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  1. +strength,-luck luck is the worst stat and if you're making you're avatar a maid, you're gonna need the strength pretty badly since maids have shit strength.
  2. I love him as a character, but he's a really shitty unit and no one should use him, you get radd next chapter and i believe you get navarre the chapter after that, so he's absolutely pointless, some of the worst growths in the game, with subpar base stats.
  3. They're just not very good, for a normal mode run go ahead and use them, I usually play normal so I can just mess around and use whoever and all that, so I've used them a couple times, I'm pretty sure I've never kept with Bors to endgame because he just didn't really do anything. Bors is too well rounded I guess you could say and he doesn't really excel at a whole lot and I usually don't get very lucky with his level ups either. Barth for me fills a sort of niche for a physical super tank to a really crazy degree so as long as there aren't magic users I can just place him in a chokepoint with a killer lance and slaughter armies without taking any damage whatsoever. Don't use either though in hard mode, it's not worth the struggle at all.
  4. They'll have to be really high leveled to be gaining that little experience from enemies at around level 20, and it's pointless to get them that high because all their stats will be capped by like level 40-50 promoted with some exceptions, like Benny won't have capped speed, Arthur, won't have capped luck, Charlotte won't have capped resistance, etc. There's no point in trying to cap certain stats on certain characters if they have extremely low growths in those stats, it's not going to happen. This shouldn't even have to ever become a problem, so don't worry about it.
  5. i'm excited to play this dude thanks for this
  6. I love Azama dude, he's my favorite character in all of Fire Emblem, he's hilarious and witty and I love it. All his supports are pretty amazing too, which isn't surprising since he's such a great character. The game designers did such a good job with Azama's character. Not to mention the fact that he's a kickass unit as well. He's so good as a Great Master, it's unbelievable, he just tanks hits and kills everything. He's just amazing, by far the best character in any Fire Emblem game.
  7. Her entire personality pretty much amounts to "I'm bisexual. I really like girls!" so I don't think she's that great of a character.
  8. As much as I love Astore, I have to go with Legault here. I think he's a great character and a pretty good unit as well if you train him and he gets lucky with his strength. How good he is really depends on luck since he has a low strength growth, similar to Guy and Matthew.
  9. I see a lot of people saying they hate the reclass system, but I never see them saying exactly why. I personally really like the reclass system, and I feel that it can make the game feel fresh each time you play it if you reclass some of your units. One of my favorite things to do is to reclass Jake into a General since he's an absolute beast as a general and I make my unit a fighter a lot since the avatar is one of the best candidates for the fighter class and I really like the warrior class in this game. I also kind of like reclassing Doga into a hunter, since he gets super high speed and pretty good strength to go with it, along with great skill.
  10. Yeah, I really like this game and I wish it were localized. It's not surprising it wasn't though because of how Shadow Dragon did, but translating and putting it on the Virtual Console would be cool.
  11. Dieck has 14 con as a hero and he has really good stats, and his high skill will help him to hit with axes, he's a really good axe user actually. Gonzales should be used as well, because he's pretty absurd, but Dieck is not a bad axe user by any means.
  12. Here's some tips for you: 1.Even though people say it matters who you use between Lugh and Lilina, it really doesn't. They're both great units, Lugh has better availability and more skill and speed, but Lilina has a lot more magic and resistance with decent speed and decent skill. Lilina also has more luck I think, not completely sure though. Lilina also has some pretty good supports but so does Lugh. Lugh is probably a little bit better than Lilina based on stats and join time, but it doesn't matter which you choose. 2.Lot and Ward aren't that great. They have lower growths overall than most units, but if you want to use one, use Lot, Ward is horrible. 3.Use the arena in chapter 7. It will help a lot. This game is pretty tough so it's justified to use the arena for some exp and some gold. Dying in the arena shouldn't be a problem if you are using an emulator because you can just create a save state before you go in each time. 4.Knights are bad in this game. Just bench all the knights, they're all pretty bad in this game. Even if you have an extra slot just use someone else even if you already have someone of the same class on your team. 5.Alan and Lance are amazing. They're really good units, if you plan out your team and have an extra slot then you should use both Alan and Lance, they have a pretty good support together. 6.Wolt is really bad. Just don't use Wolt. Please. You get a better archer in chapter 6 anyways. Her name is Dorothy and she's not as bad as people say. She has superior growths to Wolt in every single stat except for like one or two stats. She also has better bases. She actually can turn out pretty good if you train her.
