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  1. Oh damn, an update on the patch. Am I living in a dream? But honestly, I am glad we finally got to see more progress on FE4 :D
  2. Oh damn, an update on the patch. Am I living in a dream? But honestly, I am glad we finally got to see more progress on FE4 :D
  3. Oh damn, an update on the patch. Am I living in a dream? But honestly, I am glad we finally got to see more progress on FE4 :D
  4. Apologies for the necro, but I must point out that the .zip folder is missing the "FE5 Character List.txt" file in it. You can easily find the same file in other Nightmare folders, but I jsut wanted to point this out for those who have trouble getting this editor to work on Nightmare
  5. Granted! But the game crashes because of it... I wish that I would be better at composing music
  6. Granted! But now your personal life is Shit. I wish that-Atk IVs were not a thing in Fire Emblem Heroes
  7. Granted! But the clones have a severe identity crisis and kill the original so that they can take their place I wish that some obscure SNES games were much more popular today...
  8. Granted, but you now sleep for 20 hours a day, no matter what I wish that I could turn back time
  9. Granted, but it comes at the cost of the city never winning any sports related trophies ever again I wish that I would have better wish ideas for this thread
  10. Granted, but you can only edit the WikiCommons section, and not the main site. Have fun! I wish that my 3DS had an infinite battery life
  11. Granted, but you end up having cancer instead I wish that I could have a girlfriend How original
  12. Granted, but you can only visit regions that are still fans of the nazi ideology I wish that my region would not have to deal with a snowstorm right now
  13. Granted! ...But that "meat" turns out to be still alive, and eats you while you are still breathing... yikes... I wish that Sigurd would've beaten Tharja in the latest FEH voting gauntlet
  14. So I guess some people can't get enough of a gimmicky child abuser, since they let her win once again, while ignoring one of the better lords in the franchise... Oh well, I shouldn't be salty like that, but I am honestly a bit bitter :/
  15. OliKad

    Lamia's FE4 stuff

    Just like you two skill rings don't actually give you +10 Skill?
  16. Well ouch, lacking free time is never a good thing in my book. I hope it will... somehow fix itself for you soon enough :/ Anyways, granted! But you can only visit much worse realities than this one I wish that I could fly for an unlimited amount of time
  17. God dammit I actually chuckled at that Granted! But it now happens to you on every other thread you are on I wish that I could play FE Heroes without a cell phone
  18. Granted! But now you can no longer feel anything from them, making you terrible at simple everyday things. I wish that Radiant Dawn was more balanced... It's been a while Rezzy, how are you doing?
  19. Granted! But you can only get to a few specific locations in your whole life! I wish that Thracia 776 would get more respect from gamers.
  20. The patch is pretty good so far, but I did found a really weird glitch in Chapter 6 of Book 1 when recruiting Bantu...
  21. But who enjoy those streams with some nerd ranting over gameplay footage?
  22. Your name doesn't make sense, you must be the most awful person of all time
  23. When did you play this game the first time? Only two months ago How did you get introduced into this game? My best online friend recommended it to me even if I was scared of it Do you play it on a rom, or do you even have a physical copy? I played it the less legal way... Have you played it before or after FE4? After Was FE5 your first FE game? HELL NO, it was FE7 for the record How often have you finished the game yet? Only once How many hours do you usually need to complete this game? I'd say it took me around 30 hours, maybe more Have you unlocked all gaiden chapters yet? Yes, I did Have you recruited all characters yet? No, because I haven't played route B yet Do you prefer the A or B routes in terms of maps and recruitable characters? A, just from what I have heard Which three things do you really like in FE5? Capturing, PCC, Unit Balance Which three things do you really dislike? Occasional Bullshit, a very few maps (22, 24x, 14x) and Berdo as a final boss Would you like to see some unique mechanics like capturing and fatiuge (in main game) returning? Of course! Would you agree with that statement that FE5 had amazing potential, but didn't exhaust it completly? I disagree, I believe FE5 executed its potential extremely well Would you agree with that statement that FE5 has the best gameplay ideas? Yes, other FE games almost feel tame after playing Thracia tbh Would you agree with the statement that FE5 is the most balanced FE game? I also agree, thanks to fatigue and dismounting. PCC/Skills helps too How would you rank the difficulty in this game? Very high, but not as impossible as some people claim it to be Would you recommend someone to play FE5 blind? I still wouldn't, game is too hard and still requires a guide sometimes, BUT it does tell you about most of its cryptic things through its dialogue, so you just gotta pay attention to it Which three advices would you give someone who will play this game the first time? 1- Capture as much as you can 2- Use your prepromotes 3- Make sure to fulfill as many side objectives as possible Who's your favorite character personalitywise? Othin :D I like his brash personality, even if he's not THE most deep and well-written character in the game Who's your favorite character gameplaywise? Olwen! Daim Thunder is really fun to use Who's usually your MVP in your playthrough(s)? Olwen with a Vantage scroll, otherwise it could be Finn or Homeros What's your favorite chapter? Chapter 14 - Open Fire What's your favorite map theme? Leif's theme - or maybe Charge A What's your favorite battle theme (main battles, boss battles)? Enemy Phase theme, it fits the crisis mood perfectly What's your opinion of the art in this game? In-game animations and sprites are great - better than FE4, even - and the official art is really pretty too, with its more vibrant colors compared to FE4 What's your opinion of the story in this game? Underrated, it's almost as good as FE4's narrative despite being on a much smaller/personal scale. Leif's development as astonishing How would you rank the story from 1 to 10? 9/10 How would you rank the gameplay from 1 to 10? 9.5/10 How would you rank the game overall from 1 to 10? 9.776/10 Does FE5 need a remake? It still does, just so that more people may get the motivation to play it Does FE5 need a better translation patch? ...Is this even a question? Could you imagine to replay FE5 sometime in the future? Of course, just to say that I have completed the B route
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