I'm doing this right. Can't reverse it haha.
  11. Good point haha. Well congratulations to people that had any of the new heroes on their list!
  12. Already going to have to change your number 12 haha.
  13. Yeah, I'm a bit shocked that it's Joshua as the first, but maybe they'll be more common now. I need the ascend flower thing, so I'll be going for him. At worst I guess I'll do the 40 so I can pull him for sure. Unless I get lucky. I do love some of the other characters, but I'm not sure I'd use them for anything. So I'm just sniping for Josh.
  14. Updated my list a bit, just moved stuff around. My list: 1) Vika (non alt) (FE10) Blue Raven 2) Tomad (FE9 or 10) Red Mage 3) Muarim (FE9 or 10) Green Tiger 4) Janaff (FE9 or 10) Green Hawk 5) Ulki (FE9 or 10) Blue Hawk 6) Kent (FE7) Red Cav Sword 7) Sain (FE7) Blue Cav Lance 8 ) Voulg (FE10) Colorless Wolf 9) Raphael (non alt) (FE10) Colorless 10) Ena (non alt) (FE9 or 10) Red Dragon 11) Nasir (FE 9 or 10) Blue Dragon 12) Will (FE7) Blue Archer 13) Scarlet (Fates) Axe Wyvern 14) Judith (3House) Red Bow Cav 15) Reina (Fates) Colorless Bow Flyer 16) Nealuchi (FE9 or 10) Colorless Raven 17) Rajaion (FE9) Green or Colorless Dragon 18) Giffca (FE9 or 10) Colorless Lion 19) Skrimir (FE10) Red Lion 20) Lehran (FE10) Colorless Bird Laguz
  15. Ah shucks, okay looks like I'm waiting till Aug haha. Thanks though!
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