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  1. Don't you worry, I understand that. I'm just largely disappointed.
  2. Definitely gotta be a decent mix. It's why I'm disappointed in how Lucina was handled, fighting styles evolve over time and given how far from Marth she is in their bloodline, none of the moves should be similar, much less a carbon copy.
  3. Why not use a Rescue Staff to "Rescue" the character onto the stage? perhaps some characters can have unique dialogue if summoned by certain characters as well. For example, Robin summoning Frederick could have Frederick say a unique phrase as opposed to a standard one. Just my thought on it.
  4. Not all that much as I remember. It's certainly more usable than Chrom, but not quite Libra level either.
  5. I figured I'd mention it in case it did. Being unsure about that wouldn't have been very useful if it had affected it.
  6. All of the children (Lucina included) join in their base class at level 10 though. I bring this up in case it affects the stats.
  7. Golf value sounds pretty important... Truth be told, I may have the American codes and a European copy so you may have done me a favour. I'll check when I wake up later. Thanks in advance.
  8. I'm not sure whether or not I've mentioned it, but Despoil and Leif's Blade's effects can stack, meaning it's possible to get 2 Bullions from this method after just one kill. Inigo (regardless of father), Vaike (with Despoil passed down) fathered Kjelle, Nah, Noire, Gregor fathered children (passing Despoil to the females), Donnel fathered Laurent, Henry fathered Severa (again passing on the skill) and at a guess (since I'm not sure if Cherche passing on Troubadour converts to Barbarian on Gerome) Donnel fathered Gerome. As far as I'm aware, they're eligible for Armsthrift, Despoil Leif's Blade abuse for cash. The more the merrier, right?
  9. "Side-tracked" say no more. I've been there way too many times... like... 365 times a year at least...
  10. By 'slowly as ever' you're not taking breaks for at least 2 months between writing some, are you? Because that's how I see slowly (yet still faster than me).
  11. You don't even need to marry Chrom for Rightful King though. It can be passed down from Brady or Inigo as well.
  12. If Donnel is Owain's, Inigo's or Brady's father, they don't even need a pair-up to to have infinite Armsthrift. Despoil can also stack with Leif's Blade.
  13. I've got a few fanfics in the works around my Avatar. Nothing really worth mentioning at this point and probably not until I do more (which'll be a while because I'm lazy and get hit with a lot of blocks (bonus points if you imagined my Avatar getting ? Blocks thrown at him)). Though I'm awesome and feature my friends Avatars in some way or another, heck, I'm basically writing a fan canon with a friend. He keeps putting my Avatar in through flashbacks... and writes way more than I do... when I've only really mentioned one of his several Avatars in my works. Things'll EVENTUALLY get written. ...maybe...
  14. If I'm getting this right, I'd assume that what Death is asking is: if it's possible to have a Logbook Avatar and the main Avatar from the save generate both Morgans and have both respective Avatars support properly with the corresponding Morgans as if they were married to anyone else. So for example, you get a Female Main file and a Male Logbook Avatar, get them married to each other and recruit them as if they're both supposed to be there normally.
  15. Hey, I run my Avatar with Book of Naga and Mercurius, preserved by max Armsthrift. I find it fun to not look at the game as a compilation of mechanics, artwork and music and so on, but rather what it actually is, which is an experience for you to have an adventure and make friends. So coming up with backstories is something I like to do in my spare time.
  16. Name: Gary Build: Male 01 Face: 04 Hair: 04 Hair colour: 09 Voice: Male 3 Asset: Magic Flaw: Luck Wife: Lucina Class: Dark Knight In all honesty, I made it as a reflection of myself when I was starting Awakening. I see it as the truest form of me I can have made.
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