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  1. I'd love it if we could have costumes based on past memorable character. Maybe have a Hero Costume that resembles Ike's outfit. A Mage costume that could resemble Robin's outfit. A Myrmidon outfit resembling Lyn's and Guy's styles. Maybe a Bow Knight outfit that resembles Sacaen Nomads. It'd honestly be a really cool touch for a lot of nostalgic fans and it might drum up interest in older games if executed well.
  2. I think I'd just fix the code and swap the percentages if it were me. Or make it so Mark 4 gives 35%.
  3. I can think of several ideas for Three Houses options. Jeralt or the Death Knight charging back and forth across the stage on horseback, attacking with his lance/scythe to draw in targets. Catherine and Shamir working as a duo to combo opponents between themselves. Yuri who could deal weak damage to targets but in exchange bring any items they've got to the player. If no items are in play when he appears, he deals more damage instead. That said, I've really not played any of the other series that have DLC fighters although I think that Terry should get Andy and have him removed from the KoF stage instead.
  4. I got it on my birthday back in June with all the DLC. Currently pending completion of the remaining stories as I only completed Crimson Flower. Don't remember the duration for that path though and I can't find my cartridge at this second to give an answer.
  5. I only skip if I don't like the song. Which can also include the endings and is probably why I've stopped my rewatch of Pokémon XY entirely in Japanese as Peace Smile! just gets me singing it and not paying attention to anything else.
  6. Pretty sure it's only maps that they don't need to be in. So they're mandatory for the story and the paralogue they're part of.
  7. I think I'd personally use a Mint to give each of them a better stat nature and I'd teach Groudon some physical moves in place of the majority of special attacks it has. Otherwise, the Ribbons are signs that you've payed special attention to both but moreso Groudon. Where's your starter from that Generation though? It feels wrong to not have that with them.
  8. Personally I'd suggest that Path of Radiance has easily the best Boss enemies in regards to them tying into involved characters somehow. It's not even just the Black Knight that makes me say it because let's remember that if Jill gets too close to her father on the battlefield, he can recruit her! I won't pretend to remember more boss characters than I do and aside from Ashnard, they were pretty well the most memorable for me. I mean I feel Petrine should be mentioned but I didn't even remember any prominence in the game until about 5 minutes into typing this post trying to remember other memorable characters. But then again... if you want meme suggestions... Batta the Beast and Cervantes are my top picks.
  9. I don't really start conversations unless I have something to say or ask. Usually, even before the pandemic hit, my friends and I could be sat in a room playing the same game as each other and hardly saying a word. I can get to be noisy when I'm really into something so my mother usually gets really confused when it's dead silent because we're all focused and not even chatting to each other. The point I mean to make is that conversation should come naturally and trying to force it isn't really a way to keep a long and enjoyable conversation going. If you want some topics to talk about try thinking of Movies, TV shows, Books, Games, Non Pandemic-related news and so on. Heck, when the first lockdown started here I was basically demanded to play Scrabble because my mother was going insane from the lack of social activity.
  10. I keep thinking that if battled in Omega Ruby it's at level 50 but it's not and that keeps bothering me... Well I guess what's really bothering me is that it was caught in a Master Ball and was holding when when traded. In Omega Ruby it's a fixed battle and in Alpha Sapphire it's a free gift that prevents you from choosing the ball to get it in. What's odd about the Toughness exception is that all of the contest stats can be maxed out in ORAS because they removed the Sheen Cap. You can max out any Pokémon's Contest performance and the only thing it needs to do is take part in contests with appropriate moves for decent combos to win them. The Training Ribbon itself is interesting because it's an award for completing every course of Super Training and it can't be earned outside of Gen 6. Best Friends is available in every Generation since its debut and is rewarded for Maxing the Affection with the Pokémon. Both of which make this extremly difficult to suggest it's not hacked but there is still the very unlikely plausibility that it was on the team of someone who was able to clear both without needing to use it except maybe as bait for something else. However unlikely that may be. No rebuttals but I can't remember where the first 7 you've said are availble in ORAS. For me it's this coupled with the Master Ball thing I mentioned earlier. Something I did come to the conclusion of is that they did it by accident or a younger relative might have done it without knowing what they were doing or something like that. We can't rule out the possibility of an accident or even deliberate sabotage because that's not fair to the prior owner if it was an accident or something like that. The problem with Hyper Training is that it requires being at level 100 to do it. I remember trying to do so recently and it wouldn't let me. So this lines up more to it being hacked in some way. The 0 EVs could come from the Friendship berries to be fair. Although as you've said before, why go through the effort to do something if you're gonna undo the effort you put in. That in itself smells like hacking too. Not because of the 0 EVs but because of the erasure of the stats that could've gotten them through some of those challenges. With regards to the moves, they could've changed them to be like that before transferring since Leon's not exactly the toughest of opponents to get a Battle Ribbon from and in a Single Battle with Latias along for the ride, I reckon it's very doable. Although I don't understand why they'd go to the lengths of turning off the Exp. Share when running through the Elite 4 in any of the applicable games. The only thing I really have to add is that if we eliminate the impossible, whatever information is left is the unlikely truth. Personally, I'd return the thing since it seems WAY too weird under the circumstances. At the very least I'd try to get into contact with the person who sent it to ask why they traded it since it's an incredibly bizarre collection of Moves, Ribbons and accomplishments for it.
