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  1. Does anybody have suggestions for optimal Revelation pairings? I need any help that I can get
  2. If you do decide to go with Niles x Nyx then Nina would get access to Diviner which is a Hoshido-exclusive class
  3. What I'm thinking of doing for Revelations is (mainly for child optimization): I'm really unsure about all of these so any and all help would be much appreciated.
  4. They all seem pretty solid but I would give Velouria a mom with a better strength mod because Selena is a pretty mediocre mom no matter who you pair her with. What I would do is pass Camilla to Flannel Keaton and give Selena to Niles(She hurts Eponine the least) and then Kaze would get Felicia. Midori would then have a higher magic mod so you could make her an explosive shuriken user as an elite ninja or a shining bow user if you want to keep her as a great merchant
  5. The unit optimization thread was getting really messy and confusing so I just decided to create a new one where people can post their units and/or their pairings asking for advice. If you do ask for help please specify which route your playing and whether or not you want to focus of kids. Thanks!
  6. Either is good but would it be worth it transferring her into the Peg Line or keep her as a Paladin
  7. Is Dwyer a good candidate because he has good enough strength for it and if someone doesn't get the DLC asap then he would keep his hidden weapon rank
  8. Should Sophie marry Shigure to gain access to the Peg Line?
  9. But I might also be using a Effie!Percy (Lutz) so should I have some diversity with a flying support unit instead of two Wyvern Lords or just have two?
  10. Do you think Leo would function better as a Dark Knight or Grandmaster? He seems like one of the best options because he keeps his weapon ranks.
  11. So would Shigure function better as a Wyvern Lord or a Falcon Warrior?
  12. If he would be mainly using the Shining Bow which is magical wouldn't he benefit more from Bowbreaker rather than Bowfaire if he would be a Kinshi Knight?
  13. For Joker!Shigure should I keep him in the Peg line (probably promote him to Falcon Warrior) or should I switch him into becoming a Wyvern Lord?
  14. On the wiki it shows that if Jakob is his father then he gets Wyvern Rider, and I've seen it on a couple other threads too.
  15. If I bought the map pack would I still be able to play them on a different. For example, if I bought them in Conquest could I still use them in Revelations and Birthright? Also, would a +Str/-Res Corrin be a good Lodestar?
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