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  1. Happy birthday

  2. i still need Kaze with renewal/lifetaker :<
  3. anyone have Kaze with renewal/lifetaker
  4. @bookworm: thank you! <3 @kazekaze: i have astra, quixotic, shurikenfaire, deathblow, aptitude on him
  5. i need death blow on Charlotte (she's awesome, her crit rate is 45% without death blow lol)
  6. thank you! i send chef hat to you
  7. both of them of course because i love tomato x pineapple :))
  8. still searching offense skill for percy+ignatius (astra/luna/rend heaven would be good)
  9. too lazy to read all post (i only read OP), but let me make this quick if i was Ryoma, i will kill Elise, even she is cute, twin-tailed, loli, children, not-legal, because the reason above, i will shoot her like Takumi did also regarding war policy.... NONONO, this is GAME not REAL LIFE, if you still apply IRL rules to game, what are? 8 years old? ps: no, i dont hate nohrian except lago, garon, hans, and zola, but really, sees someone who compare IRL rules with game totally irk me, i know conquest story is good, and birthright story is cliche, but please stop using IRL rules, with game, everything can happened on game
  10. you are a nice person, thank you!
  11. @addict punk+jaldaen thank you <3 i love both of you, --- i just need any offense skills on percy+iganitus+kaden
  12. whoops, i already put them back, sorry >_< its up to you anyway, i accept any acc~ --- anyway i need Setsuna; Death Blow, Quixotic, Hoshidan Unity, Rend Heaven/Luna Kaden + Ignatius + Percy: any atk skills like Luna/Rend Heaven/Astra Oboro: Quixotic I have rhajat with aptitude
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