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  1. Finally Lachesis got the justice she deserved! Also this makes me wish for a genealogy remake so badly!!
  2. My favorite video game franchise is actually The Legend of Zelda and then Fire Emblem. Pokemon is another I like, I love Ace Attorney and have played all of them. Super Smash Bros obviously. For Mario I have only played the 3d ones since I wasn't around the side scroll era to be nostalgic. On the switch I enjoyed Octopath Traveler and can't wait until the second game. I have played some of the 2d metroid and I really want the prime trilogy to be released on switch bc I haven't played it. If we go out across nintendo then some of my most favorites from other platforms would be Uncharted, Assassins Creed, Bioshock, Jak, Sly Cooper, Tomb Raider
  3. Without spoilers, can someone, who has info on the game give any insight into how difficult hard mode is. Whether it is increased enemy stats, more skills, less grinding... it would be great to know. And also if anyone can give comparisons to how hard Three Houses Hard mode is to other difficult modes in FE games?
  4. Does anyone know if the Central Time is doing this? For us it will be 11:00 PM.
  5. Oh wow, that’s OP. I was wondering since they were balancing the skills into class and professor, would it have been possible to abuse the reclass system to get skills from other classes just like how players did in fates by reclassing their units and then leveling them up to a certain lvl and then reclassing back to gain those new skills. But it seems that mastery is pretty hard as I do believe mastering advanced classes require 200 exp, and 1 attack is 1 exp and I have no idea how much a kill is worth in exp.
  6. Can someone explain how mastery of class skills work? From what I hear, you can only have 3 class skill slots. So my question is, let’s say you promote Byleth into a hero, we know he gets swordfaire and vantage. Does he have to unlock those class skills by mastery or does he get them automatically and he will get a new skill if he masters the class?
  7. Oh, you are right! I wonder if you can do that? But isn't it true that some side quests also take some activity points?
  8. Hey guys, so I have been pondering on a couple of questions about the exploration part of the monastery. They are really specific and probably are unnecessary to worry about before the game's launch but I just can't stop thinking about them. I'll ask them now, with a little added speculation. Q1: Will the exploration of the monastery be different every week or every month? From what I hear, it is probably every month because apparently if you finish all the side-quests in the month then new ones won't appear until the next month, but I am not sure if this is right. Will this only affect side quests or character dialogues, because I hope that the game doesn't incentivize players to explore every week, because then whats the use of seminar and most probably battle if people are OCD over if they got everything (no offense but I would also have this feeling in an RPG like this) Q2: Will lost items and side quests carry over each month? It would be great if it carried over but I also wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't. It just seems that exploration might be something that people who want to complete as much as they can would want to finish it all in a week and spend the extra weeks in the month on skirmishes and seminars, and maybe rest. From what I hear from people previewing the game a couple of days ago, most reviewers would spend the first week of the month dedicated to the monastery and then manage from there. This could be that they realized that they can finish all quests and stuff they need to do in one week without having the spend another week on it when they can do other stuff. Q3: Will activity points for exploration replenish every week or every month? This is one of the first things I asked myself and speculated ever since the reveal of the monastery and professor level in the famitsu article. If its every month then that means you really need to think about what you want to spend your activity points on. If its every week then is it only possible to maximize everything by doing the monastery every weekend? Maybe this question was answered but I haven't been able to find it. If anyone has answers to these questions, please respond below. This is probably something that is irrelevant to worry about since its only 11 days until the release of three houses, but trust me when i say these things are not deteriorating my hype but instead making me grow more excitement for the game. Thank you
  9. Black Eagles: I love the color red, edelgard is a prominent axe lord and I really want to experience it again since hector, petra is my waifu, and linhardt is basically me in real life and also lyn is my fire emblem waifu and reinhardt is my favorite meme.
  10. Does anyone have any information on any specific differences between the normal and hard mode of three houses? I would like to play on hard mode because I want to play every route on hard at least. If i start on normal I will feel like i need to play each route on normal and then hard which i may not have the time for, because we have yet no info on what to expect gameplay wise in the war phase. From what i see so far in the combat, it really looks like it is harder to follow-up attack in three houses. Basically double enemies Maybe its from footage of hard mode which we may not be aware off or the possibility that the player just didn't train these characters and these they can easily be killed in battle. I maybe over exaggerating since i have played most of the fire emblem games on the hardest difficulty so hard mode won't be as frustrating as I believe it will be. But those were from first playing the game on normal and the only game i have played that i skipped straight too hard mode was echoes.
  11. I dislike how many people are shrugging off saying that they don't want to pull on this banner because they don't know the character Duma. At least it's not another Camilla! This kind of shows that there are a lot of people in the community that cherish characters they already know like Fates and Awakening, which fuels the reason as to why IS keeps sending out more alts. I feel like people should be more excited to see a character on a banner even if they don't know who it is. The latter will prove my point when the trailer gets really low likes than dislikes from other fates special hero banner trailers and other trailers that pissed off the community.
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