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  1. ↑ This. Wouldn't have been amusing on Awakening if Severa told Chrom about Cordelia's obsession over him? Aside from that, I'd like the amiibo characters to have supports, even if only with Corrin, Azura and each other (though I'd like Robin and Lucina to have conversations with Selena, Odin and Laslow as well, Especially with Lucina using their real names.
  2. Light Strategist


    You are the kind of person I appreciate the comedic talents of. XD
  3. Well that's useful information. Though this is making my brain ache a little. I should probably clarify that I'm referring to the technical piece of information, but I'm not set to take the information in properly at the minute.
  4. I don't think the cut-in would manage to successfully stretch across the GBA screen fully. I'd keep it as an extra.
  5. Dude, I can't help that you're better at spriting than I am. The only thing I think you really need help with is portrait faces. Your combat sprites look amazing! :D
  6. Well, there's that, but being stuck at Level 20 with single digit Def Stats never really appealed to me. I'd rather not rely on his dodge capability and instead use a balance of both defensive measures so I've got more chance to survive high strength attacks. It's odd though, because when I ran through FE7, Lyn's Defensive growth was never a problem, despite being 5% lower than Roy's...
  7. At least playing 7 before 6 will net you the story of Elibe in chronological order. Just be warned though, Roy's growths are pretty terrible, at least from my experiences. 20/25% Def Growth is just... *shudder*
  8. Marcus. Not many times can it be said I've used an Early-game Pre-Promote in the end-game, but he really did wind up being useful entirely through my FE7 first playthrough.
  9. That looks perfect. When do we get Tome animations? =D
  10. This sounds like my friend Jason when I play Smash Bros. with him...
  11. Now, I've not played Radiant Dawn and don't currently have the ability to change that, but I can see that people are complaining about characters that got their character development in Path of Radiance and hating on them in Radiant Dawn because they can't develop any further. I don't see the logic to it. Certain characters make sense that they're developed when you consider their new way of thinking after the war in Path of Radiance, characters like Micaiah on the other hand, that didn't actively make any changes during PoR that the player is allowed to see until Radiant Dawn, get the opportunity to develop more because this time, we're allowed to see it. As for characters like Sothe, that were in both but can still develop, I'd chalk that up to his younger age and lack of importance in PoR. That's purely how I guess it's supposed to be.
  12. Well, encouragement makes people want to improve, so I'm helping you as much you're appeasing us. ...That makes it sound like I'm taking credit for this... I'm encouraging you because I know you'll be great at the height of your ability, and I'm also sure many people will feel rewarded with what you'll be able achieve and want to see more.
  13. I was actually referring to STAB, since Lapras would get it from Ice Beam. Thinking about it, Lapras learns Ice Beam via leveling so you could always go the Trainer Red route and use them both. Or do you have a final team planned out? I'm eager to see what you choose if so.
  14. I mean, you're doing full custom sprite animations that are far better than what I could do. I'd honestly like to see these polished to perfection because they already look usable as they are (some far more than others) so you've got lots of feedback on how to improve. You're doing fine and other spriters can likely help fill in gaps in your knowledge if you ask them (and they know how to help). I'm looking forward to seeing you improve.
  15. Basically what I meant. Going for the Tactician Sword animation would require a rotation in the air as well. Enough so that it gets about halfway round.
  16. I wouldn't say cringey, but it needs a little polish. If you're going for Awakening styled animation, the Tactician goes a little higher when attacking with the sword before coming down. The sword usually goes a little higher too.
  17. Personally, I'm just in the mind to chalk it up to cultural differences. No, I don't mean between real-world localizations, I actually mean between Hoshido, Nohr and Valla to any prior existing continent/country in Fire Emblem prior to now. Like how you have Shamans and Druids in Elibe when Ylisse has Dark Mages. See what I'm getting at? They basically do the same thing, but the methods are practiced differently.
  18. Lucina impressed me in all honesty. How do you live her life and remain an optimist? I ask you.
  19. You get Ice Beam for giving the Girl on Celadon Department Store's roof a Fresh Water. As well as Rock Slide and Tri-Attack for the other two drinks. Dragonite is weak to Rock Slide and Ice Beam, and you shouldn't need the move all that much during the Elite 4. Train Lapras if you feel you need the extra power.
  20. Awakening's my favourite. Initially, I wasn't too hooked on the franchise, truth be told, I didn't know what to make of it, kinda boring somewhat early on, but I just stuck with it, for one reason or another... then, I got to chapter 9, witnessed the cutscene after the chapter and felt obligated (and much more willing) to continue. I suppose in a way, the best way to describe it is that I felt like I had to be there for the characters. Roll on Chapter 13. I completed that and then of course what followed was Lucina's revelation of who she was, everything that had happened to her and so on. For the first time in my life, I was attached to the characters of a game. I've been gaming for the better part of my life and I was just very attached to the characters. Heck, Lucina's story brought tears to my eyes and just made me want to protect her from everything. I guess I just felt like I was a part of the story. Even my Avatar basically translated my thoughts to the characters by everything he said at the time. I guess Awakening's my favourite because the characters felt like real people to me in my original playthrough. I was lost in their world, just wanting to help and make a difference. Sure, it's my entry to the franchise but... that's not stopped me from going back and completing 7, starting 6, 11 and 12 and almost finishing 9.
  21. Normally I'd remain ambiguous by name, but nobody has been battling me, dammit! DX
  22. I seem to remember getting destroyed by Rock Throw once or twice on Yellow. Low Kick Mankey and Double Kick Nidoran are better options in that respect, though I've been on a streak of remembering things wrong lately so... I'd still recommend the Butterfree as a backup, but I'd not suggest throwing caution to the wind.
  23. While you're there, you can train a bit to prepare for Sabrina, grab the items and stuff inside and come out more balanced, with the Gym Key and be ready when you get back to Blaine's gym. You basically cut out the middle man and collect the stuff early, which means you can avoid going there immediately after getting to Cinnabar when you want the badge and you're balanced off. If you wanna be tricky, you can effectively do it with as few as 3 badges. But that's being tricky and clever.
  24. Most Fire types in the Sevii islands are instead put in Pokémon Mansion on Cinnabar Island.
  25. Some of these are very hit'n'miss. I don't quite like the Unhooded Robin, but the hooded looks great. Maybe it'd pay to have a hooded Robin battle animation set too? Just a personal idea but maybe some of these having mounted variations would also be good. I'd personally like to see a mounted hooded Robin, both using a Tome and a Sword (regular and magic variations). Actually, a Levin Sword would be a missed opportunity to ignore by my personal opinion. Just a thought to consider. I'd like to highlight that whilst Chrom is a lot better than it once was, a rapier variation of what he does now would still fit his style, but having Falchion with a slamming crit animation and a slashing normal animation would be good too. Perhaps combine both for a custom Aether animation, even if it serves no purpose for games it'd still be very cool to see.
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