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  1. Two words: Quick Riposte. Once Raphael gets this, his low speed becomes much less of an issue. Hilda cannot get it because she can't become a War Master.
  2. Okay, so out of the B-tier and A-tier battalions, which ones do you think could use a buff? (This assumes you've done multiple playthroughs.) First on my list would be the Varley Archers. +30 Aim sounds nice at first, but the Edmund Troops do better with +40, and the Varley Archers give no bonus to damage, as well as have a -10 Avoid penalty. Their only redeeming quality is their gambit, Fusillade, but you can do better with the Immortal Corps. I'd definitely give the Varley Archers at least a +4 to Physical Attack to make them at all worthwhile. Second is the Bergliez War Group. +8 Physical Attack is good, but Goneril Valkyries are straight-up better with their bonuses to Aim and Crit. Plus the Bergliez War Group has that -10 Avoid penalty, which really hurts in Maddening. Onslaught isn't much better than Assault Troop, so Caspar's battalion just doesn't match up. Third on my list is the Gaspard Knights. These guys flat-out suck, only providing +5 Physical Attack, +5 Protection, and basically nothing else. They are completely outclassed by various other battalions at this tier, and honestly should have been made a C-tier battalion instead of a B-tier. As for A-tier battalions, it's harder to judge since I don't tend to use those ones as much, but the Cethleann Monks are definitely one of the worse ones at this tier. It's mainly due to their bad Gambit, Resonant White Magic. If RWM did something better, it'd be more useful, but an AOE heal at this stage is useless when you should have Mercedes or Flayn with Fortify. If I were to change the Cethleann Monks in any way, I'd change their Gambit to Blessing, which is much more useful.
  3. Many of the B-tier battalions are good, but there are a few that just plain suck. Case in point: Varley Archers. Their +30 Aim sounds nice, but comes with no Physical Attack bonus and -10 Avoid, and the Edmund Troops provide an even greater +40 to Aim along with +5 Physical and Magical Attack. The Varley Archers' only redeeming quality is that they have Fusillade, but if you want an effect like that, you can just go with the Immortal Corps. There's also the Bergliez War Group. +8 Physical Attack sounds nice, but Goneril Valkyries are straight-up better with their bonuses to Aim and Crit, and the Bergliez War Group also has that -10 Avoid. Onslaught also isn't a very useful Gambit compared to Assault Troop. Lastly, there's the Gaspard Knights, which are outright terrible. +5 Physical Attack, +5 Protection, and that's pretty much it. They're easily outclassed by other battalions at this tier. This would've been better as a C-tier battalion. But that's my opinions. Which B-tier unique battalions do you think are too weak?
  4. I'm hoping at least one of the new characters is a Commoner, born to Commoner parents, who has a Crest, and has no interest in becoming part of the nobility. This could be an interesting dynamic to follow.
  5. Yeah, the will/panic mechanics would also be kinda neat to see in Fire Emblem, but you sorta get this in Three Houses with Gambits causing the Rattled status. It would be really cool if certain Combat Arts could cause Rattled, Poison, etc. And yes, while a doubled health option would simply make things take longer, that can sorta be the point. It often feels like I take out bosses too quickly even on Lunatic/Maddening, but giving them higher Defense or Resistance can lead to a lot of 0-damage scenarios. Additionally, any sort of "halves incoming damage" mechanic just feels bad to play against. Doubled health allows for your mistakes to be more forgiving, while also allowing for less instant-wipe plays.
  6. While Byleth, Claude, Dimitri and Edelgard all have great backstories, so do the other students (to an extent). So imagine that a manga were written that starred one of the other students. Who would you have it centered on? My first pick would be Dorothea. She has such an amazing backstory and great personality (not to mention she's absolutely gorgeous). I'd have it be a manga where Dorothea becomes romantically involved with Fem!Byleth, and have her much more deeply involved with the plot. Plenty of opportunity for yuri. 😆 My second pick would be Lysithea given her tragic history and incredible magical power. Plus if she were the star of a manga, we could finally make the Death Knight not so vulnerable to her. Who would you want to star in a Three Houses manga?
  7. In XCOM and XCOM 2, you could select some extra options at the start of a campaign that would alter the experience. One could give all your troops a bonus to their accuracy, while another could change how income works, or another could cause your soldiers' stats to go down as they took damage. These things would force players to alter their tactics, or could make things easier for less-skilled players. One I really liked was from XCOM 2 called Beta Strike, which gave all units (including yours and your enemies) doubled health, while also increasing mission timers. This made firefights last longer since you couldn't kill things as quickly, but gave you more room for error since your soldiers wouldn't be as fragile. IMO, this setting could work really well in a Fire Emblem game, since bosses usually don't last very long due to crits. By giving everyone double (or even triple) health, things could feel more like an RPG where you need to have multiple people gang up on a unit if you want to bring it down swiftly. Other Second Wave options would also be neat to add, letting players take on some interesting challenges. Of course, to unlock them you would need to beat the game on regular settings first, but it'd be a nice way to spice up the gameplay.
  8. I guess that you could include a little bit of Jihad-based stuff, but it would need to be done carefully to avoid looking racist/discriminatory/etc. It's just that Nintendo would need to ensure they don't rub people the wrong way.
