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  1. If I was reading this right through this article, even if I were to apply the patch to my copy of Birthright, is it true that Hans does not support online, update data or DLC? This is just what I've red.
  2. Sorry I meant if I were to apply the patch so when I put my physical copy of Birthright into Hans after having applied the patch, would it work in such a way that it's basically the japanese version translated?
  3. If say I wanted to Patch this onto a physical cart of FE Birthright for the sheer fact of wanting the delocalization in action would it work?
  4. Hello. I'm trying to patch my physical copy of Fire Emblem White Kingdom (JP) with the Fan Translation provided here. I am currently running a New 3DS on firmware 10.5. I have all the necessary files needed for the patch itself but have no idea how to apply the patch onto the game. Can anyone run me through the step by step or PM me what I need to do? I've tried using this one tutorial I found on youtube but it didn't work for me, I'm guessing because I have a Japanese copy on a English 3DS.... however I have homebrew and are able to play region free. Can anyone help me?
  5. I have Fire Emblem White Kingdom (JP) that I was planning to patching onto this game. My firmware is 10.5. If I were to patch it onto this game would I only have access to that side of the story or would I have access to both sides just not any of the DLC content?
  6. To buy IK since I have no access to the JP eshop would buying the Revelations DLC in NA sufice?
  7. Ah thank you. Umm stupid question but I'll ask it anyways. Now I got FE White Kingdom (JP) for the purpose of patching this game onto it. I also have FE Birthrights (NA) on my New 3DS. So to just make sure I'm following here when you say buy it yourself and patch it... well I'm just a little confused who I'm buying from. Sorry if I'm out of the know with all this information in advance.
  8. That's weird didn't the OP say all paths completed. Invisible Kingdom is being fixed. DLC and support is being translated? How does one go about rebuilding translated files that who provides?
  9. So if I'm grasping this right, you're saying that the the patch linked in the OP comes with all three paths. No need to buy a second game or DLC? I'm a bit confused about how you get the DLC maps or is that with the patch as well. Sorry this is my first time reading about this project.
  10. Out of curiosity... With the NA release of Fire Emblem Fates coming out this coming Friday, is there any idea regarding when the game in full will be translated including all three stories, the support, DLC and all that. Not to rush or anything of course. I'm looking forward to playing the game in full as it was meant to be played... uncensored.
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