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  1. For anyone who had similar problems to mine, In order to fix hackingtoolkit version 9, you need to get the ucrtbased.dll and vcruntime140d.dll and put it in the install location.
  2. If anyone knows how to get the mod up and running, please message me.
  3. Doing either of these did not help. And my MSDC Adapter got hot. As well as the MSDC itself.
  4. A 32FAT File System 32 GB It has 6,065,782,784 bytes of storage space left I removed my dump file so I should have enough space left. Just in case, I will commence repacking now with Hackingtoolkit V9. V12 didn't work and I heard that 9 would.
  5. Upon trying to install the CIA (That I repackaged with the Hackingtoolkit ver 9) I Got the following error: Failed to install CIA file. Result code: 0xD8E08025 Level: Permanent (27) Summary: Invalid argument (7) Module: AM (32) Desc: Invalid NCCH (37) @AgahnimD
  6. Here we are. Should I rerun SetupUS.exe? Edit: Solved. I now have the packed CIA.
  7. It's no good. But I'm having some packing problems now. I edited my last post accordingly. One of the files popped to 0 bytes then reverted to it's original size. I started to rebuild it again to find exactly what went wrong. something about a dll.
  8. Everything else, though, is going smoothly. Thank you so much for the help! Though, rebuilding is taking awhile and nothing is really happening in the folder where the cia is. I'm kinda worried. I didn't input the minor or micro versions because i don't know what they are, but I got an error about a dll.
  9. And boom, it's running. Now, how do I get my save files into the CIA upon installing it? @AgahnimD
  10. I have run it. I'll try that and reply back in just a second. Though a few initial uses, no i didn't run it.
  11. I have a Conquest Save. I just bought all of the other paths. Copying my saves over the Extra Data ones worked like a charm; Thank you so much T he CIA I'm working with, however, is a Special Edition (USA) one. The file size is approximately 1,824,532,800 (Not on disk) Will it be compatible with those saves? I'll have a few screenshots of what the Hackingtoolkit is doing (Or rather, not doing) in just a moment. Stay tuned!
  12. It's not showing my save datas from my Birthright or Revelations saves. I backed it up using checkpoint, but they're not there. Are they completely inaccessible? Frankly, they're the ones I needed the most. Also, when I use the hacking toolkit to extract a CIA, it QUICKLY finishes and nothing changes within the folder. Am I also missing something there? Sorry for all the trouble. I've been trying to get this up in running for days.
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