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  1. After learning of the Legendary Pokémon's designs, I wanted no more to do with Sword and Shield until release but this information is just too significant to pass up. #BringBackNationalDex is actually trending on Twitter and I even had a (relatively lengthy) piece to say about it. Parts of it may seem a bit rambly but I'm just really passionate about the National Pokédex being an option to complete in the games.
  2. Granted but the room will never hit the perfect temperature unless you're sick. I wish my body temperature was always perfect and unaffected by temperature regardless of location or collective temperature in the immediate area.
  3. Honestly, this whole topic's been fun. It'd be nice to see it last much longer if more people come in to do it.
  4. I want to request myself because it'd be easy but I know that people will get mad if I do that...
  5. So you can get all of the Lancer with none of the armour/flier/beast/dragon weaknesses. You get better Movement than with armours, which means you don't have to transport them via other units and they're pretty much as effective as their Sword and Axe counterparts. The REAL question is: "Why are they not more common?" I mean, I get that the units you recruit are from all over the continent but you'd think you'd get SOMEONE with that class from yours or the enemy's side, right? I echo this question.
  6. I don't typically see many ads because I have very little interaction with the world at large so the weirdest one that I can think of is probably this:
  7. Would it be acceptable to just reuse the phase transitions from Path of Radiance? I really like those.
  8. Sonic's design aside, I don't actually mind this. It feels like the best Sonic story since Black Knight which was a decade ago. If putting up with this movie's design for him is the price to pay for a mildly entertaining experience, I can live with that.
  9. That we knew of. But yeah, in theory it's plausible. And I mean, if you want to have a reason why they can't formshift, wasn't the interbreeding between Beorc and Laguz said to only produce a Branded with no real shifting ability? And the descendents beyond that weren't guranteed to inherit the brand but still could? Well there ya go.
  10. Not got any particular ideas in mind but I know that Kana gets the biggest benefit of all.
  11. The only thing that I can really think of that fits is that though I wasn't dreaming or anything, I once woke up with YMCA playing in my head and to this day I am absolutely baffled at how or why.
  12. Hello, it's nice to have you here. Please, enjoy your stay! That's interesting. I wish I had more to say about it but I unfortunately don't... Same here. I started with Awakening and moved onto others after it. Though whenever I tried Genealogy, I'd always lose someone nearer to the end of the opening chapter and, since I don't like to accept my losses of units, instead turn off the game because I've just spent an hour or so to mess up at the last minute. People tell me to save state it but then it feels less natural and rewarding so I rarely go on it, if ever. Well, I'm bad at Mahjong too. I mean... I've never played Mahjong, nor learned the rules... so if it's any consolation, you're both better than I am.
  13. In addition, I think Birthright has to be past that chapter with this requiremenet met before that Paraloguge can show up. Though I haven't played Fates in ages so I'm not 100%.
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