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  1. I've never been able to pull Sanaki! I'm happy about this! I love the character, and now I get to add her to the collection. This Pass is helping me complete my checklist too haha.
  2. Hmmm, not super interested. But I may try to pull an Ike. I'm happy for the people that like these banners and who like these characters, but for me it's a bit meh. But good luck to those that need it!
  3. Maybe I misunderstood, but her Dragon form was only awoken after Moro blessed her or let her, so that she could protect Corrin. It's been a bit since I've played that game's story, but I thought Moro transformed her and she couldn't transform back intill the end of her life (when Moro let her). So, it sounds like she was born in a human form, if memory serves. Though a may be wrong haha. (Sorry for the off topicness).
  4. I did say I may sound crazy. I know how unlikely it is. I was just saying I would like to have Dwyer lol. I also added a fates banner is not my first pick, but just something I want. In all likelyhood, a Tellius banner seems very possible, that or more 3 Houses.
  5. Agreed, she should have been a boss fight, but oh well. But a fallen healer unit could be fun!
  6. I just had a thought, it would be cool if Fallen Lilith used daggers or was a healer, cause in the DLC she never transforms. So it would fit, since she looks a bit based on a maid. Or maybe she can have her father behind her?
  7. I may sound crazy, but after playing conquest again just yesterday...I really want a fates banner with Dwyer now....so I would be okay if that was the next banner. Not my first pick, but I wouldn't complain haha.
  8. Well still, that's a really good C skill for Armor units. I like her, but...I don't know if I want to pull her other than for that skill....but we will see. Don't we get new units on the 8th of next month too?
  9. Are her B Skill and C skill inheritable? I can't tell from the video, unless I'm blind haha.
  10. I wouldn't mind a fallen banner (Fallen Lilith, anyone?), or a fates banner with my sad boy Dwyer in it haha. I really love him and want him on the team. However, a Tellius or Three Houses banner would be really nice, as we still have a ton of 3H characters to get through and we haven't had a good Tellius banner in awhile. There are some units from Tellius that I would love to have.
  11. I have many wants, but with Lilith being added to the game, I think she should get a corrupted alt (like Grima Robin and others), based on her DLC appearance before she meets Corrin. That could be fun! Here is the card she has that makes me think of it:
  12. And the next Resplendent Heroes is Hector, completing the Blazing Sword trio! I would post the art, but its 3am here and I'm on my phone haha. But it's on the website, under Eliwood.
  13. I was glad to see Catherine and Shamir making it into the top 20 for the Detective Duo. And even though it wasn't high, Lilith got into the sibling one and so did Conrad!
  14. Is there a more updated tier list for all the new characters that came out this month?
  15. So I'm working on Young Minerva and I have no idea what to give her for her B and C slots, as well as if I should keep her special. Any ideas? Thanks!
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