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  1. Got a quick update Previously we caught Nivernais but were forced to hand her over to the Jacobins for interrogation. We're also falling behind our enemies in terms of stats and combat efficiency, so.....some grinding was done.
  2. As a recap from last time, we foiled an assassination attempt but turns out that was most likely a distraction. The real deal is happening at the Louvre.
  3. Special Bread is to Elixir as Regular Bread is to Vulnerary, I think. She's like L'Arachel!
  4. Hello! Hah, I'm almost tempted to replay the game and choose the other option to see if Therese becomes controllable if Pauline tells her that everything will be like a fairytale. She'll probably be the alternative sniper unit to Cosette. Seems like we're probably getting 2 usable characters of each class. Pauline + Lannes, Murat + Charlotte, Oscar + pseudoQuan, etc. The challenges for each mission are very interesting. I mean, luring an enemy bandit across the map to open a door and then killing him before he can nick the treasure? That's a step ahead of the usual Fire Emblem challenge of just killing thieves before they can open locks. Anyway sorry I've been busy with life so I only have a short non-combat update. To recap, we just saved Therese from certain doom. Enemies are also growing manly mustaches.
  5. Desaix does look like Quan holy shit. Down to the hair color! The reason why i write the caption above the image is because I generally sum up the content of a group of images and then follow it up by the most relevant ones. It's also easier to post because I post the images relevant to the statement rather than upload a group of images first and then describe what I just uploaded. Anyway!
  6. I could've sworn I had no money. I might've been looking at another screenshot... Anywayss....
  7. The artists sure love their assets and chests hahaha Indeed, GUNS! Maybe something in this post will earn a reply! Bahaha.
  8. Got a juicy story update. Either I haven't played tactical games in a long time or Banner of the Maid is actually challenging.
  9. If you thought she had fields of wheat, look at what comes next.... CRPGs man 😅 As previously mentioned Pauline is now in Italy assisting Nappy's conquest.
  10. Got a non-battle update. Here we go.... Previously, we've gotten started with the different factions of Parisian society. We'll dwell a bit more into that...
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