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  1. Just out of interest, what will you do if the poll ties in any way?
  2. I like Lucina so I voted for Lucina. I am a simple person.
  3. If you want some advice on how to address this from a Sonic fan, only allow him to glide one way. In Sonic games where he's playable, he's typically able to change the direction of his glide and he can NEVER gain height with it unless gliding over an air current that pushes him upwards. The glide itself is an attack whilst in motion so you could have it purposed as such. I'm sure that Sakurai's team could do something with keeping Knuckles' trademark gliding in as one of his abilities without it being made too hazardous to gameplay.
  4. Just do what I did. Infect your friends with the interest. They'll either develop their own interest in it OR tell you to shut up. In either case, they may wind up introducing you to someone they meet/have met that shares the fondness so that might change your life that way.
  5. The most obvious of all but probably the only one I accept. Caffeine. Be it tea or energy drinks. Gotta have me some caffeine every so often.
  6. Both. On one hand he's being curteous and showing them respect by not being lower than a dishonourable cur with no morals and attacking them just because. On the other hand, he's not giving them the same chance to face him in combat and prove themselves to him directly. With that being said, he DOES accept Lyn's challenge of a 1-on-1 duel in Warriors, so he may only view those with no combat expertise in that way. On that note though Warriors could hardly be accepted as 100% accurate so take that with a grain of salt.
  7. I wouldn't say this first one is a feature so much as it is clever design. I like that the Exalt's Brand surfaces on an individual relating to their destiny. Chrom's and Owain's surfaced on their arms referencing their swordsmanship, Emmeryn's is on her forehead, referencing her wisdom. Lucina's surfaces in her left eye and Inigo (if he's Chrom's son) says that he has his in the opposite eye to Lucina referencing that they have seen the future. Assumedly, Chrom's other potential kids get the brand in the same eye that Inigo does though it's never mentioned... If I had to guess, I'd assume Lissa's is on her heart to reference her kind nature and healing abilities. But if ya really want the features and such... Pair Up Spotpass Content Streetpass Avatar Logbook Limitless Supports Children Event Tiles Joke Weapons (because there's nothing better than watching a villager effortlessly stab people with a blunt log about as thick as his whole body) That's pretty much it.
  8. Don't. At the minute mine's literally consistent of a single game. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
  9. Had me crying with laughter the first time I saw a new conversation. Otherwise appreciated for fleshing out characters that don't get much development like Priam.
  10. If/When possible, I recommend trying out Navarre or Lyn. I love playing as the characters you've listed and feel like you might get a kick out of how crazy cool these 2 are to use.
  11. That's good! But I did still have those other concerns anyway. XD
  12. I just wanna voice that I had considered it, and simply chose not to. Never occurred to me until you brought it up but now that you have, I will state that this is something I find downright annoying.
  13. For me it really depends. I tend to leave them on with the GBA and Tellius games but with Awakening and Fates I start with them on and turn them off when I get impatient. I think it's actually because I tend to feel a bit more insecure with my units when perma-death's an issue but since Awakening's era allows you to remove it, it's less of an issue and I can just speed through with little consequence.
  14. Something like this but with less use of the button itself and more of the variety of who I feel like at the time.
  15. A combination of playing Marth and Ike in Brawl and my eagerness and anticipation for the then upcoming Pokémon X and Y. I got my 3DS for the purpose of playing Pokémon as has basically been my handheld gaming practice since I've been a gamer. I wanted a Pikachu model but they either didn't have one or it wasn't quite out yet so I get the Awakening special edition since that came with a deal that got the most games at the time, one of which was the preloaded copy of Awakening which was partially influenced through "Marth" on the boxart. I suppose the best way of wording it may be "Destiny" or "Happenstance" because the sheer amount of things that lined up to cause my interest to really sink in was beyond a normal amount of coincidence. Heck it took all the way into Chapter 9 to hook me properly and by Chapter 13's conclusion, I wasn't gonna put it down. I was so into it that I managed to literally break away from reality. I'd stopped registering anything outside of the game.
  16. Reminds me of a time I nearly threw my friend off of a bridge into oncoming traffic because he was pushing my buttons on a day that I was already immensely pissed off at people. I'm a pacifist and everyone present at the time basically freaked and stepped back because I pulled him up off the ground without even noticing. Suffice to say that I wasn't bothered much for the rest of that day. Glad everything worked out.
  17. I remembered it after my initial comment so I wouldn't worry too much about not remembering it. All it does is leave that person frustrated. Most of the time unnecessarily.
  18. This makes me want to punch orphans in an angry rage. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ He's an idiot? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This just made me remember another one. People who refuse to acknowledge when they are proven wrong. Sometimes it's for a joke and occasionally it's funny. But the kind of people that have evidence staring them in the face and refusing to acknowledge it really grinds my gears. And since I remember... I'm surprised this topic's not named: "You know what really grinds my gears?"
  19. Existence. Seriously though, it's probably when a bug flies into my room and I try to remove it and it just refuses to cooperate and stays in awkward places. Or when I'm trying to chill out and people keep demanding things of me. Or people not knowing the difference between a canon and a cannon. Actually, it's probably a collective of those. It's not stupid. Stupid is poking yourself in the eye after doing it almost daily for the past 5 years (I have a friend that does this) and STILL not learning to keep objects away from your eyes.
  20. I doubt they'd add Mae as Celica's Echo because I doubt Celica would be too similar to Robin. Celica's fighting style depends on a level of swordsmanship moreso than Robin's does. And whilst the use of the Levin Sword on Robin makes sense, Celica would be more of a combination of Marth and Robin in Smash gameplay. Or at least that's how I see it. If you look at how she functions in Fire Emblem Warriors you might understand what I mean. Her magic is only one way to use her but she does use a sword to a much more defined style.
  21. But Grima IS foreign. So it's not as funny in that context. Actually, I was just chatting with someone asking if Validar Jr. is an appropriate name.
  22. I had it activate once or twice. Honestly never really cared for it much though but it did prove useful when it activated.
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