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  1. Sure, why not. I like making characters. Name: Freya Boon: Speed Bane: Luck Class: Would like Great Lord if permitted. If not, Dark Mage - Dark Knight Skill: Vantage Build: Female 2 Face: 1 Hair: 6 Hair Colour: For the life of me, I can't remember the specific colour detail to match Chrom's and Lucina's but definitely somewhere in that area. Hair Clip: 2 Accessories: Ike's Pauldron
  2. Man... now these questions have me curious but not enough to actually look...
  3. Looking at the wiki tells me that you can maximize your BEXP by ensuring that everyone escapes before Ike but Sephiran doesn't seem to need to escape, assuming I'm reading this right. If you're absolutely desperate, try Rescuing him with Oscar on your way out and seeing if dropping him on the tile will have him leave. Although, that's a risky move at least you'll get your answer for future reference.
  4. I'm gonna use the Pokémon anime as a reference here because I feel it actually applies. At the beginning, Ash was terrible and he had a lot of growing to do. Couldn't do type matchups and often got his Gym Badges as a result of the strength of his character instead of his battling ability. Then he took a huge loss at the Pokémon League because he got cocky from having a half-decent winning streak just prior to getting into the Pokémon League. His placement in that Pokémon League was pretty decent given his flaws. He wasn't a fantastic trainer but he wasn't an awful one by the time he got there. Come the Orange League he again got a little cocky but the big difference here is that he learned an important lesson from Lorelei of the Elite 4 who pretty effortlessly subdued Ash's out of control Charizard and then later on beat Pikachu in a fair battle. All the while learning a valuable lesson in his defeat at her hands. This defeat was one of the important losses that made him a better trainer and made him try to better understand what he was doing wrong. Because he started to look at his mistakes and see where he was going wrong, he was able to develop his skills and attitude to help avoid making those same mistakes again. And sure enough, he won in the Orange League because he managed to get Charizard to listen to and respect him. Basically, the importance of losing is to look at what you did wrong and how you can change yourself to improve and make fewer mistakes. On the other hand, while winning is great, that doesn't mean that you can't learn anything from always winning. If you beat an opponent in a competition, what mistakes did they make? Can you learn from their mistakes and improve yourself that way?
  5. What makes you so sure it's Light Magic? It could very well be Earth magic. Using natural elements to heal one's injuries. Or if ya REALLY wanna dig deeper. It could even be dark in its own right. Repairing the damage of allies so that they may continue fight for you. Doesn't seem as noble as healing someone because you genuinely care about them. After all you can get the same result from different means so it wouldn't surprise me if it was any combination of the three or something silly like that.
  6. Since I forgot to actually answer this part, I think having the tutorials as optional but defaultly set to on is a good idea. Beginners can get their experience and veteran players or people replaying for fun can turn them off and not need to put up with them. I guess I'm really just echoing this point now though.
  7. The game always seemed to pretty clearly indicate that you were more experienced than him and that he just wanted to catch a Pokemon to make friends with. Truthfully, I never even realized that it was a tutorial because of that. That might be why I never looked at it as a bother. I don't need the help, Wally does. I'm not being talked down to, I'm being asked to help him get a little experience as a trainer. Seems pretty reasonable in that regard.
  8. In the case of Gen 3, it was likely due to Wally's presence and how you're supposed to oversee him. It always felt like I was the mentor there so that was never really something I'd call intrusive. It helped newcomers while allowing veterans to feel more in charge of the situation. At the very least that's how I felt with it. And hey, Wally came back in the late game with a kick-ass team because you made sure he did it right. What better reward is there than you giving someone a hand and then them growing on their own and becoming a worthy rival? Why they changed the format from that in Gen 4 though... that's the big question. It'd have been really cool to have helped someone catch a Shinx or something and they come back late-game with a Luxray or something. Honestly though, it remains a mystery. At least they're finally lifting requirement after 2 decades...
  9. I said no to Leon and was still made to watch so unless something changed from when I did it or if I did something wrong, I'll never know. But this is starting to get to me now. Also just wanted to point out: It was skippable in the Gen 2 games.
  10. To be completely honest, I probably would for a time. But after a while, I'd come to realize that it's a curse to live that long. Heck, to a degree I feel I've lived too long already. And I'll only be 27 next month. I'm just one person though. Just because I feel that way doesn't mean that others won't feel differently. After all, if there was no reason for conflict, we wouldn't even have the storieds to tell that gave us this series to begin with, right?
