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  1. As a thought, why not just give a list of all spells of that rank when you reach that rank? Then the game lets you choose only one at that rank and you can't change it without a super rare item or something.
  2. Yes to all. It'd give another layer of depth to the gameplay if they could have their stats customized and the Spells just they have don't all feel very "me". What I'd personally do is have it so that there's a limited number of spells they can have equipped at one time (go with the amount for the spell list) but have it so that they could learn more from Tomes which could have a seperate proficiency or something. Basically, something that'd let everyone learn every spell but the downside being that certain spells are harder to learn if the learner's stats/weapon proficency is low. So for an entirely physical-based character, they're gonna have difficulty learning Thoron whereas a hybrid's got a solid chance and magic users can find it easy.
  3. I haven't played in such a long time that I entirely forgot. Maybe they could make the camp more interactive and less of a menu? More like a hub as you can see in some Dynasty Warriors games. I think it'd smooth things out a little and be a bit more immersive while reducing how annoying it might be.
  4. Personally didn't mind the voiced menus, it added a little character to the game and at least you got to choose who spoke after increasing each character's support ranks. An option to turn it off if you don't like it sounds perfectly reasonable though.
  5. Honestly the only things that disappointed me with FEW were the roster being near-identical for a lot of characters and the story being a bit too short. Yes there's path divergences so you can maintain that playstyle if you wish but that tells me the problem with the roster was it was too small. Aside from the lack of Local Wireless Play (which the game doesn't need to be fair) in addition to those things, I don't think there's any real problems with the game.
  6. Well, a few ideas I've got are Pokémon centric: Pokémon Trainer: The only things I'd change is having Charizard Mega Evolve during Triple Finish and swapping Fire Blast for Blast Burn. Damage adjusted accordingly. Pikachu: 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt OR Gigantamax Pikachu. Jigglypuff: Breakneck Blitz (or Twinkle Tackle if you wanna get picky and focus on its Fairy Type) Mewtwo: Maybe swap the Mega form each time? It's honestly perfect as it is. It emphasizes Mewtwo's greatest assets while being quick and effective. Pichu: Gigavolt Havoc. (Ya can probably see where I'm going with this...) Lucario: They nailed Lucario's in Ultimate combining both of his prior Final Smashes would've been what I recommended if it wasn't done. Greninja: I'd keep the Ash-Greninja part but I'd swap out the use of Night Slash for Hydro Vortex to attack the middle of the screen and finish with a burst. Incineroar: Maybe add a feature to time button presses to add a bit more damage but it's really fine as it is. (I know you said Veterans but consider Incineroar a bonus) Now for a few others. Lucina: I'd give her the same as Chrom (since she's supposed to fight like him and not someone who's been dead for at least a millenia). I'd make it a different animation to Chrom's though. It also brings a uniqueness back to Critical Hit being for Marth and Roy who each have different animations that way. Sonic: Though I prefer Super Sonic, the "Final Colour Blaster" from Sonic Colours could be a pretty fitting alternative. Young Link: I'd have him don the power of the Fierce Deity's mask and have him use his move from Hyrule Warriors where he cleaves the moon in two, affecting the whole screen in the process. And...that's... all I can think of really...
  7. I... hadn't noticed... But thinking about it... it's kinda nostalgic...
  8. It doesn't sound unfair. Providing they're somewhat scarce.
  9. For Fire Emblem, I'm pretty big on the Beast Laguz, Lethe's saved my skin a bunch of times in both PoR and RD. I don't mind the Manaketes but their appeal varies by game. Outside of Fire Emblem, I always loved the Devil Trigger forms from the Devil May Cry games. The ones in 3 are easily among my favourites because they all look so darn cool! I can't speak in regards to 5 since I wanna play through it first and haven't got it (really hoping for a Switch release if possible but I'm doubtful it'll come). Dante's look in 4 is also cool if a bit too standard. I also really like Super Saiyan 4 from the Dragon Ball franchise because it's freaking cool and looks like it exudes power. It's a great look.
  10. If I really want to, I can scratch my head the way a dog would. ...and now I wait for the ridicule...
  11. Who do I think will be included? No idea. I've learned that Sakurai's a master of faking us out so unless I can teleport to his side and read his mind, I couldn't begin to predict within reason. As for who I'd like, that's an easy one. Dante Sora I literally don't care about the rest. Do as you will with the remaining 4 slots.
  12. I decided I'd look for the Dancer ability considering it's a signature ability to Oricorio and I didn't see it. If I had to guess, it's just Gens 1-6 which suits me just fine. Though Zygarde's Aura Break isn't present nor is Xerneas' Fairy Aura or Yveltal's Dark Aura... Maybe they wanna let the story shine properly first and add more things later? I suppose there's always the chance of an update later on to add more to do. Be it free or paid DLC but the fact we already have new features available compared to the original is always a pleasant sign.
  13. They're literally the only two I know. And that's because I very occasionally go to the Fire Emblem Wikia if I'm hunting for useful information like growths or units that can be recruited from a map and their conditions. I sometimes get distracted and wind up looking at irrelevant info and that's where I recognized her name from the sheer amount of Pokémon episodes I've seen.
  14. On the subject of Tiki, her Japanese voice is Ikue Ōtani, better recognized for voicing Pikachu.
  15. I love this idea because it doesn't subscribe to the parent-child bonds you see in Awakening and Fates.
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