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  1. I need help on what to reclass my Mozu as, I'm playing Conquest Lunatic and I don't know whether to reclass her as an Archer then go to Sniper and across to Merchant or reclass her as a Cavalier (Silas S-Support). I am aware she doesn't really have the bulk to make a really good cavalier but I think in time she could pull it off. Any suggestions?
  2. My Castle is acting up so it wont let me see who visited for some reason? Could I have your address because I would really like Mov +1 for MU, thanks.
  3. Hey everyone, just wondering if some people could help me along on my Lunatic Conquest by visiting my castle so I can get some more Rewards which would greatly help me, I've not been playing much since I'm scared to so don't expect much from my castle, I will try visit everyone who visits me, thanks. 03377-48970 31391-44895
  4. Death Blow Vantage Vengeance Awakening Warp How would you changes this?
  5. So does anyone have any ideas for sets?
  6. Even longer for me as I am in the UK, just pre-planning sets
  7. I was thinking about that but I was making Soleil a Great Lord and you only get 1 :/
  8. I was thinking more along the lines of: Death Blow Warp Vantage Vengeance Replicate Something like that? Any tips would be appreciated, just imagine the carnage if Wrath was still a thing :O
  9. Yeah, it's very good for her so I'd imagine someone would have it on her.
  10. I was thinking about some how giving her Death Blow, maybe on Revelations doing Orochi! Ophelia and passing Death Blow from the Rinkah buddy. I was thinking of making her a Sorcerer or Witch, I was not sure because I already have planned 2 Witches lmao (Nyx! Nina & Ophelia! Kana) Thanks for your contribution guys :)
  11. So I'm looking for some ideas about Elise! Ophelia sets, I have heard is is very good but I am not sure on all the skills. She has access to Diviner via the MU marriage btw. All help is appreciated :)
  12. I'm looking for a set for my Percy, I want him to be a Wyvern Lord but that can change, his mother is Effie. All input is appreciated, thanks.
  13. I am looking for the last skill on my Felicia ! Forrest, any and all help is appreciated. Forrest: Onmyoji - Kana Marriage Vantage - Leo + Odin Buddy Vengeance - Sorcerer Live To Serve - Butler Amaterasu - Shigure Buddy Breaking Sky/Inspiration/Quixotic I really don't know what to put for that last skill, any ideas?
  14. So what might you suggest I change?
  15. I am looking for some tips on how to improvefix my set for Felicia ! Forrest, so far it looks like this: Class: Onmyoji - Marry my Kana with Diviner secondary Vantage - Leo buddy Odin, great for healers Vengeance - Goes great with Vantage Live to Serve - Where most of his hp regen will come from Aegis - Felicia buddy Peri Pavise - Forrest buddy Ignatius So I'm not really sure on the Aegis + Pavise thing also I feel the Kana marriage is a bit of a waste as Diviner and its premotes give excellent skills. Thanks, all advice is appreciated.
  16. As some of you may no when it comes to the kids in Nohr Soleil is kinda "meh." So I have taken it upon myself to make her not "meh" and maybe "okay." I will take some notes on this set I've made and you guys can help fix it in any way :) Peri! Soleil: Class: Great Lord Awakening - From Great Lord Replicate - Laslo passes Ninja Vengeance - Buddying Sol/Lifetaker? Any tips on how to fix this will help. I'm not going to change her mother however as all my sets are worked out. :)
  17. I see, thanks Paladin, no thanks to you Hawlucha. Does anyone have any sets however?
  18. So does anyone have any ideas for overall sets? Also what did you mean by I'd "Have to buy it" are you taking about SpotPass or is there a feature I don't know about?
  19. I could always buddy Beruka with Camilla to get Lifetaker? But idk if that's wasting Camilla and I think Astra is only possible via Female MU with secondary as Swordmaster :/
  20. I completely forgot about Luna, I will probably use that. Benny passes Hero to Ignatius and he get's Hero himself so I could give him Sol. Sol or Luna however? I could always have him will a healer and go Luna but that might not be the best idea. Thanks btw :)
  21. I'm making a set for a General Beruka!Ignatius, this is how it looks to far - Aegis (Siegbert Buddy) - Pavise - Defensive Formation - Copycat Puppet (Midori Marriage) - ??? Does anyone have any hint's on how to improve this or what skill I should use last, I was thinking Sol but I'm not sure. Also does anyone know how Brave Weapons will work with Defensive Formation? Can it still double?
  22. I know you can get them from the Royal Royale but I didn't know they were infinite, thanks :)
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