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  1. Damn, Igrene's art is stacked. Can give Camilla a run for her money. Hooray for orphan trio finally being complete!
  2. I know Chinese so in a way I kinda know kanji/hanzi Will type some up after I wake up tomorrow
  3. Going for Micaiah/Yune for this one. Kinda want Eliwood too because that ceremonial outfit does really look regal as fuck
  4. "I chose this outfit to lower my target's guard." It's like she's acknowledging the fanservice. What if the target isn't into boobs though?
  5. Looks like the leaks were right!
  6. Didn't realize Gunnthra and Laegjarn were that well-endowed....
  7. I like how their official facebook page is using youtuber videos to promote the new banner trailers
  8. If it has tits, it will sell. And all of its alts.
  9. I'm looking forward to the next character. I don't really play multi-player I just am a collector.
  10. I actually kind of want Hinoka. Bucket attack bahahaha
  11. If Codename Steam characters made it in I'd classify the firearms as colored bows probably.
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