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  1. Because you hate Solar Winds. Why is my life a lie?
  2. In Awakening (and I don't remember if also in Fates but it seems likely enough) examining a character in the roster would provide a slight summary of them ending in a unique little quirk before thier birthday. If the Roster had your details, what would your quirk be? Accurate or silly. (I mean if Lon'qu's details his potato peeling prowess, it's pretty much played for laughs anyway!) Let's get the ball rolling with mine: "The worst at telling jokes."
  3. Considering what Roster Rescue is like, this wouldn't be wrong even if I didn't have that specified... Mega Mawile
  4. Honestly, if someone managed a murderous rampage with nothing more than a skateboard, I'd be impressed. Even if used as a blunt force weapon, you're literally not gonna kill someone with a skateboard.
  5. Strategy Manual. No seriously, I have a bunch of Strategy Guides from way back when and occasionally read them again for fun.
  6. It's difficult for me to say I favour one more than the others because there's merit to each side. I suppose I'd be best off ordering my preferences from favourite to least. Equals: Chrom and Robin bounce off of each other very well and are a good example of equal treatment. Tactician: You mentioned Soren and Ike who have this dynamic of mutual trust and understanding. They have entirely different specialties and use each other's specialties advantageously. Lord: Roy's a big reason for this being so low on the list just because you get this massive chunk of dialogue between him and Merlinus and Roy both, always being right and always having the final say kinda detracts from Merlinus even needing to be there at all. Basically this. Lilina would've been more ideal to bounce things off of since she could call Roy out due to having studied with him. Or perhaps even Marcus due to his battle experience. No tactical discussion: I... think this kinda goes without saying in a game about tactics and strategy... I like some of the suggestions here. This part in particular made me think back to how Robin determined that Elincia was a ruthless strategist and made me smile.
  7. Yeah, me neither! You're fine. I was hoping someone would.
  8. Have you not tried the history maps where you just have to kill enemies under the time limit? Usually I can get between 2000-3000 Kills depending on the character I am and the level they are. 2000's typically easy enough to be fair so juust aim for that and keep pushing your limits. Unless you die, it's not like you'll fail.
  9. On this? Nothing springs to mind. On a Gen 1 Pokémon game (Yellow I think) Professor Oak told me to "tr" to catch Pokémon. I still have yet to find out what "tr" means though...
  10. Bring back Vanguard and Trueblade! No? Just me? Alrighty then... At any rate, I typically find that classes that specialize in multiple weapon types to them can play radically differently depending on how much time and effort you invest into the use of those weapons. For example: on Awakening, I find that it's rare to see an Assassin using a Bow but it understandably can prove to be incredibly useful. Experimenting with things you don't normally try can lead to some unexpected and interesting finds.
  11. I would personally choose: Because it has way more impactful choices than the official bearer of the name ever did... Onto more serious joke names now: Fire Emblem Awakening = Fire Embull A-fake-ning Fire Emblem Fates = Fire Embull Fakes Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn = Fire Embull Radiant Fraud Fire Emblem Binding Blade = Fire Embull Binding Bait Fire Emblem Sacred Stones = Fire Embull Spurious Stones/Fire Embull Sacred Scams Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light = Fire Embull Phony Dragon and the Blade of Forgery Fire Emblem Three Houses = Fire Embull Three Inns https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2gziC0Jo6I Not gonna lie, I'm just trying to get some of the glorious comments in that video some spotlight time as well as highlighting the video itself again. Being a little more serious overall though... I can't actually remember what I was gonna say... Although, as a random throwaway, I kinda like the idea of renaming Path of Radiance to Path of the Radiant Hero. I dunno... just kinda fits if you ask me...
  12. My phone's an antique that can't run apps but this is brilliant. I shall treasure it forever.
  13. Better solution. Rather than 3 from each House, go with the ones you've suggested as well as Byleth and one other character from the Church. I doubt they'd narrow the scope that much. I could certainly see them using a camp system like they have in prior DW games but I doubt they'd make it so blatently Three Houses. That being said, it'd be interesting to see if they decided to combine the Camp feature with an explorable area to allow the player a chance to enjoy more than just smashing enemy faces in. Wouldn't mind a combination of the Monastary and My Castle features where you set the layout of it and improve various features but also decide how certain units spend their time. It'd be a great way to refine it. Plus, if they included an Avatar creator they wouldn't need to have every character able to run around the area. Just the custom Avatar. I was actually looking more long-term. The way it was running through my mind is that you'd logically want to hold back something popular to make a follow-up installment certain to have something of worth to some target audiences. In fact, your pining for them pretty well proved my point. Of course it couldn't hurt to sprinkle one or two other characters to throw a bone to whoever already wants the 'upcoming installment' in the same way that Lyn and Celica were included in the first one. (Throwing in Roy would be a fun idea due to a possible interaction with Lyn for example.) At any rate, I'm sure I don't need to say it but just in case: Lyn was included due to popularity for example and Celica was something for Gaiden fans, but due to Echoes' similar release window, they were able to adapt her design to accomodate her updated look in Echoes. It was just a massive coincidence that worked in their favour. Doing that sort of thing again wouldn't inherently work against them if they added a plethora of newer characters from unrepresented entries (such as the ones I'd already suggested) and kept Elibe and Magvel largely on the back foot for a possible follow-up later down the line. If all else fails they could always release them as DLC for FEW2. Huh... didn't think I'd get so business-focused at 3:35 AM...
  14. All's fair in love and war. Three Houses got it spot on.
  15. I'd improve his growths by about 10-15% and give him an earlier promotion time. I had a playthrough started once where he was more of a liability as early as Chapter 8. Despite the fact that he'd been arena abused to level 20. The earlier promotion time would also help in the event that he still gets RNG screwed because he'd at least get solid promotion gains which for all intents and purposes could be adjusted based on how his stats growths are altered.
  16. In addition to this, her supports with Vaike have her point out her own definition of a Knight in which she states that she could sit around eating grapes all day and still be referred to as one, however she joined the Shepherds because she wants to feel like she's earned the title of knight by her own definition of what being a knight is. Here's what I got from this Fire Emblem Wiki concerning her personality: "Sully has also proven to be obstinate, headstrong and independent, as is the case during her supports with Vaike, where she reveals that in spite of her being able to leech off her family's reputable standing in society to assail through the ranks in the knightly order, she refuses to do any such thing, preferring to earn the right to attain glory and recognition through sheer determination and grit on her part. Given this fact, it thus comes as hardly any surprise that Sully's ultimate dream is to become a great knight, one that is formidable to even the hardiest of men." It also states a little before that paragraph that in one of her Harvest Scramble conversations with Miriel, it's revealed that one of the reasons Sully acts the way she does is to honour her 2 older brothers who were Ylissean knights that were killed after defending a village.
  17. If I'm honest, I feel like the difference between Greil and Jeralt was that they had Greil's information fully written and otherwise finalized before they properly started the game's development. Almost like Greil was originally intended to be a powerful character with story significance that joins you later on but he was instead switched to being Ike's and Mist's father because it'd have been more well-rounded to writing the story.
  18. I just see it as Garon being semi-possessed by Anankos and just suffering from the same psychopathy that Anankos actually does.
  19. Yes and no, at least on Grima's part. It's more implied that friendship is what brought Robin back if they chose to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Anankos I can't say I remember too well...
  20. True enough, but I doubt they'd say that it's non-canon at this point. I mean technically? But isn't that more of the crest itself?
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