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  1. I see, I see. I take back what I said about Sothe then.
  2. FE1: Jake and Beck, for anyone who doesn't know, ballista in FE1 are two ranged locked like regular archers, and are stuck with 4 movement and worse terrain penalties than armor knights. FE2: Maybe Forsyth, Atlas, or Valbar. Forsyth is discount Lukas, which wouldn't be so bad, but Lukas' big niche is being helpful early on, so a late joining Lukas is redundant. Atlas is a villager who joins relatively late and can be made into something like a Dread Fighter, but he requires much more investment than the three other Dread Fighters gotten before. And Valbar is put in a unfortunate area, where you already had Saber as a good tank, and while he can tank decently, you're immediately greeted to harsh terrain in desert maps and swamp maps, plus countless magic users that result in him being a sitting duck. FE3 (Book 2 in particular): Roshea, he's the second to last paladin in a game flooded with cavaliers and paladins, he lacks the ability to use silver swords at base, he's immediately forced to dismount after recruited further nerfing his stats, and speaking of his stats, his stats are worse than Midia, Abel, and they're even just on par if not worse than Sirius who joined 15 maps ago. FE4: Arden/Hannibal, there isn't much discussion here, low movement armors in a game that favors movement. FE5: Miranda, the only unpromoted mage who doesn't promote into a sage hurts her a lot. She doesn't have the advantage of high promo bonuses or staves, and when she has to dismount indoors she has less movement than her unpromoted class. She also joins halfway through the game and recruiting her means not recruiting Sleuf, Misha, or Amalda. FE6: Wendy/Sophia, The previous replies have already explained these two units in depth, I assume. FE7: Karla, Joins too late, is a swordmaster in a game that's bias against swords, and requires training up another underwhelming unit. FE8: Amelia/Ewan: Both have the same issue of joining late with underwhelming performance, again, all the other replies in this thread have already went into detail about one or the other. FE9: I'm not too familiar with FE9, but I'm inclined to say maybe Rolf or Sothe. FE10: haven't played FE11: Macellan. In chapter 8 you recruit Roger, who is supposed to be a replacement of Draug, when Draug isn't even that good to begin with. Then you get Dolph as a replacement of Roger, then Macellan as a replacement of Dolph. You can probably already visualize this, but Macellan is just worse than all the previous knights before in both bases and growths, and even when evaluating him in a vacuum, he has low weapon ranks for the time he joins in the game, and being stuck in class B, he doesn't have access to much classes to take advantage of the weapon rank he does have. FE12: Bantu. One thing that's true about all the previous units is that even if the payout isn't a lot, you can theoretically train and make them workable. That isn't the case for Bantu in FE12. Bantu on join have extremely low bases, notably his hp that would get him one rounded by chapter 1 enemies, even with the dragonstone bonuses he gets one rounded in his join map by every enemy aside from Roger. His extremely low growths, so no matter how much you train him, he will most likely remain the same. No access to promotion or reclassing. And because you can't buy more firestones on H3 and up, if you do go through with trying to train him, if his firestone breaks, he quite literally cannot fight anymore. Bantu is the biggest nerf I've ever witnessed from a unit in a fire emblem remake. FE13-14: haven't played FE15: See FE2 FE16: Have not gotten far enough to form an opinion.
  3. Playing a rom hack or creating one? You have to be a bit more specific.
  4. You either applied the optional 0% growth patch by mistake, or you're insanely unlucky. When you patch the rom make sure you pay attention to which patch you're using if you're applying any of the optional ones.
  5. -Give enemy dragons 1-2 range -Make nomads weak to horse slaying weapons -Remove ambush spawns -Add droppable items
  6. OMG THIS, all of this. With Makalov, I can at least understand the hate (though I do not agree with it), but I just can't understand the excessive hate towards Matthis. He's not even really a bad guy, he's just a guy who has a lot of flaws and is overprotective of his sister. One thing I love about Makalov and Matthis is that it's nice seeing cavalier units who aren't your generic courageous, strong, loyal, knightly character. One thing that boils my blood is how people use a Matthis's AI as a reason to hate him though. "Oh, I left my defenseless cleric in range of a cavalier. fuck matthis" Yet, no one ever gives a shit about how Astram can kill his wife, Wendell can kill his student, or Castor can kill Caeda, or like, literally any unit who isn't recruited by Marth. He's probably the character I've seen hated the most while also simultaneously really doesn't even do much aside from existing. And I'm tired of getting attacked for liking said character every time I merely mention them, Jesus. I don't have much to say about Kris. The only other character aside from Matthis that I feel bad for is Olwen considering how much hatred she receives just because she's worse than Illios.
  7. I have a soft spot for Matthis and Tomas, in the Archanean games. In Jugdral, I love using Arden and Marty. As for Magvel, I love Marisa from the bottom of my heart and use her a lot.
  8. That's not something you can really do with FEBuilder, you'd have to go in and modify it yourself using assembly.
  9. It's fun being a little crazy. Though I haven't played 0% FE12 Lunatic Reverse yet, instead I'm doing a meme run on Lunatic Reverse and it's incredible.
  10. Some characters off the top of my head are Tomas, Nomah, Marisa, and Knoll.
  11. Move Boah up one, he's Wendell that joins later but with 15 speed which is obscene, he doubles nearly the whole game. Move Bantu up one or two places, Dragonstones are broken in FE1 so he deserves to be a bit higher. Move Roger and Macellan down one, overall their as good or worse than Draug there's no reason they should be above him though. Move Matthis and Roshea up one, Matthis is like a slightly worse Cain who can use silvers at base, Roshea is a slightly worse Abel who can also use silver lances at base. Jagen goes two spaces up, promotion items come late and being your only prepromoted unit, and 10 move unit for a while is good and he's definitely better than Midia and Arran. Move Tomas up one or two, like Palla he has a high base level that allows him to quickly promote into a unit as good as Jeorge, he's also one arm scroll away from getting Parthia at base and the Parthia, arm scrolls, and Orion's bolt all come in his join map. Conversely, Castor's inability to promote in FE1 also docs him a ranking in my books. Wrys and Lena also go up one or two because they're the only healers you have before Wendell which has it's uses. And lastly, Wolf and Sedgar move up one because of mounted utility.
  12. You know, you never realize how little units you get in these games until you play a RR run and you already have midgame units in chapter 6.
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