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  1. The video isn't criticising the game at all. It's actually the exact opposite (the title is just clickbait set-up for a joke at the beginning).
  2. There is no default stance on this matter in the real world church either. The point about homosexuality's status in Japan will probably be significantly more relevant to how this game will handle the matter.
  3. That's certainly fancy. Is there even enough space for a logo on that thing (without getting in the way of the picture)?
  4. There's a SALVAGED paladin? Since when? Is it created specifically for this hack (I don't see it posted anywhere)?
  5. Awesome work. I wanted to help playtest this, but never really had the time. Sorry about that (probably wouldn't have made much of a difference anyway).
  6. I second this. FE10 already sort of did it with the various generals (which, outside of part 1, might as well be that game's version of unpromoted knights).
  7. I think everybody realises that. We're just throwing out suggestions.
  8. The point of discussion, though, was whether being locked to swords instead of lances helps or hinders Gwendolyn. That said, I wholeheartedly agree. If there's any class that deserves more than one weapon type at base, it's Knights. They could use both swords and lances back in FE1, so it's not like there's no precedent either.
  9. While I'm aware of all that, I feel that Gwendolyn actually being able to hit stuff on the first 6 maps after you recruit her helps her more than being swordlocked until promotion hurts her (I assume knights will be able to use more weapon types upon promotion to general). I also feel the need to point out that FE6 is one of the more player phase-oriented games in the series.
  10. How so? One of the things that made Wendy so hard to train in the original was that she joined as a lancelocked unit that joined right before a long stretch of almost nothing but axe enemies, making it hard for her to even hit most of them. It's, for example, rather risky for her to engage the pirate reinforcements in chapter 9, who are otherwise useful for training up weaker units. Cavaliers are already much better than almost everything else, and restricting what weapons each of them can use at base won't change that. As for Roy's promotion time, I feel that a good spot could be when Guinevere gives him the Fire Emblem (that is, upon clearing chapter 16).
  11. Understandable Should probably be doing exactly that myself, to be honest.
  12. Support boosts would definitely have to be rebalanced if such a thing where to be implemented. To be honest, it was sort of a spur of the moment suggestion, in hindsight not necessarily a good one. On the topic of supports, are you planning to recreate the limit FE6 placed on support points gained per chapter (as I don't think that is a thing in FE8)?
  13. You know, on second thought, I'm actually all for sword pegs. I'm personally against adding skills. Skills, IMO, should constitute a part of a character/unit's identity. With the original FE6 not having a skill system, I feel that there's not enough to go on when it comes to deciding what skills each character would have. Also, I would love for something like this to be implemented.
  14. For the wyverns, I'd have them like Path of Radiance (lances at base, gains axes upon promotion). Makes for a compromise between their GBA and modern incarnations.
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