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  1. Terry. Genuinely didn't expect to get much out of him because he was revealed long before I had Ultimate and I never expected to get the DLC either. But as you've said yourself:
  2. Honestly I don't really have anyone like that. What I tend to do if I don't have a clear-cut character I currently want to play as is to just play subsequent games by selecting random. After a while, I picked up how to play as characters that I still don't like using like Villager, DK and Olimar. I can genuinely choose random and not be at too heavy of a disadvantage. Although at the minute I still haven't played much as Banjo, Joker and Hero so if I get any of them, I'm only likely to stand a chance based on comfort of the character. I don't have Min Min so she's in the latter category too.
  3. This made me think about Awakening in particular. Technically if Robin dies, their body can be revived by Grima's power that revived Validar and if Chrom died early, Grima's efforts to dominate the world would be far easier, especially if Robin being revived would have a crushed spirit because of Chrom's death. Reflecting on your point and looking at Awakening, it'd certainly depend on WHEN they died but Chrom and/or Robin dying would pretty much cripple the Sheperds with regards to stopping Grima. Unless of course Lucina's presnce is still in that specific telling of events due to happenstance but her interference changed things far more radically for Chrom's benefit that I think him dying with her around is pretty well impossible.
  4. A skill like that would benefit Warriors for sure but Iago has a variant of the class designed exclusively for him in Fates. As a way to make that skill more ideal specifically, I'd say to add like an extra 5% healing effect so it has some reason to be on units that already have staves like Lissa or Elise.
  5. I still haven't actually done an auxillery battle yet. I'm stressing over every little detail and managing my time as best I can and that means not doing any auxillery battles. But considering how much I've been wanting to change the music for some maps, I'd probably go with one of the amiibo themes depending on mood. Likely Destiny (Ablaze), Conquest (Ablaze) or Eternal Bond.
  6. Wanted to make a Dragon Ball joke when I saw the title but I'm reconsidering now...
  7. My hair doesn't really give me grief for any problematic periods. I usually get it cut when it starts to thicken too much or gets long enough to irritate my ears. Didn't do anything to my hair bar getting it cut as normal. Although I did keep flexing to people that I was able to get my hair cut without a problem while they were growing more annoyed with the inconvenience of not being able to get a haircut. I live with my parents and my dad cuts my hair so it's just that much handier for me.
  8. Just gonna throw my thoughts into the mix. Less of opinions on what you should use and more of an idea for how to try having more fun with the game when ya play it. Don't go in with a big plan. Just try to have fun out of the spontaneous decisions you make on the fly. Just try to keep type balance in mind as you play through and make a team of Pokémon that feel comfortable to use. In my personal experience, the teams often turn out to be more fun and interestingly put together under conditions like this because you're not going out of your way to meet a fixed criteria which might accidentally overlevel you or something silly like that.
  9. It can but the blessings are much more effective at controlling the outcomes. It's probably not the most helpful hint but some history mode maps are great for grinding generic silver materials and with them a half-decent amount of gold. You can always grind those a little to get the upper hand on your budget for more consistent blessings to get specific character materials.
  10. Tad late on mine but I'll take it anyway. Better late than never after all. Thanks!
  11. So do what you feel like doing instead of what you feel obligated to feel like doing. That might sound confusing but basically what I mean is that if you feel obligated to game because it's the only way people will know you're a gamer, you're not really playing games for their exact purpose, which is entertainment. Instead you're playing them because you feel you need to mark yourself as a person that is known for playing games. So I ask you... Why? Take for example Jackie Chan. Without looking into it too deeply, you'd be unlikely to know that he's a fan of Dragon Ball. I sure as hell didn't know until recently. You don't need to broadcast your interests unless you're looking to meet or help people with those same interests. Take a break, have some fun with something else. The popularity of video games isn't gonna drop off the map by the time you feel you want to come back to them. I promise.
  12. Battle Revolution and its predecessors I'd assume.
  13. I never really badmouthed the graphics... although I agree with the masses about the N64 trees all over the wild area... I'm mostly still pissed about the National Dex issue (although I'm currently holding my tongue until they close the generation out due to the DLC) and the fact that we still have to look utterly ridiculous while riding our bikes. It's not as horrendous as in Sun, Moon and the Ultra games with the Poké Ride outfits (as battles load your custom clothes in Gen 8 so it's far less noticeable) but if they wanted us to have safety gear on for that, they could've given us more than just colour options for when we have to wear it.
  14. Wouldn't say it's unrelated entirely. I can definitely relate to the situation of mental fears forcing me awake for no reason too. Heck, sometimes I can't go to sleep because my brain decides I've been in the same room for so long that it feels like the walls are closing in and my bedroom is currently dangerous and that's usually never fun. What's funny about this is that I'm sorta the opposite but pretty much the same. If someone pokes their head in my room, the sound of the door brushing against the carpet can wake me up. But a bomb could go off outside and I wouldn't know about it until I eventually crawl out of bed.
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