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  1. A FE based on a pseudo-Imjin War scenario would be pretty awesome but it'd probably trigger way too many nationalists. Give me my Hanfu and Hanbok and maybe toss in some Southeast Asian stuff here and there
  2. https://modernarchive.de/blogs/news/traditional-japanese-wedding-kimonos-a-definitive-guide
  3. Traditional Japanese female wedding clothing comes with a huge hood called a wataboshi Edit: I didn't realize someone already answered that.
  4. Dumped 220 orbs into this Only got a Robin and a Mamori 😓
  5. A few of my colleagues are on quarantine because sometimes patients don't come in with a clear cut picture saying "Oh damn you're definitely a COVID" and then next day Infection Control says "swab them!" and retrospectively we have to quarantine colleagues. Our isolation rooms are at capacity and more people are coming in. We have to make the choice on whether to send people with mild symptoms or admit people with severe symptoms. Those in between are the hardest because they can go either way with a lack of room. We are prepared that next week the surge of patients ready to crash are going to flood our emergency department. We have pulled everyone from nonessential services to act as a reserve force. Testing kits are limited and sometimes we can't pull the trigger to test everyone. And yet fucking celebrities and athletes with no symptoms are able to get a hold of them?
  6. I'm currently a 2nd year resident physician in a hospital in a hot spot area and boy....shit is hitting the fan for us.
  7. Damn, Igrene's art is stacked. Can give Camilla a run for her money. Hooray for orphan trio finally being complete!
  8. I know Chinese so in a way I kinda know kanji/hanzi Will type some up after I wake up tomorrow
  9. Going for Micaiah/Yune for this one. Kinda want Eliwood too because that ceremonial outfit does really look regal as fuck
  10. "I chose this outfit to lower my target's guard." It's like she's acknowledging the fanservice. What if the target isn't into boobs though?
  11. Looks like the leaks were right!
  12. Didn't realize Gunnthra and Laegjarn were that well-endowed....
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