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  1. I got Bernadetta, which is weird because the only things I feel like I have in common is that I like Bows and I'm introverted.
  2. Good lord, I am so hyped for Terry In Smash. I would have preferred Kyo, but I'll take and SNK fighting game rep I can get. I'm going to main him regardless of his tier placement, so this should be fun. I'M SO HYPED
  3. Ok here I go I guess. 1. Edelgard has such misguided beliefs and is completely irredeemable. 2. Claude is probably the best written lord in the series, and nothing about him contradicts anything in the story. 3. I'm not sure if its unpopular, but Hanneman is just really boring.
  4. How do paired endings work in this game? (non-Byleth) Is it the first A support or top person in their close allies? I'm wondering because if its the latter than some of my pairings are seriously screwed, and I've been hearing mixed things.
  5. I really dont understand why like, only five girls can marry Chrom. Sure, you get some after the timeskip, but why can't Miriel or Panne marry Chrom?
  6. I honestly love Lorentz so much. Like. Not even as a joke. He's my favorite character design wise right now. Honestly, I can't express how much I love this guy.
  7. Golden Deer. Claude Gang! Raphiel Gang! Lorentz Gang! ...... Just me?
  8. I don't have many super strong opinions when it comes to ships, but I do agree with almost every canon/pseudo canon ship. The only one I disagree with is Alm X Celica. Not because they don't have chemistry. But because I don't like my boy Atlas being done dirty in the romance department. Celica X Atlas all the way!
  9. I almost got Radiant Dawn at a reasonable price today, but an eBay Sniper Nuked me.
  11. You have Shannan and Atlas. Confirmed cool dude
  12. Voted once for Hicks and again for Alm. I just want hicks to not be the least popular character. He deserves better. Also, give me dong Alm or give me death.
  13. Team Stahl! Anyone? I love Stahl due to lots of things, mostly due to how laid back and chill he is. I like forming the farm boy triangle of Kellam, Stahl, and Donnel, as they are all characters I use. I appreciate how normal he is compared to everyone else in that game. Oh, and I like his design
  14. Playing FE7 for the first time, I remember I benched: Marcus, Rebecca, Lowen, Guy, Legault, Isadora, Nino, and Serra. I know I benched every pre-promote (I might have used Vaida.). I probably benched more though. I usually bench Jeigans (unless they are Oifey).
  15. I completely understand what you're saying. I said this without really thinking about orders because I don't really like to use them. I honestly don't think they are a huge part of the game, and I wouldn't care if they weren't in the next one, but I understand that other people like them/think they are important. I guess the way I would make it work is having the main character somehow communicate to the squad leader "Hey, can we do this?" and having him say yes. When you unlock new orders you just build trust with the squad leader who allows you to do more things. Also yes, tanks are dumb
  17. K so does Josie not stay with you in chapter 16? She lived in 16 but she's nowhere in 17.
  18. I unironically love the substitute characters due to their designs. Hawk, Tristan, Asaello, and Amid have some of my favorite designs in my game, and in Tristan's case, in the entire series. Characterwise its probably Leaf though.
  19. MAKE. THE. MAIN. CHARACTER. A. SIDE. CHARACTER. Let me explain. Instead of the main character being someone who commands the squad make him be a character similar to Jimmy Frank from VC4, whose story could be told through a collection of letters to his family instead of a journal/diary. Personally, I tend to like characters who aren't in the limelight all the time opposed to the leader/obvious hero. I think that Claud is infinitely better than any of the other main characters, but they should try something different for the next game. Also, just make a next game soon. Please.
  20. It all started with the Pokemon TCG for the gameboy color. .... T,U, and V are right next to each other on the character name screen and I me and my brother needed something to end it with (it couldn't have been Tuv, thats just stupid) so we added a Y, which was also close to T,U, and V. It stuck and here we are.
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