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  1. Camerupt is a good one. Tyranitar is a great one, if you use him right. Maybe replace encor on Ninetails with ice-beam. Maybe replace u turn with Sunny day. Blaziken is really good. I like using Whirlipede quite a bit. Talonflame is uber tier in online battles. If you get one make sure it has roost, brave bird, and flame charge.
  2. Leo has 13 base state with a 65% growth rate. so he is the best if going by that.
  3. I started with Wing, but Iron Blooded Orphans is a good place to start. Unicorn is on Toonami right now.
  4. How do we get the wallpapers? And how do you check the poll so far?
  5. Mario Run came out last month though. It's not really good. You get three levels then have to pay ten dollars to unlock the other ones.
  6. So, I bought a few songs off Itunes a while back, (i deleted one of them, want to redownload it) However it's trying to make me re-purchase the songs. Any ideas? And for one one of them, it took the mone, and never downloaded, and now wants me to buy it again.
  7. That game looks cool. But why are you in my kitchen?
  8. Yeah, the other girl i'm sorta interested in. (Whom I kinda nervous to talk to) would have no idea what the heck it meant. But that is a bit starnge.
  9. So, anyone know how to make certain videos on youtube private? I've made some non-letplays and wanted to hide them, but don't know how. (I can't even figure out how to delete them.)
  10. If anything ever works out between me and the girl I'm going for, and I called her that, she would probabbly hit me.
  11. Hey Banny this stuff is pretty good. I'm an artist myself, but I mainly do paint. (acrylic. I HATE OIL PAINTING WITH A PASSION!) Anyway how did you make the custom sprite?
  12. I don't knw how people with kids have time for anything? Maybe it's because I've been watching "Who's your daddy?" on youtube. Very weird game.
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