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  1. I need help on what to reclass my Mozu as, I'm playing Conquest Lunatic and I don't know whether to reclass her as an Archer then go to Sniper and across to Merchant or reclass her as a Cavalier (Silas S-Support). I am aware she doesn't really have the bulk to make a really good cavalier but I think in time she could pull it off. Any suggestions?
  2. My Castle is acting up so it wont let me see who visited for some reason? Could I have your address because I would really like Mov +1 for MU, thanks.
  3. Hey everyone, just wondering if some people could help me along on my Lunatic Conquest by visiting my castle so I can get some more Rewards which would greatly help me, I've not been playing much since I'm scared to so don't expect much from my castle, I will try visit everyone who visits me, thanks. 03377-48970 31391-44895
  4. Death Blow Vantage Vengeance Awakening Warp How would you changes this?
  5. So does anyone have any ideas for sets?
  6. Even longer for me as I am in the UK, just pre-planning sets
  7. I was thinking about that but I was making Soleil a Great Lord and you only get 1 :/
  8. I was thinking more along the lines of: Death Blow Warp Vantage Vengeance Replicate Something like that? Any tips would be appreciated, just imagine the carnage if Wrath was still a thing :O
  9. Yeah, it's very good for her so I'd imagine someone would have it on her.
  10. I was thinking about some how giving her Death Blow, maybe on Revelations doing Orochi! Ophelia and passing Death Blow from the Rinkah buddy. I was thinking of making her a Sorcerer or Witch, I was not sure because I already have planned 2 Witches lmao (Nyx! Nina & Ophelia! Kana) Thanks for your contribution guys :)
  11. So I'm looking for some ideas about Elise! Ophelia sets, I have heard is is very good but I am not sure on all the skills. She has access to Diviner via the MU marriage btw. All help is appreciated :)
  12. I'm looking for a set for my Percy, I want him to be a Wyvern Lord but that can change, his mother is Effie. All input is appreciated, thanks.
  13. I am looking for the last skill on my Felicia ! Forrest, any and all help is appreciated. Forrest: Onmyoji - Kana Marriage Vantage - Leo + Odin Buddy Vengeance - Sorcerer Live To Serve - Butler Amaterasu - Shigure Buddy Breaking Sky/Inspiration/Quixotic I really don't know what to put for that last skill, any ideas?
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