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  1. I've got Certain Blow on Charlotte and Keaton's up too so you can take a look at his skill set.
  2. If we have a Takumi and Jakob being assholes to each other, let's have a Leo and Jakob being assholes to each other too. Elise and Forest would be pretty cute.
  3. Yup, got him with Astra from a friend for ya!
  4. Awesome, thank you, I'll pop on by later today to pick him up.
  5. Hello~ Opening up my castle to visitors for the first time. If the defenders are attacking or its not set at easy seize, please let me know. I'm looking for Death Blow on Leo, Camilla, Selena and Laslow (if that's even possible), Castle address in signature. Castle name: Ft. Wingdings. Nohr route, has rubies and milk. Bolded is what the units have equipped. Italics means DLC skills. Kamooi (MU) - Lancebreaker, Swordfaire, Shurikenbreaker, Death Blow, Aether, Hoshidan unity, Draconic Hex, Astra, Dragon Fang, Sol, Luna, Rend Heaven, Pavise, Dragon Ward, Counter, Countermagic, Vantage, Nohrian Trust, Hoshidan Unity, Replicate, Swordbreaker, Axebreaker, Renewal, Tomebreaker, Quixotic, Nobility, Aptitude, Pass, Charm, Dual Striker, Awakening Elise - Resistance +2, Shurikenbreaker, Tomefaire, Warp, Toxic Brew, Rally Resistanc, Miracle, Countermagic, Demoiselle, Inspiration, Swordbreaker, Axebreaker, Bowbreaker, Tomebreaker, Renewal, Live To Serve, Savage Blow, Aptitude, Shadowgift, Witch's Brew Niles - Locktouch, Movement +1, Bowfaire, Shurikenbreaker, Death Blow, Rally Skill, Astra, Rend Heaven, Counter, Aptitude Xander - Swordfaire, Astra, Lifetaker, Replicate, Tomebreaker, Lethality, Sol, Luna, Rend Heaven, Pavise, Aegis, Shelter, Elbow Room, Duelist's Blow, Armoured Blow, Defender, Aptitude Camilla - Bowbreaker, Swordbreaker, Axefaire, Strength +2, Lifetaker, Rally Defense, Astra, Sol, Luna, Vengeance, Lunge, Trample, Amaterasu, Savage Blow, Aptitude, Leo - Malefic Aura, Lifetaker, Tomefaire, Galeforce, Speed +2, Seal Magic, Astra, Vengeance, Replicate, Bowbreaker, Heartseeker, Aptitude, Relief, Rally Movement Keaton - Beastbane, Better Odds, Quixotic, Lifetaker, Grisly Wound, Odd Shaped Charlotte - Tomebreaker, Replicate, Certain Blow, Axefaire, Death Blow, HP +5, Rally Strength, Sol, Luna, Gamble, Heartseeker, Lifetaker, Aptitude, Selena - Strong Riposte, Swordfaire, Sol, Axebreaker, Shurikenbreaker, HP +5, Lethality, Good Fortune, Aptitude Laslow - Sol, Darting Blow, Swordfaire, Dancing Blade, Speedtaker, Rally Strength, Rally Magic, Rally Skill, Rally Speed, Strong Riposte, Axebreaker, Good Fortune, Camaraderie, Aptitude, Charm, Dual Guardsman, Not on the team Effie - Defense +2, Natural Cover, Luna, Pavise, Armoured Blow, Rend Heaven, Aegis, Quixotic, Lifetaker, Jakob - Resistance +2, Gentilhomme, Live to Serve, Tomebreaker, Death Blow, Luna, Pavise, Shurikenfaire, Kaze - Poison Strike, Locktouch, Replicate, Lethality, Shurikenfaire, Golembane, Lancebreaker, Axebreaker, Shurikenbreaker Bowbreaker, Azura - Luck +4, Inspiring Song, Luna, Voice of Peace, Foreign Princess
  6. I like Oboro and Hinata better than Oboro with Takumi purely because I think it'd be really cute if she fell for her annoying partner instead of the guy she idolises.
  7. Leo and Takumi being complete assholes to each other is my favouritest thing ever haha. And Oboro!! <333 She's so cute. Best page to date.
  8. Leo with his bed hair and inside out cape gives me life.
  9. I'm actually really surprised that the only region that seems to be competently handling this SE stuff is Australia/New Zealand. They're taking care of it really well compared to other regions. Here's the EB link: https://ebgames.com.au/3ds-208717-Fire-Emblem-Fates-Special-Edition-Preorder-now-for-June-shipment-Nintendo-3DS
  10. Yea, he's naive and dorky which makes his supports funny. Story-wise, he's alright.
  11. I prefer Kamui, simply because MU is originally Hoshidan after all, and a Japanese name makes more sense than an English name especially when their biological family all have Japanese/Hoshidan names.
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