  11. According to Chrom, Emmeryn became the Exalt just before her 10th birthday, meaning that she is roughly 24 to 25 years old at the start of Awakening. Frederick's always looked about 25 to me and comparing his level of duty and responsibility to Emmeryn's, factoring in that he's a hard worker and Emmeryn, while also very dedicated is a bit more chill, I'd say this isn't too far off the mark. For further reference, Chrom is 17 at the start of the game and Lissa is roughly 14-15.
  12. And here's me thinking this discussion was just for fun...
  13. I always assumed they made a makeshift bath, suspended it over a fire and heated the water that way. It wouldn't take much effort to light a torch and use that to get the necessary fires going for example.
  14. I've glanced back over this and it seems to me more like you're all a little bit dense. It seems pretty clear to me that Chloey made a rather broad generalisation and there were just magnitudes of interpretations of it being a personal attack. Should she have used those exact words? Probably not. But honestly it seems clear to me that this whole circumstance seems blown out of proportion due to misinterpretation of the original intent of the comment. There's no malice there, only the remark that in her eyes you're blind to seeing what she sees as the likely intent of the comic's creators.
  15. Now I kinda wish it was more elaborated on. Wouldn't it have been cool to have seen the specifics as to how they actually got the job considering the untrusting nature wartime would present on the matter? Especially coming from Leo and Xander as you pointed out. Overall I think that Garon might not've been too fussed because he was trying to grow his power and little else. As far as he'd have been concerned, 3 highly capable warriors turn up and say "we wanna work for you" when you've got a single goal like that and you're not gonna be too likely to care about betrayal. Especially given the chestnut of Garon's true status by then.
  16. I played it in order but the games were out for years and Smash spoiled me so it was more in understanding than anything else.
  17. I'd like it but only if it was somewhat minor. It doesn't feel right to have an avatar that's a mounted unit and then that mount's never interacted with in any way for example. Maybe just have it for the player and they can have so many mounts of each species or something to give them something else to do if they don't quite want to progress with the story. Maybe they could also get things like surges from Awakening and Fates that could give boosts to their own stats that might help provide ideal boosts for the rider in combat. Just to provide a few ideas. Racing could a fun alternative/compliment to arenas if there was a stamina mechanic for them that's applied both in and out of races to provide some element of strategy in choosing who to place a wager on. I dunno. I think there could be a nice element of strategy to it providing it's not TOO much of a time sink. It'd need to be able to be optional in the confines of the middle difficulties so it only matters truly for the highest level play for example.
  18. Dante Battle on Umbra Clock Tower 30 times Defeat Bayonetta and Ganondorf 15 times each Clear 100 Man Smash using only Beam Swords and Ray Guns This is fine as well.
  19. It's a good thing I've never had any Hong Kong cough medicine. I'm pretty sure I'd manage to overdose. As for my view on the topic... Neither/Both. It's a beverage. Nobody's dying because they both exist.
  20. I didn''t know you were New York. I personally use Dude most of the time One I've seen sorta die out is "Dafuq" which was commonly used to express great confusion. I still use that from time to time.
  21. Hasn't almost everyone else kinda just listed off their favourites without much reason though?
  22. I looked at this thread's name and wondered if anyone was gonna say anything. But after seeing this, it dawned on me that people might not actually enter that specific field or as many other people have shared, they may have multiple. For me, it's pretty even between Awakening and Path of Radiance.
  23. Not really someone with a wide palette. Just here to ask if people should be concerned that a cat is asking the question. ... Should people be concerned that a cat is asking them this question?
  24. That's cool but Awakening literally had the doppelganger thing to go on. And with the whole time travel plot device from Awakening it's just as easy to say that it's the Robin from an alternate timeline where they were born female instead. It's not like anyone other than Chrom's romance has actually been the story focus so they can pull little stunts like that one. For Corrin in Warriors' story, it feels like they leaned more towards Female Corrin because the emotional aspect may be seen as a more feminine characteristic, whereas for the History Map to unlock Male Corrin, they likely leaned toward the neutral nature of the turmoil anyone may exhibit in that position. As well as likely feeling they had to show his presence off to the player as an unlockable. That seems logical to me. Granted, they'd probably express it as something far more simplistic than I've described but that's neither here nor there. I feel the same but I feel that covering their body lends to people better exploring their personality differences. Like how Male Robin treats Yarne as an equal and genuinely tries to help him with his fear of... everything. On the other hand Female Robin treats Yarne more like a toy or a pet and instead kinda caves into toying around with him more.
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