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  1. Going off the back of this... https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-fire-editor-fire-emblem-awakenings-save-editor.397493/ Try that and let me know if helps. I don't know where saves for Citra are stored since my laptop can't run it but I vaguely remember getting this save editor working for myself at one point or another.
  2. An ideal way to balance this would be swap the Axe for a Lance and rebalance the stats to accomodate the change. It wouldn't be perfect but it'd provide an alternative class to make use of those weapons barring Falcon Knight and Bride. Realistically the best way to handle that would be to have the average stats lower than Falcon Knight but higher than Bride. That way there's a Drawback to the Falcon Knight in its Bow/Wind weakness and a Strength to the Bride in it having Bows to give players a reason to want to use any of the three classes without having one as inherently better than the others.
  3. That's troubling but it seems like the only real solution is increasing the general supply of them.
  4. Around here they're limiting how much can be sold to a single person at a time I believe the bread's limited to 2 loaves per person or something like that. I'm bringing that up because it might be wise to try and get things limited to how you can distribute them so that it reduces traffic or something. Effectively this. I don't usually go out much and my friends visiting me is really the form of contact that keeps me sane. It's been about a week and I'm just blasting through Pokémon games to distract myself. I'm already on my 3rd game!
  5. I uploaded this in case it was ever relevant. Seems that time is now.
  6. No, but I'd happily listen to Jun Senoue composing some thematic songs for the series. Probably wouldn't be out of place in another Warriors game honestly.
  7. Y'know, I don't actually recall watching any of them but hell, I've got a lot more free time as of the Prime Minister stopping the unnecessary flow of people in this country so unless I'm playing Pokémon I've got more time to watch it. Also, I don't think there's enough soft drink in the building judging on the duration of a Lunatic playthrough. Personally, I expected a thicker accent. So that's 2 of us she's bamboozled! Does that mean you have to tell Nomah that Mila is the wrong God to pray to?
  8. I'd do this but also 15 Minute Smash. I want the challenge from Endless Smash but with a goal in sight so I can enjoy being swarmed by enemies. Don't really think I have much more to add except may making it so that Multi-Man Smash allows customization of music so I can play some epic music for an epic battle.
  9. It's based on how I see my Avatar. A Strategist that uses Light Magic. I wish I could be more complex than that.
  10. Considering that a lot of the lords are tied to the colour Blue and are very honourable and respectful, I'm gonna say that they're better reflected as Lucario. But because I'm not a better person, you get the pun of Lordcario. Have fun with that.
  11. You start devising unconvential strategies for little reason in your daily life.
  12. I made a custom set of weapons in the Tellius games and I always give them the same stats when I make them again. Usually I get stuck when naming things so I asked a friend for opinions on what to name these weapons when they were first made. Lexia = A Purple Steel Sword. Used as something of a personal weapon for Mia. Corona = A Red Javelin. Used as something of a personal weapon for Nephenee. Glimmera = A Yellow/Gold (it looks Gold) Hand Axe. Used as something of a personal weapon for Boyd. Lexia's my favourite just because it looks the coolest.
  13. I'd like to see Castle Crimea from PoR's Endgame chapter. Ashnard being included would make it better too.
  14. Never realized you could use Astral Breath like that. Then again, I was too concerned with where it stuck the Avatar's head to notice it.
  15. As a thought, why not just give a list of all spells of that rank when you reach that rank? Then the game lets you choose only one at that rank and you can't change it without a super rare item or something.
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