  13. Fiona is unusable on every mode. Geoffrey actually ends up really good if you exclusively use him in Part 2, and I used him because I wanted to focus more on my other units and because he was really good at the end of part 2.
  14. That's kind of similar to why I like Oscar so much even though Geoffrey was my main paladin, he's a good character, and he's amazing in both Tellius games. The only reason I used Geoffrey instead was because he capped almost everything without bonus exp and was like a level 5 silver knight at the end of Part 2.
  15. My personal favorite in this game as a unit is probably either Geoffrey, Titania, or Oscar, but as a character my favorite would be Makalov, Kieran, or Oscar.
  16. Use Canas, you can recruit him in chapter 16x, which you can unlock by keeping at least one green soldier alive in chapter 16. He's recruited by entering one of the houses on that map. Try to use Guy, but if he won't level up strength after a few levels you should probably bench him. Raven is a good unit, he's recruited in chapter 16 by a unit you'll get in a village in chapter 14.
  17. Turn 1:Rescue Erk with Marcus. Place Oswin on the little bridge closest to the ocean. Then have Hector and Guy take out the cavaliers in the back. Move the rest of your units carefully to avoid death. Turn 2:Drop Erk near Serra. Have Serra talk to Erk. Now make sure to keep Erk safe. Start sending units down towards the area by the ocean where the pirates move to. These pirates will be going for the villages so you'll need to get some units down there to fight them which shouldn't be too hard. Leave some units up near the mountains by the Village to the North to take care of the bandits. After this you should just be careful with your units and as for recruiting Priscilla keep units down near there and wait until you clear the pirates, bandits, and cavaliers and archers that charge at you before going to Priscilla's village. Once they are cleared go to Priscilla's village to recruit her. Then you just need to take care of Erik(the boss) and the cavaliers next to him and you'll be done with the map, just place Hector in Erik's range right at the end and keep your other units nearby to help take down Erik if Hector doesn't one round him and to help take out the other cavaliers. Make sure Hector has the Wolf Beil equipped.
  18. You should absolutely make her a light magic user, if you're not getting a custom sprite then probably use like the female bishop animations or something in first tier and Valkyrie second tier or something, but I'm sure if you asked you could get someone to help out with a custom sprite. Also, if you plan on doing things like this in the future you could also look into learning how to make custom sprites and animations for characters. I'm sure if you made a thread elaborating on this idea and asked for some help with it someone would help out.
  19. I love Shiro, he's the type of guy I'd hang out with, he's just way more laid back than other characters and he's not overly serious and he's more human than a lot of other characters and I just love him, he's amazing as a character and a unit.
  20. Pretty good unit, hate her character and supports though.
  21. I want to play this game again and I thought it would be fun if I just had the people on this forum decide which units I use. I'm either doing Eliwood normal or Eliwood hard for this run, the possibility of Eliwood normal is just because this is an experimental run and I've never done anything like it before. It probably will depend on what characters I get and when they join. I have set multiple choice to be enabled, but please only vote for three characters. 4 characters were not included, those being Eliwood, Geitz, Farina, and Karla. Eliwood is the main lord so I'm using him no matter what, Geitz is not in the poll because I can almost guarantee I will not get the Linus version of chapter 23. On the off chance that I do get that version, if Wallace is picked Geitz will be used in his place. Karla and Farina are not in the poll since they are only available in Hector's story. I may end up doing updates for this run on another thread, showing my progress and how my units are doing.
  22. Idk, you could probably hack him to turn him into Greil in appearance with Ike's stats or something like that or leave his model alone entirely and edit the game so his class is hero instead of lord with him appearing as a lord while still being a hero.
  23. I'd play it, I'd love to have a fresh experience of The Sacred Stones but so many people would be pissed. If this happened it shouldn't be advertised as a remake, but rather a retelling of The Sacred Stones.
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