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  1. Is this lance better than the other arcane lance? Didn't we just get one? I may be confused. Ill try for rearmed and Rhea. But just one or two of each haha.
  2. So you think I should just wait till that one comes out then? Hopefully soon lol. Has rearmed sword guy, future Alfonse, shown up again at all? In a banner, I mean.
  3. Okay, I see. Yeah unfortunately I don't have those skills right now, but this definitely gives me units to hunt for besides the arcane weapon. So thanks! So as it stands I have two units I really want to try to pull, the Arcane one and Nino with TP4? Which Dodge skill do you recommend?
  4. Spd Smoke 4 has a dodge effect. Do they stack? Or am I misunderstanding you haha. And yeah, I only have TP 3 at the moment, otherwise I'd use it. Thanks for the help!
  5. So I always feel a bit overwhelmed when I work on a build. But what do people think of this? Anything I need to be on the hunt for other than the inheritable arcane sword thing? I keep changing the seal, so any recommendations on that would be helpful too.
  6. Since the last update my sound for just fire emblem has been shaky and and kinda fuzzy. Is anyone else having this? Like just randomly. And no, it's not my phone cause it doesn't happen in music or other games. It almost sounds like a broken record and the audio dies. Kinda creepy tbh.
  7. While I agree with what you are saying, which is a big reason why I think Mark shouldn't have been a unit in heroes, they do kinda explain in Warriors that Mark is telepathic of sorts. Lyn and Robin talk about it. I think of it more as a retroactive change to the cannon to explain the lack of voice. However, I love the idea of Mark being you. That the tactician was you. So I am a little sad that they added them.
  8. True. I guess we will have to see how the story goes. But did they just meet and Lyn is already so close to them? I mean, whatever. It's not that cannon anyways haha.
  9. Honestly not sure how I feel about Mark being added, but I know he was the first create your own unit. I just always liked that he could have been anyone. However, times change. I love how cute he is and how cute Lyn is and that Lyn talks for him. I'll pull for him and then the others, but I'll get them all at least once I'm sure. They must come from a strange timeline though. Mark and Lyn know each other, but they didn't meet till later and this Mark can fight. But FE does have a multiverse.
  10. Has a good chance or doesn't have a good chance? I mean, I'd love another Lyn alt, cause I love her. But I'm unsure if they'd make another one so soon. Which is a shame.
  11. Like I said, wishful thinking. I'm sure it is Rebecca, I just think having a young Sue would be cute.
  12. Yeah, that's true. Maybe it's wishful thinking, but if Rath's was too big for her she would maybe have to tie it on the sides. But nah, it's probably Rebecca haha.
  13. Am I crazy to think that this is Roy and Sue? With her dad's bandana? Also when will the video release for this? Just curious.
  14. Don't get me wrong, I loved Three Hopes, but I do hope the next Warriors game lets us play as old characters. That was my favorite part of Warriors, was the mix match character list. Plus they can add Leif and the others now that American fans know them better.
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