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  1. Oh wow whoops I definitely forgot to check this for a while I definitely can do that, I guess we're getting a Devil Axe wielder for both routes!
  2. Kliff will snipe the archers where noone else can!
  3. 🤔 Then I'll try adding it in. As it turns out, Divide doesn't do anything in the player's hands, but I left it on Faye to show her, uh, demonic nature. Also I gave Mathilda the Heavy Armor skill but it didn't show up in my debug save file, maybe it'll show up on a normal runthrough? Definitely let me know if it does. FESOV PME Alpha 3.5 - Divide Doesn't Work but Faye Has It Anyway.zip
  4. That would require editing every enemy in every map individually, I think I'd rather just add a 1% growth rate to skill and movement instead
  5. I think the best way would be to just have her start with summon zombie, then have her learn summon necrodragon later. Not quite sure what will happen tho since I'm pretty sure normally you can only have one summon per character, but we'll see
  6. You have to do it in the Dispos editor, you have to find the name of the map (which is in Japanese) and edit the item drop there. ... A cantor with FE6 Karel's Growthrates? I can't wait to see her enemies squirm. Any specific spells you want on her?
  7. They'll be under Items, but they're all listed in their Japanese name, so they're a bit annoying to find and figure out. Like, Miasma for instance is called Slime/スライム. Who's gonna be the victim I mean proud recipient of the Cantor class?
  8. I've updated the PME again! I've added everything highlighted in green in the document, so definitely take a look! I think at this point, I should start adding changelogs to the PME zip file... FESOV PME Alpha 3.zip
  9. Egg-breath? That's a new nickname... I'll see into those, idk about removing the damage restriction on Lightning Sword but giving Dread Fighters skills and the Devil Axe combat arts shouldn't be too hard
  10. Well that just sounds fun to use now! I never had a reason to use Aura in the original game... That is because I have once again pulled a dumb and didn't give the Mage class access to White Magic! I've attached one more version below that fixes that, and also adds the requested changes like Valbar is a Guardian and Aura can crit and stuff FESOV PME Alpha 2.9 - Now Mae REALLY Has Warp.zip
  11. Yeah whoever wanted Lukas to be a Cleric didn't give him Nosferatu, so uh whoop, same with Kliff and Fire Mae's supposed to have Warp instead of Fire, but oops I have her Aura twice FESOV PME Alpha 2.8 - Now Mae Has Warp.zip
  12. Yeah, I think I had to set them to have Fire as a default weapon so that they could use magic, unsure if I can remove it and have those classes keep their spell lists but I'll test it later If they don't need to have Fire as a default, I'm gonna remove it.
  13. I mean, all of the edits aren't up to me, it's a Pick My Edits after all. If you want to add something, then feel free to add it. I even reorganized the Changelist document so player character changes are easier to read, so have a look!
  14. OK I just checked, I kinda just screwed up editing most of these, I do most of the editing when it's late at night and I'm very tired, whoops! I've attached an updated version in this post, but if there's anything still wrong, definitely be sure to let me know! Also, I learned that just setting a class so that they can use magic isn't enough, you have to set their "magic level" as well. And if a class doesn't have an attacking animation for magic, if you use it at range, they use their ranged animation. For lances, they throw an invisible javelin, then you wait for like 10 seconds and the enemy just explodes. Valbar becomes the ultimate protector, more at 11. FESOV PME Alpha 2.5.zip
  15. Probably the most important change in existence holy hell Remember: Saber's name is now Eggman and he fast as fukk Are there any spells you want Saber specifically to have? He can have up to 6. I made a mistake in that version, I just forgot to change Lukas's class to Cleric. I did give him the stats and growths and spell list, tho! Also, I mark things down as green when I add them to the mod, so the document probably won't completely reflect what's different in the attached version of the mod. What other characters are supposedly changed? I need to know so I can fix them
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