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  1. Hey, so I made it to the timeskip, and I'm trying to marry Hapi, but I can't get passed B rank. It gives that "in time" thing that happens sometime. So, I'm guessing its locked till a point. Can anyone tell me when it unlocks so I don't miss it? Thanks!
  2. Yeah, I gave his pass to Flyan, who is rocking it as a Dark Flier. I kept Balthus as a Grappler, as it stands right now. I think I got some bad levels on him though, he needs some speed haha.
  3. Got three Raths, only took me 100 orbs haha, and a Foria. So I may be done with this banner. I may try to get Nils or Leila, but only with my extra orbs. I'm not going under 700.
  4. I don't know, I feel like Catherine should at least be the first to have it in Heroes, it's her weapon. If they released a different Lysithea after, then maybe she could...but I just feel like it would be messed up to let her have it first lol. But, hey, that's just my opinion. I wouldn't be upset if it happened, just shocked haha.
  5. My only problem with her getting Thunderbrand is that it belongs to Catherine, what will happen to her unit when she shows up? I know she can use it, but they should give her something that's hers. She has a ton of spells to pick from.
  6. Is anyone selling a copy of Conrad: White Guardian Knight B09-043SR? Thanks!
  7. Well, I love that we can get Rath at a 4 star right away, he will be easier to get. But those skills haha. Oh well, I'll make him better! I knew he would be green, but I was hoping not. And if course I'm going to try for Leila too, cause I love her. But I hope that it will be easy to get them both.
  8. Does anyone have a link to what's in the next update? People are talking about what's in it, but I can't find a link XD. Thanks!
  9. I hope the one on the 5th is the Three Houses banner! I'm saving orbs for the banner on the 16th too. I'm letting myself spend 100 of the 800 or so orbs I have on the banner on the 16th lol.
  10. 1) Catherine (almost put her at 1 to 20, but I decide to make a whole list haha). 2) Rath 3) Dwyer 4) Shamir 5) Alois 6) Isadora 7) Vika 8 )Leila 9) Atlas 10) Athos 11) Nergal 12) Pent 13) Louise 14) Seteth 15) Flyan 16) Rhea 17) Serios 18) Linhardt 19) Voulg 20) Hapi
  11. Didn't want to make a new thread for this, so I hope it's okay to just share this news here. So, you know how it showed Lysithea at the end, not sure if she is the next banner.
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