  11. It may pay you to check its IVs using the Judge feature. Level 40 is the level it appears at in the Gen 3 games and it can be shiny in them. So check where it says it's originally from in case it has a bizarre location. What's interesting is that if they've tried giving it every available ribbon available to it, it's missing the Champion Ribbon from Gen 3 and the Contest Ribbons it could've gotten from them. Are there screenshots you can provide of its status screens to help me evaluate it?
  12. Honestly I prefer the Crown Tundra because the game doesn't try to tell me what to do more than it tries to suggest it. It leaves things for you to discover on your own rather than putting you on a set path with little deviation. Personally, I have to get 3 more Pokédex entries recorded to complete that part of the Pokédex but once that's done, I've got the tournament to look forward to. And in the meantime, I can do some Dynamax Adventures if I don't wanna work on that. Plus I find it glorious that you can use Dynamax Adventures to cheese the main story since beating Peony at the start of it isn't a requirement to carry on with the content. Once you get access to them, it'll be easy to cheese the game if you have a rough idea on what to do.
  13. This post just gave me a random idea of Mario's Fireball being changed to something like Pac-Man's Neutral Special where he charges and it cycles through a bunch of items. The items would only be used to transform Mario, give him different properties and maybe giving him different Specials based on the powerup given if applicable. Super Mushroom: Mario grows to half the size of the actual in-game item's size. Meteoring opponent into the ground buries them. Mini Mushroom: Mario becomes smaller than with the Poison Mushroom's shrinkage. Mario's jumps are floatier, he takes more damage and his attacks are weaker. Fire Flower: Mario's Neutral Special becomes a Fire Ball that works like his main series games with them coming out quickly. However they don't cause the opponent tp flinch. Ice Flower: Mario's Neutral Special becomes an Ice Ball that works like an opposite to the Fire Flower however it's slower and can freeze enemies at high damage. Bee Mushroom: Mario's Up Special becomes Bee Flight and carries him higher than his regular Up Special. If he gets hit by water from something like Greninja's Hydro Pump, he drops. All of these effects would wear off after sustaining a certain amount of damage.
  14. Most likely Navarre. I wouldn't stand a chance and he's probably turn me into confetti.
  15. I also think this. The hair reminded me of Azura but when I looked carefully at it, I thought that it seems weird to pair her with someone like Eliwood. Either way that's definitely not a bandana like Ike's on the guy's head because that's part of the visual effect.
  16. Fire Emblem although it was because of Marth and Brawl specifically. Around the time I was getting my 3DS I pretty much had a choice of getting a plain 3DS and 3 games for a little bit less or get the Awakening model with 3 games and Awakening pre-loaded for a bit more and after what felt like hours of just staring at "Marth" on the cover art, my brain clicked that I could finally get some insight into what the series was about. It was a tiny bit touch and go at first because my mind was all over the place for a while until I calmed my mind and went back to it. After that, chapters 9 and 13 sold me on the rest of the game and I've not looked back since.
  17. I don't wanna go too in-depth about it but I'd probably make it so that Rowan and Lianna had their planned weapons of an Axe and Lance respectively and either made it so that you play as Darios leading them out (so as to give the player the Sword tutorial that they wanted to give at the start) while diversifying the weapons a bit more OR, I'd have it so that the story starts with how Chrom and the others found them and have their escape from the Castle as an extra chapter in the vain of a Paralogue that could be used to give the player access to their costumes with the Fire Emblem attached to their arms.
  18. Oh, awesome! Glad everything worked out! Hmm... maybe see about putting it on Sword or Shield and giving it the Gigantamax Factor? It'd be a nice way to honour Gengar being the last Pokémon you needed for the Let's Go Dex.
  19. I'm not unwilling. Just unable. I hope someone helps ya out soon.
  20. Yuri, Jill, Laura and Vaike. Pretty sure none are in the game and it'd be great for Claude to keep referring to Byleth as Teach only to keep getting Vaike's attention.
  21. I think in Crimson Flower he gets a more permanent companion but I don't remember off the top of my head.
  22. Y'know, every time I see these, nobody mentions the Abysskeeper... Dude barely gets any social contact and when he does, they have to leave.
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