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  1. Quick bug report for the Mac version: I get a crash as soon as Marcus starts his promotion. http://www.filedropper.com/1suspend Link to the suspend data is there, if you need it for anything. I do have the required Mono framework and it's been working alright up to this point (midway through the chapter that you get Hassar/Toni/Cybil).
  2. Just thought I'd toss in a quick bug report: game crashed after Marcus died in the arena in that defend the border chapter. ...Frickin' 2% crits, man. But yeah, I finished my first playthrough of it a few days ago and really enjoyed it! I thought the difficulty curve on normal was pretty solid. I'd say my only complaint was the frequency of non-zero crit rates, but it's not a huge deal. The maps are very well-designed and offer a lot of variety, although a little on the lengthy side from the get-go in comparison to official FEs. Finally, the writing is extremely impressive. I haven't gone through all the supports yet, but most of those have been pretty great, and the boss dialogue is fantastic (Isadora vs Ch 7 Cohort is amazing). I've also been amazed by the lack of any sort of grammar/spelling/text box errors, since those are usually pretty common in fangames. Especially fangames with the amount of dialogue in this. Oh, and I gave y'all a shoutout on reddit a couple days ago here: https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/3iqtle/new_release_of_fe7x_immortal_sword/ Hope you don't mind, and I'm sure the community would be open to a full-blown announcement/showcase about it if you wanted to. There's been a couple things about it hit the front page of the sub already but you might still get some more publicity from it, idk. Just wanted to throw all that out there! And to wrap up this somewhat lengthy post, a huge thank you the BwdYeti, Myke, and everyone else involved with this project; again, y'all have done a fantastic job.
  3. She is, and it's not like the religion couldn't have spread to a new continent, or even one we've already visited, like Magvel/Elibe. This doesn't necessarily mean anything, but I think it makes a return to Elibe/Tellius/Magvel pretty unlikely. Not impossible, but definitely unlikely.
  4. Was on reddit today, and someone posted this: http://i.imgur.com/brXd4Kb.png That's the dancer's necklace, compared with the Mark of Naga. Seems like a pretty striking resemblance, and, as noted, this didn't seem like a run-of-the-mill piece of cosmetic jewelry during the teaser. Seems to indicate Naga could be making a return as a central figure of worship for this game. If I'm remembering correctly, Naga is worshipped in Jugdral, Akaenia, and Valentia? It certainly doesn't rule out a new continent, but it's interesting to note.
  5. @ShadowKnight Better reviews doesn't mean Awakening is the best Fire Emblem. You don't even have the same set of critics doing those reviews, but even if you did it would hardly mean much. And it's impossible to state something like that factually no matter the circumstances. It's like trying to say that Ocarina is the best Zelda because it has the highest review scores. Sure, a lot of people may agree, but it's still an opinion. Also, Thracia has the highest score overall anyways, according to GameRanking. Better sales is indicative of even less. The only reason Awakening sold the way it did is because it was actually advertised. It benefited from the acclaim, but Fire Emblem 7 was a highly regarded GBA title and didn't sell those kinds of numbers (and it probably had a better install base at first, too).
  6. Wow, nice catch. I do wonder why there's a dark knight at what appears to be pretty early in the game. Considering the two units shown have about 22-23 HP each, this has gotta be one of the first five chapters; that's a bit early for promoted units to get thrown in.
  7. You know the image on the left is taken from Fire Emblem 7, right? I can't see the objects in her eye clearly enough, myself.
  8. Yeah, I'm definitely seeing some Elibe references. We haven't had a major dancer character since Ninian, and the FE6 bard was pretty important as well (his name escapes me atm). Granted, the herons in Tellius weren't exactly minor, but I can see the connection. The map shown super briefly is a lot like one of the Lyn mode chapters, as well. It's the one where you recruit Dorcas; the design is almost exactly the same, albeit with a 2 square chokepoint in FE7 instead of the 3 shown in the trailer. If I had to bet, this is a new continent, but I could see this being Elibe too.
  9. I doubt I'd play anymore. I've tried several apps like that before and they just aren't much fun, even if they have interesting gameplay ideas. If it were free to play I'd give it a shot, but I dunno about shelling out cash only to (kind of) be forced to shell out more.
