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  1. Would I be able to use homebrew on 10.5 with cubic ninja? It wouldn't require internet that way?
  2. No I never installed it. If I was able to get a 3ds with firmware 10.3 or around 9.2 would it be easier to access Menuhax?
  3. Just got my SE today and was going to use the undub but the new update 10.6 just came out. I'm still on 10.5 and am trying to use browserhax, but whenever I try to use the internet it tells me I need to update. Is there anyway I can use the internet without updating to 10.6 so I can use browserhax?
  4. I just wanted to thank everyone who's working on this project! I was really looking forward to the Japanese voices, names and Amie and was pretty bummed when I heard they weren't going to be included. Looking forward to using this! ^-^
  5. If your getting one version of the game and the other version as dlc, will you also be able to patch the dlc version?
  6. Just wondering if you'll also be adding in the other voice options in the character creation section?
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