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  1. Third Tier class information will be nice. Also hoping they finish their character bios and Crest reveals. I need more Crests to fill into my chart.
  2. https://serenesforest.net/2019/06/08/three-houses-european-limited-edition-trailer-mini-analysis/ This article sums up about Byleth's Crest (Crest of Flames) appearing in the Mural.
  3. Here are the Class Exams shown in the Treehouse Live segment. Armored Knight: (Axe - C or higher, Hvy Armor - D or higher) Brigand: (Axe - C or higher) Cavalier: (Lance - C or higher, Riding - D or higher) Mercenary: (Sword - C or higher) Thief: (Sword - C or higher) Based on these I think we can estimate what the other Intermediate Classes will require. Pegasus Knight: (Lance - C or higher, Flying - D or higher) Brawler: (Axe - C or higher, Fighting? - D or higher) - [Male only. Brigand doesn't require Fighting, so might need something to make it unique?] Archer: (Bow - C or higher) Mage: (Reason - C or higher) Dark Mage: (Reason - C or higher) - [Male only. Otherwise has same proficiencies as Mage, so unless one requires some Faith as well.] Priest: (Faith - C or higher) These are just guesses, but based on the known class exams each will need a C or higher in the main weapon, and D if it requires a second skill. Maybe some advanced classes require Exam Completion of one of the lower level Class Exams? So, in theory for the Advanced Classes: B or higher for main weapon, C or higher for secondary skill. Then master classes: A or higher for main weapon, B or higher for secondary skill.
  4. Interesting. It does help if you are in a long battle and your weapons break and far away from the Convoy. Will Legendary Weapons follow the same repair traits, or will then regen after a battle or two. If you need to repair them, how expensive will it be? Hopefully one of the next Famitsu articles will go in depth about the forging and repairing.
  5. The scroll bar on the side suggests that there are more people to support with. Hopefully there are more options than just the other house members. We don't know anything about how the teachers work or if there are any characters outside of the monastery to recruit. Still sad to see the scales are unbalanced for LGB+ supports if Thani's leaks are true. Hopefully GD or RE is more promising. Or some unknown character.
  6. Upon closer inspection of Edelgard's Bone Axe, the Crest Stone is not the Crest of Seiros. (Compared to Dimitri and Claude who have the Crests of Blaiddyd and Reigan respectively). Instead it is a new Crest. Interesting as this Crest is one of the weathered Crests on the mural. And @VincentASM In your Analysis - Part 2, at the end you say "Just before we finally reach the Reaper Knight, he’s ordered by the Flame Emperor to retreat. Apparently he’ll leave the map once 25 turns have passed. That said, going by Divine Pulse, it’s only the 13th turn or so. Did they miscount or make another mistake? We don’t get to find out, as the coverage comes to an end." In the Treehouse video they say "Not only do you need to either take down the Death Knight, which is difficult, or take down all other enemies..." The last enemy besides Death Knight killed themselves into Ashe, which triggered one of the Win conditions.
  7. Not sure, but some games have been shown twice. Daemon X Machina, Astral Chain, and Super Mario Maker 2 (coming up at time of writing). So, its possible we could get another FE:TH section, but nothing has been confirmed/announced yet. EDIT: Treehouse just said that tomorrow will be an Indie day. So, i guess that's it for Three Houses from Treehouse. Let's hope more demo videos from companies come out.
  8. Here are the class lists with the names of each class. Also surprised we haven't seen/heard any of the Advanced Class names. We might be able to guess some based on the past games.
  9. We did get a good look at the in-game class list. The scroll bar does show that there will be another tier of classes. And Edelgard's List is different. Also here is the list of all the teachers. Gilbert and Shamir are new.
  10. Didn't see too much new that we haven't learned from Famitsu, but seeing how everything worked instead of reading about it was really nice!
  11. Interesting note: The Black Beast artwork shows this crest on the Beast's nose. If this artwork shows the same beast from the Feb Trailer, then is this crest confirmed as the Crest of Gautier? Depends if all beasts share this Crest, or only that specific one from the trailer.
  12. @VincentASM Another reference to that Dragon. The flag for the Church of Seiros. (which is the watermarked image on the calendars.)
  13. Treehouse will be starting with Three Houses tomorrow.
  14. Maybe this is when Byleth completes the Crest. In the Famitsu articles, When Byleth used their crest, it only showed half of it. So maybe once we complete the Crest, Byleth's powers awaken causing the Blonde-Green hair.
  15. Oh wow! Dimitri looks intense! I was already leaning towards the Blue Lions, but this does help my choice. And nice to see the Bone-Axe confirmed.
  16. Maybe this one? This Dragon appears to be made of bone. It also has a mark of the Crest of Seiros (on it's nose?). This Dragon could be the large white one on the Seiros Mural.
  17. It makes sense for her to get a Bone Axe. All artwork has her with an axe, and there already is a Bone Sword (Byleth's). So, With Byleth (Sword), Dimitri (Lance), and Claude (Bow), it makes sense for Edelgard to get an Axe.
  18. Another detail. One of the evil guys says "So, the Fell Stone consumes even the darkness itself." This sounds really ominous. Maybe even related to "The Crests are to blame."
  19. So just did a quick analysis, picking up some main details (I'll let others do the full in-depth one), but I want to show a few things. It appears all the main characters get a new weapon after the time skip. Dimitri's looks like bone or something, but the main attraction is the stone in the middle. It looks like the stone we saw in the Feb Direct, but it appears to have Dimitri's Crest, or the Crest of Blaiddyd. Next we have Claude. Claude's Bow also appears to be made of bone and contains a Crest Stone, most likely the Crest of Riegan. Edelgard gets a different weapon. Its an ornate sword, reminds me of the Beloved Zofia. This sword bears the Crest of Seiros, which makes sense for Edelgard, but why is the sword not made of Bone like the others? Maybe she also has an axe? And could her sword be the same that Seiros is using in her fight with Nemesis(?)? And is this the same sword that Catherine wields?
  20. I really want to start analyzing this trailer, because there were so many details. That trailer really created hype. Setting up the story and giving so many battles and events!
  21. 5 year time skip confirmed. Blonde Byleth?!? SO much to analyze now!
  22. I kind of see an eye, not an eyepatch. I've highlighted it to help others see it. It's very faint, but there is something there. And that cracked Mural looks really cool!
  23. New Crests means an update of my chart! (Thanks VincentASM for those in the analysis). (And welcome back after the updates!) So far, no pattern is emerging. Mercedes' Crest is in an odd spot because she is originally from the Adrestian Empire, but is part of the Blue Lions. So, if I made the Crest of Lamine Red instead, then everything seems to be in regions based of their origins. Just a trend, but with still so many unknown crests it is unlikely to hold up.
  24. 4 more crests to add to the chart. I just need the symbols to match to the names. The questing board looks really cool!
  25. Getting to see some villains is exciting! Let's hope there will be some actual story details in the article. And more information about the Crests is great.
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