  10. Best: Sorta mixed feelings here; FE9's was great lore-wise, and most of the chapters are pretty interesting...but Day Breaks is a massive grind to get through. FE7 was pretty good, too, although Sonia's chapter and the Ostia chapter both got on my nerves. I thought it flowed better story-wise than FE6's though. Worst: Story-wise, FE13 Valm is pretty awful, but gameplay-wise I'd definitely have to go with Anri's Way. I was enjoying the hell out of FE12 until that mid-game padding hit. The chapters get so much less interesting than the preceding ones (although running from Astram was starting to wear a bit thin) and it's just...not fun. Middling: FE6; The Western Isles have some interesting chapters (particularly the one with Klein and Echinda) but for every good chapter it has, it has a somewhat boring one too. It leans towards "good" in my book, but not at the level of FE9 or 7. FE8: The monster chapters are filler, but there's no "mid-game" padding. Still, none of the monster chapters are exactly challenging except Phantom Ship, which is frustrating more than anything. I will say the "mid-game" chapters are some of the better ones, though (Eirika and Ephraim's chapter 13/14 are pretty good, and Scorched Sands is awesome). FE10: Ellincia's character building is great and all, but I like...pretty much none of the actual chapters besides the endgame and sorta the prologue. So that's a sizable strike against it in my book. FE11: Nada, besides the one desert chapter. Can't say I remember it too well.
  11. Definitely chapter 14 of Fire Emblem 6 (Arcadia). There were so many layers of bull on that chapter, especially if you're going in blind. I think I restarted a couple times on normal mode. Sheesh. Of the Fire Emblems I've played, only maybe Battle Before Dawn and the early Lunatic chapters in Awakening have been more frustrating for me. I mean, I'm sure there's chapters that have caused me to reset more, but they didn't leave nearly the lasting impression.
  12. I don't really enjoy casual unless it's on Lunatic. I like the tension that classic gives, and it forces me to play more conservatively. But there's absolutely no reason NOT to play casual, if you enjoy it that way; the option's there for a reason. I'd say give it a shot and see if you enjoy it. That's the point of video games, right?
  13. I keep on thinking of extra ones, lol. While I do like FE12 a lot more than Shadow Dragon, I find FE12 Avatar/Chris much worse than FE13 Avatar/Robin. I could do without the sidestory in FE12 in general, really, if not for the fact that most of the maps are pretty cool for it outside the prologue (which is way too damn long).
  14. I almost never use the boots, because I can never decide who to give them to.
  15. The gameplay's okay, but most of the characters get approximately 1 line of dialogue and never speak again, and the story's pretty bland. I just couldn't get into the game at all. I even tried replaying it recently, but stopped at around chapter 8.It's not a terrible game, it's just lacking in comparison to other FE games.
  16. Need to add Moment of Serenity from Fire Emblem 12. Stood out as soon as I heard it. Tearing Shadows is pretty good too.
  17. I'm playing FE12 for the first time now, and I hacked in one of the shards, because I missed it in chapter 12 and didn't realize it until I saved over the file and was in the 13 prep screen. I pretty much always shamelessly grind in Awakening. Lemee see...the only games I've actually beaten the hard modes for are Sacred Stones and Path of Radiance, and EHM in FE7. Got most of the way through HHM but never actually finished, don't want any part of Frederick Emblem, Radiant Dawn is hard as hell, and Shadow Dragon sucks. I warpskipped about half of Shadow Dragon because it bored me to tears, but I wanted to be able to say I'd "beaten" it.
  18. I like Eliwood for the most part, although I much prefer Hector. Hector and Lyn's friendship was developed pretty well, and I always felt there were romantic undertones. In all fairness it's likely neither of those actually happened if IS ever canonizes it, but we'll never know since 7 left things mostly up to your own interpretation. But yeah, I'm pretty sure a lot of people out there like that pairing. Disregarding all that, Hector saves my life on HHM so I could never call him underrated stats-wise.
  19. I like most of her supports, save the one with female avatar, which was really awkward to me. And I don't really find her bland at all. She felt far more like an actual person than pretty much the rest of the cast, so that's a plus in my book.
  20. I won't promote any earlier than level 15, generally. Depending on how far along I am, I'll either promote them then or keep training them a few more levels. I generally don't wait until level 20 though, simply because hitting 20/20 isn't too common in my experience.
  21. Definitely Severa for me. She came off as being an awful character when I first recruited her, so for a long time I didn't touch her. Recently I've been training the children characters and getting more of their supports, and she's improved somewhat in my eyes. She's nowhere near my favorite Awakening character, but she's still grown on me.
  22. To be fair, you can at least sell all those lock picks you've been accumulating for...like, 1000 gold. Exciting, right?
  23. Just wanted to point out this small error here, you seem to be missing an article after "me".
  24. Either the RNG really decided to fuck with me in my first FE6 play through, or having a stat way above/way below the average isn't really rare. First Lugh (although he's stopped gaining defense lately), and now Oujay/Ogier is SEVEN ABOVE his average strength. He should have 18 strength right now. Funny thing is, I very nearly benched him after his first few levels were pretty terribad. Quite glad I gave him a few more chances. Well, I suppose he can only get closer and closer to his strength average from here, since it can't go up anymore.
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