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  1. That's a blessed Roy and also the hate for Roy comes from the fact that he doesn't promote until either the last chapter or one of the last chapters depending on if you have the legendary weapons or not.
  2. Higher strength cap, higher strength growth for Legault and Matthew, higher defense cap(maybe). Lethality doesn't need to be buffed, having lethality proc in the 20-35% range is perfectly fine how it is, also don't take away the ability to steal upon promotion. There, that's all that's necessary to fix assassins.
  3. Jakob x Setsuna is okay for a butler setup but if you want a really good butler setup you should probably go for someone with higher strength than that. Kaze x Felicia is absolutely horrible. You're just gonna get Midori with nothing but skill and speed and a useless 20% magic growth, and to add to all that, she gets a 22.5% strength growth without class bonus. Just don't do Kaze x Felicia. The bonuses Kaze and Felicia give each other are also completely useless. The only reason to ever do this pairing is if you are trying to challenge yourself to use the most horrible and utterly useless units in the entire game. Ryoma x Rinkah is okay, but you'd probably get a better Shiro out of someone else, so you should probably choose someone other than Rinkah because of how amazing Shiro is and you'll probably want to make the best of Shiro with him being one of the best children. Plus Rinkah's pair up bonuses would better serve someone else with lower strength, maybe Kaze, because Rinkah x Kaze Midori isn't too bad either. Hinata x Hinoka is really good, keep that pairing. The avatar's support partner doesn't really matter that much, it just depends on what you want Kana to do. Saizo x Sakura is bad because Sakura has better magic than strength and would be best paired with someone such as Hayato. With Sakura x Saizo Asugi will only have about 35-40% strength growth too. Kaden x Azura isn't very good in my opinion, Selkie already has enough skill and speed, she doesn't really need a ton more. Kaden should probably pair with a unit with higher strength. Takumi x Oboro is amazing, keep it no matter what. Subaki x Kagero is pretty good, but if you feel the need, you can swap Kagero for someone who may be even better suited for a pairing with Subaki, since Kagero is good for any physical unit to pair up with. I don't really have much else to say about the rest of the pairings, most of them are decent.
  4. How hard would it be for someone to hack away Ashnard's plot armor? I'd assume if someone could hack the game to randomize it that it wouldn't be too much of a problem to hack away Ashnard's plot armor. Plus if no one could hack away his plot armor, then the randomized run could just end before that chapter, it kind of sucks not to have the final chapter in the randomzied run, but I'd rather have a randomized run without the final chapter than not have a randomized run at all.
  5. For Camilla I would actually recommend Savage Blow as a skill to pass down to Midori. I don't know if this is just me, but I think Savage Blow is a great skill. If you're really set on using one of those three listed, I'd definitely recommend not to choose Vengeance. Sol could be pretty good on Midori, but Lifetaker could also be really good, it really just depends on whether you want to rely on chance that you'll be healed by an attack on both player and enemy phase or whether you want to have a 100% chance of recovering HP from killing an enemy on player phase. For Kaze if you're choosing either Luna or Astra I'd probably go with Luna to help out with high defense units who probably won't even be hardly damaged by an Astra from Midori.
  6. I really enjoy Fire Emblem randomized runs since it makes old games I've played before feel new and fresh and I almost always have a great time doing randomized runs. I personally really enjoy Path of Radiance so I was wondering if there's a chance of there being a PoR randomizer. I think a randomized run of PoR would be very enjoyable and I'm sure a lot of other people feel the same about that.
  7. I was playing through Fire Emblem again and I had decided to use Guy and he is an absolute god. As of now he is a level 3 swordmaster and here are his stats: HP:45 Str:23 Skill:19 Spd:22 Luck:16 Def:10 Res:5 I didn't use any energy rings on him either to get that strength. Guy is my best unit by far, the only unit I have that's as good as Guy is Lyn who is basically a clone of Guy statwise in this run.
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