  9. I was watching some Vision of Escaflowne and White Knight Chronicles, and was left thinking that similar medieval mecha could be an awesome addition to a future Fire Emblem game. These mecha don't have guns, missiles or whatnot; just giant swords, lances, and other such weapons. No high-tech screens, no thrusters, no nuclear reactors, etc. They're instead powered by magic or some other means. Adding these to Fire Emblem's gameplay could be extremely creative, giving you access to 2x2 tile units meant to tackle larger enemies. Of course, your enemy would need access to them as well, but I would try to make it so they are very limited in number, and are not without drawbacks. Here's a few jot notes I have regarding what I'd do for them: The mecha take up 2x2 tiles, so they cannot go into certain areas. The mecha take bonus damage from certain weapons. The mecha have high durability and (usually) high strength, but pay for it with speed and very low dodge chance. Various spells and abilities would exist that can cripple or disable your mecha for a limited time. Your mecha in question must be piloted by your story's Lord character and possible your "My Unit", so you'll be limited to 1-2 per game. The mecha do not level the same way as other units, and require a unique upgrading mechanic to become stronger. I'm sure there'd be more needed, but what do you think? Should Fire Emblem eventually try emulating Escaflowne?
  10. I just mean they shouldn't do things like "DIE INFIDEL!" and the like. That'd just seem racist.
  11. The thing about those E-tier battalions is you can carry them over into a NG+, and you can use them when your students will have low Authority. But as for recommended battalions, it usually depends on what stats your character wants the most. For instance, mages would love the Ordelia Sorcery Co. since it gives a lot of Magic attack and Hit chance. Meanwhile, a battalion like the Gloucester Knights would be good on a physical/magic hybrid like Byleth. There are also certain battalions that provide useful gambits like the Gautier Knights. Stride is extremely handy. The Hevring Prayer Troops are also good since they provide Blessing, which can save you from an unexpected crit or other powerful blow.
  12. While not all battalions are supposed to be equal (family-specific ones tend to be stronger), there are a few you get from Paralogues that are rather underwhelming for their tier. For instance, the Varley Archers you get from the Petra/Bernadetta Paralogue. They give +30 Hit and +5 Prt, but not much else. No damage increase, and they even impose a -10 Avo penalty. The fact that they provide Fusillade doesn't compensate for the stats. Compare that with a battalion like the Goneril Valkyries (+8 Phys Atk, +20 Hit, +15 Crit) and the Varley Archers feel anemic. Meanwhile, in the E-tier, the Almyran and Brigid Mercenaries are actually quite good for their tier, while the Remire Militia and some others are just terrible. There's obviously more than that, but which ones do you think are underwhelming?
  13. Sorry if I mistook India for Middle-East. But this was just me coming out of some Age of Empires 2, where the Indians in that one get strong Camels and Elephant Archers.
  14. Perhaps this is coming from playing some Age of Empires 2, but I couldn't help noticing that the Fire Emblem series has a serious lack of factions with a Persian, Indian, Arabic, or Middle-Eastern aesthetic. Scimitars, turbans, camels, spice trade, and of course war elephants. These would all be great additions to the Fire Emblem series. I have a few personal ideas on what sorts of things could be brought to the table by this aesthetic. For the purposes of the topic, I'm using terminology and mechanics from Three Houses as a baseline. Camel Riders. These would be an Advanced-level sword-oriented cavalry that don't suffer movement penalties on various types of terrain (i.e. desert, wasteland, beach), though they aren't totally immune to terrain (i.e. stairs, forests, craters) and have a lower movement range than Paladins. Compared to Paladins, they would also be better in the speed stat and would have more resistance, but less defense and strength. Camels in medieval warfare had several advantages over horses in desert environments, and were an important element of military might for the Saracen, Berber, and Egyptian empires (among others). A Master-tier version of the Camel Rider could be the Mameluke, named after Islamic slave warriors, with more movement range, better stats, and perhaps an additional specialty in a second weapon category. War Elephants. We've all seen the Oliphant charge in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Imagine something like that in a Fire Emblem game. A huge band of elephants covered in armor, smashing through an army's lines with their sheer mass while archers fire down from howdahs mounted on their backs. This was actually something that happened a lot in medieval and feudal warfare, and while it might have been questionably effective it was still impactful. If you managed to get a group of elephants in among an enemy formation that was unfamiliar with fighting them, your enemies would almost invariably scatter. In Fire Emblem, I would have them as an AI-only unit that takes up 2x2 tiles, much like the beasts from Three Houses. Unlike the beasts, they would have no barrier mechanic, but would still be far tougher than regular cavalry (even Great Knights). The elephants would also be able to move through your units, inflicting "trample damage" as they do (you would be able to prevent this with certain skills), while also having a ranged bow attack in case you try to move into tight chokepoints. The elephants would be slightly vulnerable to lances (pikes were the weapon of choice against elephants), but resistant to other weapons. Various mythological creatures from Hindu or Egyptian mythology. Creatures like the Anubis, Sphinx, Rakshasa, Yaksha, Djinni, and so forth could all be either referenced or make appearances as enemy beasts. Naga is named after a mythological creature from Hindu mythology, after all. However, there are a few things that the FE developers would need to be careful of to avoid rubbing people the wrong way. Specifically, they would need to heavily downplay any jihad or caliphate elements to avoid being considered racist. But overall, I think adding a Middle-Eastern aesthetic to Fire Emblem would be a big improvement.
  15. I dunno about that. Severa's definitely bustier than Lucina is, after all. XD
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