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  1. Hello! I am working on a Pick My Edits for Shadows of Valentia! Right now, it's getting crazy, with a bunch of changes already suggested from Reddit, but I'd like your input as well! But first some things to keep in mind: You can edit anything you want: Base Stats, Growths (and apparently you can have the Movement stat have a growth), Skills, Spells and Spell lists, etc. You can even edit some of the dialogue if you want to, just be aware that there'll be no voice. Characters can only have 6 spells total in their spell lists. Please look at the Valentia PME Google Doc for all the planned changes, and make suggestions based on what's already there. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DsBM5zGd7PHOig5ys8J8IHeD1XURDbeL7cuLIbZtytM/edit?usp=sharing _________________________________________________ The following spoiler has a demo for Act 1. It also tells you what has changed. I want this to become as ridiculous as possible, so please suggest anything you want! Thank you, ~WuBoy
  2. New Update! Chapter 15: Corrin looks for Azura to ask why she cursed Garon. In Valla, Azura passes Valla off as just being a secret place. After the chapter ends dialogue is changed. Azura reveals Garon's losing his humanity and her song in Nestra could help bring it back, though Garon slipped too far. Corrin does not know about Valla, and Corrin and Azura decide to keep Garon’s lost humanity a secret. I'm still looking for a better way to change the crystal ball and Hoshidan Throne.
  3. I just started a Google Doc for any and all changes. Link to it is here and in the OP. Valla/Revelation plot hook? As in basically the entirety of Conquest's Chapter 15, the crystal ball, and Garon praying to Anankos? If I'm wrong about that please tell me, but I'm definitely going to try and make the Crystal Ball better, and if I can't I'll try and write it out.
  4. All of these are good ideas, and thank you for the suggestions! I'm starting on the writing right now, here's what's done so far: Chapter 3: Instead of Hans being a criminal, he is a general of Nohr that only follows Garon's orders. After shoving Gunter into the Bottomless Canyon Hans does not say he is under Garon's orders, giving Corrin less reason to suspect Garon. Chapter 14: Instead of Corrin being completely unaware that Azura is on the stage, they recognize the song and voice. When Azura comes back, Corrin asks her if she was on the stage. Azura tries to deny it but Corrin, through the use of passive aggressive emphasis, is not going with any of Azura's shit and surprises Azura, basically catching her in the act. After beating the chapter, Corrin thinks about why Azura would sing that song for Garon. What do you think so far? I'm busy trying to think of ways to implement all of your ideas but I'm sure this will turn out well.
  5. Recently, a script editor for Fire Emblem's 3DS titles was released, which you can find here: http://gbatemp.net/threads/fire-emblem-conversation-editor-awakening-fates.460908/. I thought that this was my chance to actually fix story issues that don't make any sense, such as Corrin and Co. not realizing that Azura was on the Nestra stage or the dumb crystal ball. However, I'm terrible at thinking of plot elements that aren't good, and therefore I'm asking you guys. When you comment, could you: A) State the plot point that you feel needs to be changed. B) State the chapter the plot point takes place in. C) Explain why the plot point needs to be changed. In the end I'm hoping to turn this into a Rom Hack of Fire Emblem Fates with all the script changes intact. Thank you in advance for your time, ~WuBoytH Update 1: Here is a link to the Google Doc with all of the planned/included changes to this Fates Rewrite.
  6. Hi Serenes! I'm wondering if anyone knows how to edit the convoy in this game through hex editing or other means. If anyone can tell me, that's be greatly appreciated.
  7. You have the Japanese version? Then I assume you're getting the patch for the non-localized names in English. That already exists. May I direct you to the almost complete translation patch? http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=56220 If you're not trying to patch for the names, and trying to get Black Kingdom without buying it, you can't. Because you have the physical version of the game, Black Kingdom is not on your game cart; it's counted as DLC.
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