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  1. Looking for 2x Ike 6/4 Promos P01-009PR Cordelia 4x P01-013PR Marth 1x (Not reprint) P04-010PR Lucina 1x SRs Rs
  2. No Set 5 stuff. Hoping to get old cards. Wants Set 2 008SR Hinoka 4x 012SR Sakura 3x Promo Flora Caravan promo 1x Felicia Caravan promo 1x Haves Send me a pm if you are interested in anything. Open to trades and cash.
  3. This looks pretty well made. I wonder if it's better than Lackey. I'll have to try it out later.
  4. Been a long time since I last made a sale pst. I'm away from home now so I dont know my entire inventory at the momment but I'd like to throw out there that I'm looking for some cards. Wants Set 2 Hinoka SR 4x Sakura SR 3x For Sale Set 3 Mia SR 4x $18 ea. Or all 4 for $65. Set 4 Lucina SR 3x Make an offer. Promos P04-009PR Marth 1x P04-010PR Lucina 2x I'll update this with a complete list when I get back but feel free to inquire if I have a card. Open to both trades and sales.
  5. Astra is pretty right. At least in Japan's markets female characters with good art tend to be priced high. Then you add on rarity and card effects and the price goes even higher. In addition, TIki SR is the kind of card you would want multiple copies of in a deck as opposed to a SR card like Marth B01, Chrom B01, Itsuki, etc that you would only need one of for play value. If you look at cards like Corrin F SR, Camilla SR, and Elise SR, you can see the trend.
  6. Updating my sale list Looking for Cordelia B01-75SR 3x Cynthia R+ 1x For Sale: PM if interested!
  7. Wow my last post got buried in only a few days. Updating my sale list 4/8: Updated with Ellicia SR, Leanne R, and Set 4 Marth PR For Sale:
  8. Updating my list! Hello all, I'm kinda new to this forum. I've been doing most of my trading and selling on the Facebook Foreign group so I thought I'd expand over to Serenes too. I've made some trades here already and I hope to make more! I'm interested in Here's what I have for sale or trade. PM if interested! I ship from the US.
  9. Other than Shigure and Ema? Not really. After some thought I think the only changes I'll try to make are removing 1 cost 1 Camilla and 2 Cost 5 Felicia and add 3 Cost 4 Corrin M SR.
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