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  1. Try years. Sumegari taught Corrin how to hold a weapon.
  2. Playable. So no Garon or Anakos or Sumeragi. Only Ryoma v Hinoka v Takumi v Sakura v Xander v Camilla v Leon v Elise. I think Hinoka and Camilla are out because Takumi's bow, and Leon's Magic. Elise and Sakura aren't exactly fighters. So I think it would come down to the bros.
  3. Not gameplay mind you, but since there are DLC where you could see this for yourself, who do you think is the strongest Royal. I'm talking One v One matches, and in cases like the DLC, Royal and Retainers vs Royal and Retainers.
  4. I've seen a lot of people like Ryoma. I love him too, but I want to know why so many people love him.
  5. It's like "I don't want to fight either of you" WHAT SO YPU WANT TO FIGHT BOTH OF US "No...that's not what I..." EXTERMINATE KAMUI
  6. But can't we talk? Without fighting? After all, were only the Kingdom suppressing your people for generations.
  7. Your right. I might have worded that wrong.
  8. I get that. But Hishido has gone through a lot of stuff to bring you home. It doesn't feel right to immediately go to war with them.
  9. But we just spent two seconds mourning the loss of [
  10. The best man in the world. He sends his wife love letters. Can you imagine Ryoma writing love letters in his room to his wife?
  11. Hoshido of course. Ryoma is one of the sweetest, nicest, and my favorite FE character. Hinoka is just sweet, and her whole reason she fights, and becomes a Pegasus Knight is cute. Takumi is just amazing. Sakura is best imouto. Besides. I hate Nohr!Corrin and how oblivious they are. I hate that most deaths in Conquest don't make you feel responsible, but someone else's and then they forget about there death. (Nohr Chapter 13 kinda cemented this for me). Honestly one of the worst stories in the series. However...it has some redeeming qualities like the varied mission objectives.
  12. Because he has a deep character, and well fleshed out. Gives a good kid, and doesn't kiss Kamuis ass. He's an actual character.
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